63k Original Miles: 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 Survivor

Sometimes determining whether a car is desirable is challenging, while at others, it’s a no-brainer. Such is the case with this 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500. Classic car enthusiasts know that the Shelby Mustangs are highly coveted, but this one graphically demonstrates that fact. Since the seller listed it for sale here on eBay, it has attracted an incredible 173 people watching the listing. The Shelby is located in Houston, Texas, with a BIN of $110,000.

The seller indicates they are this GT500’s second owner. They found it listed on eBay by its original owner in 2013. It had seen consistent service by that individual until faults developed with the water pump and heater core. That was in the 1980s, and what should have been a straightforward repair dragged on for three decades. When the seller released it from hiding, he discovered that the Shelby wears its original paint. The Marti Report refers to it as a Special Order Competition Red. However, other resources indicate that what was often referred to as Competition Red on Shelbys was actually Calypso Coral. That seems to gel with what we see gracing this classic’s panels. The paint shines nicely, although it has accumulated the minor marks and chips you might expect on an unrestored vehicle with five decades under its belt. The White stripes show deterioration consistent with age, but they aren’t about to fall off the car! Thanks to a careful owner and years spent in dry storage, this GT500 is rust-free. The chrome and wheels look excellent for a survivor-grade classic, and the tinted glass is flawless.

This Shelby’s originality extends to its interior trim, which is in excellent condition for its age. There is no evidence of rips, tears, or wear. The overall condition suggests the car has been treated with respect throughout its life. The dash and pad are spotless, as are the console and carpet. The Marti Report states the original owner ordered the Shelby with an AM radio, but a radio/8-track player now occupies that spot. I can’t see any further additions, but unique Shelby items like the rollbar and harnesses remain intact. The original owner liked their comfort touches, meaning this GT500 rolled off the line equipped with air conditioning, a tilt-away wheel, and a Sport Deck rear seat.

The 1969 GT500 rolled off the showroom floor powered by the mighty 428 Cobra Jet V8. This car’s original owner added a C6 automatic transmission, power steering, and power front disc brakes. With 335hp at their disposal, the driver could launch this classic down the ¼ mile in 14.9 seconds before winding their way to 122mph. That brings us to a fascinating point to consider. Many uninitiated may believe the GT500 was the most potent Mustang available in 1969. However, that honor fell to the Mach 1. Equipped with the same drivetrain combination, the Mach 1 could slash the ¼-mile ET to 14.5 seconds. So, why was there such a difference? Most of it comes down to a question of luxury. The GT500 brought additional body upgrades and comfort appointments to the table. The result is that a GT500 tips the scales at 3,849lbs, but the Mach 1 weighs in at 3,521lbs. That represents a weight increase of more than 9%, making it inevitable that there would be some performance impact. After decades in isolation, the seller went through a meticulous process to return the car to active service. The engine and transmission received rebuilds to factory specifications, while other work helped push the invoice tally to $15,000 before this classic returned to its rightful place on our roads. The seller indicates the engine block date codes as 1967, and they suspect it is a replacement. It has a genuine 63,000 miles showing on its odometer, and with the owner holding a Marti Report, Build Sheet, and other documentation, I won’t be surprised if they have evidence to back their claim. The car runs and drives perfectly and is a turnkey classic ready for its new home.

The 1969 model year was one of the most successful for the Shelby Mustang, with 1,536 buyers slapping down the cash to park a GT500 Fastback in their driveway. Many that appear in the current market have undergone some form of restoration, while genuine survivors are in the minority. That is what the seller offers here, generating plenty of interest. It isn’t perfect, but it wouldn’t be fair to expect that from a vehicle of this type. I could spend the day trying to convince you that this car is cheap, but any classic with a six-figure price tag will attract a limited pool of potential buyers with plenty of cash at their disposal. I don’t think the seller will have thousands of people beating a path to their door, but it only takes one willing to make the commitment for this Shelby to find its third owner. If you had the available funds, would this car’s originality tempt you to take that leap of faith?


  1. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    FantomWorks restored a 70 Shelby GT500 in the same color, but the stripe was white and it also had black hood stripes. That thing was a rotted, rusty, salt eaten, mess when it arrived. They did a great job on the restoration. I believe the episode was called “One Salty Shelby”, and if you have never seen it, I highly recommend grabbing a few cold ones, and a bag or two of snacks, and cueing it up on Motortrend+.

    This same car was just featured here on 06/22/22 by Brian Kennedy.

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  2. Classic Steel

    I am still drooling 🤤 here on this beautiful car.

    The price while all high on these rare Shelby’s is reasonably priced with driveline went through. A shame on replacement engine but muscle cars had the ponies run to maximum speed back in the day.

    Good luck with sale and hope this baby continues to be loved.

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  3. DRV

    If I had to have a 500, this would be it. The originality and color really separate it from the pack…

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  4. Melton Mooney

    Once I sold a nice ’57 T-Bird at an auction in Tx. It brought $3200. As I was getting paid, a dead mint 69 GT500 4 gear vert in red rolled in. I was sorely tempted when the bidding played out at $2800, but I reeeally wanted a Camaro at the time.

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    • Fish56

      A neighbor of mine was the original owner of a hugger orange 1969 Camaro SS, 300 hp/ 350 car. He told me that when he bought it, he chose the Camaro over a new 1968 Shelby Mustang that was still on a dealer’s floor. He wanted current year, so passed on the Shelby. Definitely regretted that decision years later.

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  5. Greg B Greg B Member

    The Seller mentioned that the engine and the transmission, along with the AC, were all rebuilt at a cost of $15,000. What I don’t understand is he also said that the engine block was a factory replacement. In the videos with the original owner, that bought it at the dealership after his military tour of Vietnam, does not say anything about this. It would interesting to know what the original numbers block was replaced.

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  6. flmikey

    I always thought the Boss 9 was the quickest Mustang that could be bought in 1969…I think it almost cracked the 14 second mark in the quarter…

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      I thought the 68 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet was faster than the Boss 429 in stock configuration. The 68’s were mid 13 second cars, the Boss I believe was around a low 14 second car.

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  7. Howie

    This sounds like a fair price after watching Mecum from Orlando this past weekend.

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  8. walt

    What was the price of a Shelby 500 in 69, $5000? I think a 428 Mach 1 was around $3500?

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  9. Bob_S

    I didn’t thing you could get A/C with a Shelby 500, only the 350. Love to see the window sticker.

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    • walt

      The AC pump is in there & has AC vents r in dash that must b a clue. & if a 428 Mach 1 can have it why not a Shelby? It is a super tight fit, like changing the f–k-n spark plugsc

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  10. Greg B Greg B Member

    In one of the older videos taken the original owner claimed that he did not know where he placed the original window sticker. The owner selling it did locate the original buildsheet though.

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  11. Jeff A

    It was a great episode and they did an amazing restoration. I miss FantomWorks and wish it would come back.

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