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7,124 Miles: 1984 Olds Cutlass


This is pretty neat: an Oldsmobile recently retrieved from its long-time 80-year-old owner who could no longer keep the car in his new living arrangements. Said to have just over 7,000 original miles, this 1984 Cutlass Supreme here on eBay is up for auction at no reserve, and the seller promises it does not have anything resembling “barn smell.” 


This is a total grandpa car, and the low mileage speaks to the stereotypical old man driver who just took rides to church and the grocery store. That’s a schedule I wouldn’t mind having, personally. Anyhow, it looks like he took great care when making those short trips as the body appears to be largely free of dings and the chrome surfaces still shine like new.


The inside is where these low mileage claims can get murky. By this I mean the car can be genuinely low mileage but poorly stored and otherwise left unkempt by a messy owner; or, the low mileage claim can turn out to be suspect based on filthy seating surfaces and stained carpets. This Oldsmobile appears to live up to the hype of its mileage, with a perfect dash and spotless carpets.


The clean condition continues to the trunk, an area that will typically be soiled if left in the care of a less than careful owner. Thankfully, it would appear that the low mileage has also preserved the original spare tire. As an unrestored car that’s practically new in the wrapper, this Oldsmobile is destined to a enjoy a lifetime of being trailered to shows, but it likely won’t take off in value anytime soon. How would you use this incredible survivor?


  1. MH

    I would drive it and keep it as nice as possible. Good weekend and car show car. It will never be worth big money. The miles aren’t low enough where you can’t drive it. Drive and enjoy.

  2. Vegas Vic

    Drive, drive, drive! Decent sedan here and comfortable … A course I see this 1984 GM big two door and think GN or light colored T Type! 🕶

  3. The Walrus

    The only thing that doesn’t add up is the guy… he wasn’t always 80. If he’s 80 now, and bought this new in 1984, he would have been 48 at that time. Why would he have driven it so little? Seems odd.

    • Jon

      Walrus, Yes I would have to agree with you on that, unless this was his wifes car and she did not need to go many places by herself….

      • Jon

        Not that it really matters, but I have to wonder.. Why the negative mark for my comment… Was just a generalization… LOL

    • Mike

      Is a two owner car – perhaps went from one senior minimal driver to another

      • The Walrus

        I guess that’s possible. If it were something more aspirational to start with (Corvette, Mercedes, etc) it would make more sense to me.

      • Steven A Hunter

        These Olds go forever,my dad had one with over 430,000 miles on it,he change the oil evey 2,500 miles or so. And if that’s a283 iron horse I think was that motors nick name,it would of made it to 500,000 miles if he didn’t give it to me

  4. Rock On Member

    I know that most of the readers are of the keep it stock mindset, but this car isn’t that rare or valuable to save. It would make a great sleeper with modern LS power!!!

    • Jon

      I like that mindset !!!!! Maybe even some turbos !! or supercharged… Heck …why not both!!

    • The Walrus

      It’s not rare. That’s true. But I doubt there are many with this low mileage (because it was really nothing special) in a color combo with broad appeal like this. You see a lot of green and brown low mileage cars, because those colors come and go in style and don’t have broad appeal. Based on those 2 factors (mileage and color) I think it would be a shame if someone hacked it up.

  5. Rick

    I’d put in one those 400-plus horse GM crate motors and a 700R4 trans and go hunting rice burners

    • Wes

      I’ve got a ’85 that I’m doing that to, 455 bored .30 over (was literally my grandfather’s car with the V6). I see this and look forward to the day mine is back in one piece.

  6. Rick

    I’d put in one of those 400-plus hp GM crate motors and a 700R4 trans and go hunting rice burners

  7. Philip

    Leave it alone. The 3800 powering it is bullet proof, the 200 or 250 trans not so much, but it is cheap to overhaul. Perfect car for a person or couple who wants a bigger more comfortable car boasting real rear seat and trunk room on the occasions it is needed. G-body’s boast the best of all worlds, comfortable inside, clean looks outside and ride quality just not offered any more. Perfect for the person or couple who don’t want a SUV.

    If you had to do any thing to it, add a supercharger kit, the low compression carb’d 3.8 will take it, then last and last and last, while maintaining reliability and comfort along with excellent fuel economy. We had an 83 Monte Carlo with the Chevy V6, the 229 and turbo 250 trans. That car with a freer flowing cat and exhaust, got 30 MPG on long highway trips at 65-70 MPH. Best part was the ultra reliability. It made up for it’s shortfalls in power with ultra reliability, comfort, and economy. Very tight and quiet inside body on full frame design.

    I miss that car.

  8. Nova Scotian

    Love that car. Comfortable too, just that the gas mileage sucks. Still…what a nice cruiser. Worth the buy.

  9. Lance c

    Looking at the brake pedal I’d say this car has 107000 miles on it.

  10. Tim McDonald jr

    I bet some knucklehead will come along and put in a 5000 watt stereo and a set of those giant ghetto wheels that look like they belong on a stagecoach. I’d leave it original and drive as is.

  11. David Miraglia

    College year 1984. Always wanted a Cutlass

  12. Joe

    This ebay listing makes me sick. It is everything that is wrong with these online auctions. I would never buy anything from a used car dealer, especially on ebay, who charges a “$100 documentation fee + $33 in additional charges”. What a crock! Pay him $100 for selling a car, signing over a title and writing a 1 sentence Bill of Sale? This seller is a complete crook. I feel sorry for the original owner who was cheated out of his/her nice car. And though the slick used car dealer bought the car from the original owner, “no documentation or service records outside of the owners manual”? What bunch of BS!!

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