7,317 Mile Econobox: 1993 Plymouth Colt

When the badge-engineered Colt first appeared on U.S. soil, it was actually a compelling captive import, offering rear-wheel drive and decent looks, combined with wagon variants and later “Silent Shaft” engine technology. As the years wore on, the Colt became more and more like the econobox is was always intended to be, except it slipped right past cheap car into the downright undesirable-to-own category. This Plymouth Colt is from those dark days and has just over 7,000 original miles. It’s listed here on craigslist for $2,850.

This generation Colt reminds me of any number of rental cars I’ve been in on trips to the Caribbean and other island communities. It’s well-suited for those environments, with little in the way of performance to make speeding an attractive activity on narrow island roads. In addition, the lack of equipment or features of any kind means mechanical issues beyond self-implosion of the drivetrain itself will be unlikely – a benefit for locales where spare parts may be in short supply.

And of course, a sunny backdrop with warm ocean waters is a nice distraction from the unpleasantness of driving this car. Unfortunately, this one is located in snowy Scranton, PA, which is perhaps one of the more depressing combinations I can imagine when picturing my least ideal daily driver situation. Now, if I had to drive a Colt, a low-mileage example like this would be my general preference so the number of squeaks and rattles emanating from the tinny sheetmetal and paper-thin door panels will be minimal, or at least not loud enough yet to drown out the strained engine.

The Mitsubishi Mirage upon which this car is based at least offered a compelling driver’s car for a short time in its production run, with the rare Mirage “LS” coupe providing drivers a more sporting 113 b.h.p. paired to a 5-speed manual, along with a sporty ground effects kit and bigger wheels. Examples like this didn’t even get a passenger side mirror, and acceleration will be tractor-like by comparison. But if you need a cheap commuter or city car that will likely cost you in the hundreds of dollars per year to own, this time capsule could be worth a look.

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  1. Capriest Member

    Yeah, these were considered junk when new. One of if not the cheapest feeling cars I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in. I wonder what the story is with this one? I’d want some proof of the mileage claim for sure. Hopefully it hasn’t spent all that time sitting outside in PA. Could be a lot of deferred maintenance on this one.

  2. Gaspumpchas

    For Gosh sakes clean the snow off it….


    There is no Colt Car Club…or message board. Bet the ranch on that.

    • Rx7turboII

      You lost the ranch…lol!
      There is a colt/mirage forum indeed.

  4. James Schwartz

    Was this the design inspiration for the later Neon? It kinda looks it to me.

  5. Billy1

    Someone needs to buy this and swap in an Evo drivetrain=awd and a bigger turbo. I just don’t think that mileage is genuine, unless someone thought it might be a classic in say….. 50 years?!!!

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      Billy, there’s more than one Mitsubishi Mirage in NZ that has had an Evo driveline swap and they’re expletive quick!

      I regularly see them at both the street and Comp Series meets at my local dragstrip where I’m the track announcer.

  6. Superdessucke

    My college roommate had one of these little bleep boxes back in 1994-95. Seemed pretty unremarkable at the time. Now it would be kind of a head turner.

  7. Superdessucke

    In case anyone’s trying to rationally evaluate a potential purchase of this…


  8. Ralph

    What I remember on these is that Mitsubishi version had a COUPE badge on the rear with no spacing on the letters, they had 2 trim levels, DE and LE which had badges that read DECOUPE and LECOUPE.

  9. rak1455@+.

    Little old ladies car??

  10. Coventrycat

    If it deemed undesirable to own then, why on earth would you want to have one now?

  11. davew833

    Scranton is actually a rather charming little town…

  12. Fran

    What the “BF” ??? Barn finds! Your kidding? Right?

  13. Andre

    Man oh man… does this bring back memories.

    As a winter car in the early 2000’s I had one of these, my summer car was a modified turbo AWD Talon.

    It was such a tin can, but as such was such a blast. Those that say the most fun you can have is in a beater — I have to agree, and I got mine in one of these.

    Cool throw back. BF don’t let the whiners get ‘ya down. A true car guy can appreciate anything a bit oddball.

  14. w650gb500

    Sitting at the local Tuesday night auction from the look of the building. Since it needs a fuel pum-, they will push it thru the lane and sell it for whatever they can get.

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