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’70s Power! 1977 Cutlass Supreme w/ ’70 455

Oldsmobile sold bazillions of this generation Cutlass, and they floated in the sub-$3000 range for years. Even the 455-equipped Hurst Olds in this body style were cheap well into the Internet Age. This fine-looking specimen, a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in  New Berlin, Wisconsin, features the “Hatch Roof” aka T-Tops, a handsome black and red color combination, and seems well-kept for a classic from the Badger State. Though probably born with a 350 cid (5.7L) V8, it now boasts a 1970 Oldsmobile 455 (7.5L) V8, which should be a heavy hitter packing brutal pre-smog performance. The auction here on eBay features a $17,500 Buy It Now option.

The seller is a person of few words. Assuming this car runs and drives, it’s certainly clean enough to appear in public right away, a bonus for anyone wanting to show it this season.

This generation of Cutlass offered a 455 V8 through 1976, and this final year of the Third Generation Cutlass received a 403 cid V8 as its top engine. The number of enthusiasts waking up every morning with dreams of finding a clean 403-powered ’77 Cutlass probably numbers in the single digits, so the ’70 mill should be a bonus for most buyers. It could even be made more factory-looking with minimal investment for the total sleeper package.

Dual exhaust outlets hardly give away this Oldsmobile’s sleeper potential as many cars of this era couldn’t make 200 HP even with open pipes. Even with modest gears this Cutlass will cut two black lines at will, even from a rolling start. With the mileage foolishly listed as “1,” buyers will assume you can add at least 150,000 to that number. With no evidence that this sweet ride took Helen Hunt to Prom or any similar star power, the $17,500 seems like a fishing expedition. What would you give for this tidy re-powered Cutlass?


  1. Avatar photo BRAKTRCR

    Definitely a person of few words, which I can understand on a Craigslist ad, but not eBay. When it goes unsold a time or two, that will likely change. It’s a really nice car, always liked this body style.
    Pretty optimistic on the price, but a rust free car in Wisconsin is rare.

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  2. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    9 or 10K car at most. So overpriced…

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  3. Avatar photo nessy

    The 76/77 Cutlass models were among the best looking and best selling cars of this era. I prefer the 77 grill. I can’t believe the asking prices for clean looking examples today. 17k is not going to happen but 10k might. Not long ago, these could be bought in good condition for 2500 or so. I had both a 76 Brougham with the T Tops and the 455, last year it was offered and a 77 Brougham 350 also with T Tops. Too bad this was not the Brougham model as those thick pillow style pinstriped velour seats were as plush as anything else on the market. Best looking car featured here today.

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      nessy, I also had a 76 Brougham with T Tops and the 455, it was the dealer’s son’s demo. Loved it and would pay good money if I could find it again. I understand there may have been less than 20 made in that configuration.

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  4. Avatar photo AMCFAN

    I sold a barn find 77 Olds T-Top car like this a few years ago for $1000. Was a friends moms car and the family didn’t want it. Not so special after all . Finding one not leaking like the Titanic would be certainly rare. When I was still riding a bicycle in my old home state you would commonly see these cars running around with wooden or simply NO rear bumpers in the late 70’s because the original would rust off. Always thought that was funny. s I understand now the law was you HAD to have a rear bumper. After a few years nothing left to weld on to thus cars with wooden bumpers.

    This car being in the snow belt and advertised as rust free would have to say false. It has been repaired. The very nature by design=rust. The 455 is a plus but not quite a bonus. It is still a 4000 lb car. It will never be as fast as a Honda Civic. If it’s an actual pre smog 455 might be well off to put it back in a 70 Cutlass where it belongs.

    These at the time were nice looking cars and Oldsmobile had it going on. Much nicer then the other GM clone when the company was still the old GM. Now commonly known as the new GM after bankruptcy and the dreaded ignition switch cover up.

    I would be surprised if they do not end up bought out by a Chinese company in the not so near future. So many missteps for one company. Go Mary!

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  5. Avatar photo Jerry Long

    Had a 77 Brougham with a 350 and auto. Prettiest car I ever ordered and the worst car that I ever owned. The inside of the trunk lid arrived rusted. The rest of the car soon caught up. Terrible transmission and front end. It ate tires and died on the highway regularly. Before I made the 36th payment, it was falling apart at 50K miles. Dark metallic green, gold pinstripes, wire wheel covers and green velour seats. It was sure pretty though. Last of the big Cutlasses for a few years.

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  6. Avatar photo Winfield Wilson

    Couldn’t register it in Cali, it’d never pass smog. Nice interior tho.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      This sort of mid-70’s car isn’t even on the radar for people that live in California, at least in the populated areas. Though, some parts of the state don’t require smog inspections for cars like this. Real 60’s muscle cars were inexpensive and readily available into the early-90’s, nobody with a clue sought out cars from the mid-70’s through the mid-80’s, that went for Camaros, Trans Ams, Corvettes, you name it. Nothing really caught on until the mid-80’s Fox body Mustangs came along.

      Steve R

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  7. Avatar photo Tom

    $17,000 … what a bargain, just in time for Dream Cruise !

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  8. Avatar photo Jimm

    I had a 75 Cutlass Salon that was silver with a red velour interior that was totaled and then bought a 76 Cutlass Salon to replace it that was black with T-tops but a tan leather interior. This would be a perfect combination of both! Loved those cars! My Mom had a 77 silver Brougham too I should have bought but didn’t. To me, these were both sporty and classy at the same time. As much as I like these cars, the price on this is way too much…maybe 8-9k

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  9. Avatar photo TimM

    My wife had one of these body styles when she was younger!! I like the body style and the red interior sets it off nicely!! If it was $12,500 I would be a player but that extra 5 grand seems like a deal breaker to me!!

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