72-Year Sale! The Only Black ’73 Mustang… And More!

Sometimes you collect cars and stuff for 72 years and suddenly realize some of it has got to go. Any Ford fan near Henderson, North Carolina should take a click here on craigslist. Thanks to David M. for spotting this listing of cars, parts, and the odd sewing machine and garden tractor ready to tempt the buyer at this multi-week sale. The 20th Anniversary 1984 Mustang G.T. 350 is not listed for sale, but it’s looking good.

Of the two ’50 Fords listed, this looks like the “1950 Ford Tudor Deluxe, 239 flathead, three-speed… been in barn since the ’70’s.” This picture dates from 2016, so hopefully no trees have fallen on it since then. The other 1950 Ford, a partially built street rod, features a “Ford SOHC engine,” four-speed automatic, Fat Man drop spindles, and other goodies.

Sure, 1971-73 Mustangs rarely make an investor’s Top Ten list, but this interesting convertible came in black, even though Ford did not offer black in ’73. Ask the seller for details!

The Marti-report authenticated black Mustang with black top and white Comfort Weave deluxe interior turns out to the the only such example. The white seats with black carpet and dashboard can’t be beat for timeless elegance. Like James Bond’s tuxedo, the black and white color combo works perfectly whether you’re making an entrance at your Senior Prom or shanking an enemy spy with a shrimp fork.

Looking for a project car? How about this fixer-upper? Actually this heavily tweaked 1972 Mustang is listed as a parts car and may represent an opportunity to help your Mustang restoration across the finish line for cheap. Other items include a 1956 Ford Club Sedan, “in barn since the ’70’s,” a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Tudor Hardtop, several flathead engines and transmissions, a 429 cid Ford Police Interceptor engine (disassembled), and more! What’s your favorite?


WANTED 1962 Chevrolet Impala Looking for a 1962 Chevy impala project car Contact

WANTED 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 my wife’s first car, red with red interior would be ideal, any locale Contact

WANTED 2005-2007 Dodge Magnum RT Seeking a daily driver condition Dodge Magnum RT with AWD (no RWD models). Contact

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  1. ccrvtt

    You’re missing a great opportunity to own some mighty fine cookware.

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  2. Brian c Member

    I just want to know how old this person is and if they actually typed “lol”

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  3. Steve R

    No prices listed=overpriced.

    Steve R

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    • Beatnik Bedouin

      I thought the same when I read the ad…

      Some interesting car stuff, though. I’ll pass on all the exciting cookware; I already have a vintage, Made in USA iron skillet that I bought at a garage sale in SoCal in the 1970s. I think it cost me $2 or thereabouts and still works just fine ‘n’ dandy.

    • William Sanders

      “I know what it’s worth”

    • Oscarphone

      “Overpriced” is a relative term. Maybe for you but a lot of people will step up and pay for what they want. If it is overpriced, the guy won’t sell any of it and I don’t think that is his intent. Everybody gets a chance to maximize the profit of his stuff he’s selling.

  4. JamestownMike

    Despite being a mostly GM guy, I love the “shoebox” Fords! I imagine the 50 Ford Tudor Sedan is the one pictured in this Craigslist ad. I’ve love to own it but it sure would be nice to have an idea of what he’ll take for it! I agree, no prices posted usually means overpriced items! I also like the 73 Mustang convertible…….again, sure would be nice to know what he’ll take! Sorry but I won’t play the blind “sealed bid” game.

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    • Loco Mikado

      My family’s ‘ 50 Ford Tudor Sedan is the first car I remember from childhood. Actually my dad had two of them, I just don’t remember the other one. I still have a picture of it somewhere taken around ’57 or ’58. It was sold in ’59 because my dad bought a brand new 1959 Chevrolet SW.

  5. Tim Gonzalez

    Wondering if that wreck Mustang wasn’t used in the original “Gone in 60 Seconds ” . It’s the right color and wheel package.

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      The wrecked Mustang is a convertible. The movie car was a fastback. So no, this is not the movie car.

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  6. CCFisher

    Hard to imagine a time when Ford didn’t make black Mustangs when sooooo many of the new ones are black.

  7. Scot Douglas

    Lists a 50 ford with a SOHC motor, but won’t take a picture of it. Betting it is a 2.3L out of a Pinto.


      And if it is a real SOHC engine in that 50 why would you put an 8″ rear in it?

  8. Dave Mc

    That ’50 Ford was my grandpappys last car, color and all. He had no brakes in it but when I asked him why he said ” when you live out in the country you don’t need them much”. An old dirt farmers answer.

  9. Dave Suton

    Original gone in 60 seconds mustang on that trailer?

  10. Whippeteer


  11. robj Member

    Heck with the cars, I want that building! Right over there in my yard.

  12. Mark

    Cancelled in 60 seconds!

  13. Wrong Way

    It says that it’s been cancelled? Does that mean that the whole auction has been cancelled? I am confused!

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    • mike D

      he says he got sick, and to keep your eyes open when he feels better.. delay tactic? maybe somebody bought the majority of them before the ” sale” and he has to sort things out?

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      • Wrong Way

        K, thanks Mike for the info! Did he say if he’s going to advertise again?

    • Steve65

      It means that in addition to the list of lies at the bottom, his entire ad is now a prohibited list of things which aren’t for sale.

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  14. charlie Member

    The ’50 Ford pictured is maybe a ’49, exterior trunk hinges. But maybe it is how you distinguish the ’49 Chevy from the ’50. Anybody really know?

    • Marvin Thayer

      The difference between a 1949, and 1950, is on the front. The ’50 has turn signals in the front like the ’56, wrap around just above the bumper, and the ’49 has the signals in the middle on each side of the middle. The hinges you speak of are different. The ’49 hinges are smaller, and the ’50 hinges are longer. My father had two of them; one a ’49, the other a ’50. He was a Ford guy. He forgot more about Fords than people know.

  15. jsieao

    Is that a Cougar steering wheel center on that Mustang??

  16. Pete

    Me thinks someones son is trying to sell off his dads estate. There are some odd folks up in Hendersonville let me just go ahead and tell yas. LOL

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  17. David Fowler

    Hey guys the ad is mine. Nothing to hide it is all real and no I do not price my cars just like Ebay if listed there I would not price just put a reserve.
    Me and my dad before me were always doing something on cars. I sold parts at swap meets for 30 years so ended up with a bunch of parts. The cars are parts are real and I have already sold a 1959 ford, 1950 Ford panel truck, 1966 Ranchero, couple of 1949 fords for parts.
    We did not trade in cars when we got another just put them in the barn or the woods. I do not understand the mystery of using tag words on cl. I have never been told by them it was wrong and there are some that have thousands of tag words. It simply directs the ad to people in the car world that might have a friend looking for one. You do not have to open the ad it just comes up in the search. I have not heard anything from any of the guys making all the comments. They are the ones that have not money or their wife will not let them spend any, lol. So they have to vent someway. Does not bother me have lots of interest.
    Yes there is lots of stuff non car related that needs to go it is a Garage Yard sale and what does not sell will be donated or sent to recycle.
    The crashed 72 is not advertised as a fix up car. It is stated in ad for parts only. Most of the good stuff already gone. Perfect factory interior, new top, new stainless exhaust and ceramic headers, PDB set up. Master cylinder and booster. Got someone coming to cut the door posts out. It is a parts car not worth fixing.
    I have been around cars longer than most on here I built my first one in 1965 and still work in garage everyday. I do realize I have way too many projects and yes selling them.
    Yes the 1950 Ford coupe has a sohc modular engine in it. Came out of a N.C. highway partrol car I got from salvage lot.
    One of my mustangs is so far the highest optioned mustang so far located. If any of you know of one with more please let me know. It has 32 factory installed options. I ordered it new, I have both of the window stickers and went to the dealer and got their invoice. I added an additional 8 dealer options so it has 40 options. It will not be sold but is being donated to a museum it should never be in a private collectors hands. Many have came here with cash in hand and said they were going to buy but they leave without it because it is not for sale.
    Oh btw yes some of the dates on the pictures are older. The cars have sat in storage since purchased and cannot get pictures sitting 2 feet apart in a garage full of junk.
    The original 1950 with 16,000 miles has an offer of $10,000 now will see how it goes.
    I don’t think anyone commented on the removable hard tops I have. I do have 3 of the Towne Tops sold by Ford as an accesory option. Go read the Mustang Monthly article about them. They said only three had been found in the article and I have 3 of them. Two are a model that had not been found before. I do have a copy of the sales records and one was sold by TASCA Ford in R.I.. They are real as is all the vehicles in the posted ad. Nothing is represented other than for what it is. Documented and all there.
    So if you guys that think you know it all get out from behind your keyboards and come see for yourself. But I guess the wife will not let you do that, lol. Sounds like a bunch of guys that do not know much about Fords or Mustangs.
    David Fowler

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      David, thanks for chiming in and I hope you will continue to monitor comments — good luck with the sales!

    • Wrong Way

      Say young man! I am definitely a ford guy! I went to look at your ad and it said that it was cancelled? I am probably older than you! So what’s up? Is the sale on or off? I wanted to send my son who lives close to you to check out your inventory to see if I may want something! I don’t have a wife and don’t watch the computer! So are you selling or not?

  18. Anthony Richard

    I have a 1967 GTO Gold on Gold 400/400 numbers matching.. that is
    NOT FOR SALE as well. Does it qualify for publicity?
    I guess I don’t get the purpose of this particular Mustang being in the add or even the ad as it was canceled?

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    • Wrong Way

      I have some really nice Mustangs in excellent condition! I to don’t understand why the Mustang is in the photo either if it’s not for sale! I am waiting for a answer if this darn sale is on or off! I am starting to think that all that is for sale is B.S?

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  19. Steve65

    So, first to dispense with the “they never told me” crap. It’s a site for adults. You’re expected to familiarize yourself with the rules without needing a babysitter. But since you couldn’t be bothered:


    “…content prohibited on craigslist: …false, misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent content; bait and switch; keyword spam”

    So now you can’t pretend to not know. Your list of false keywords is explicitly prohibited. Since you’ve cancelled the sale, every keyword in it is now explicitly prohibited. The only valid action with an ad for items no longer available for sale is to remove it.

    Now, will you repeat your rationalization that your special snowflake ad is exempt from that very explicitly prohibited content because you think some people will like it? Or will you take it down?

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