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76k Original Miles: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette

If you are like me, you tend to view low mileage claims on classic cars with a certain degree of skepticism. However, when those claims can be supported by documentation, that becomes a game-changer. That is the case with this 1968 Corvette. It appears that it has been in the possession of the current owner for many years, but he has taken the tough decision to part with this beautiful looking car. The Corvette is located in Grenloch, New Jersey, and has been listed for sale here on craigslist. Simply hand the owner $21,000, and you could be driving away in this American icon. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder rex m for spotting the Corvette for us.

The photos that the owner supplies are quite limited, but they still manage to make a positive impression. The Corvette is finished in LeMans Blue, and the paint holds an impressive shine. This is especially true given the fact that it is claimed to be original. I suspect that the only area of the car to have received a repaint will be the hood. This has been replaced with an L88 hood, but the original item is included in the sale. The fiberglass shows no evidence of cracking or deterioration, while the chrome looks spotless. While I’m not a great fan of them, the luggage rack is always a practical addition to a C3 Corvette. The vehicle is said to be structurally sound, which indicates that there are no rust issues with the frame or birdcage. The original owner ordered the Corvette with tinted glass, and this is also in excellent condition.

While the base 327ci V8 brought 300hp to the table, spending a mere $105.35 would see the L79 version occupying the engine bay. That is what we find here, and it should be delivering 350hp. That power finds its way to a 3.70 Posi rear end via a 4-speed close-ratio transmission. The result is a classic that should be capable of demolishing the ¼ mile in 14.2 seconds. Give it enough space, and the speedometer needle should be able to nudge 150mph. Looking around the engine bay, it’s easy to spot the non-original exhaust headers. These were fitted early in the Corvette’s life, and while they don’t look out of place, the buyer might choose to source the correct exhaust manifolds to return the engine bay to stock appearance. For purists, the good news here is that the car is fully numbers-matching. It comes with a documented history that verifies the odometer’s reading of 68,000 genuine miles.

The Corvette’s interior remains original and unmolested, and there isn’t much to be critical of. The seat upholstery is surprisingly free of wear and stretching, while the dash appears to be perfect. There are some minor marks on the lower door trims, but there is no horrendous damage that might motivate someone to replace them. The only other potential fault concerns the carpet. It looks like it might be very slightly worn and faded. Once again, it isn’t a horror story and could be left untouched if the buyer wants to maintain originality. A perfectionist might choose to replace it, but I would probably treat it to a clean and then leave it alone. There aren’t many optional extras to be found in there, but the original AM/FM radio is a nice touch.

For a great many Corvette enthusiasts, this 1968 model ticks a lot of the right boxes. It is a largely original survivor with documented low mileage. It is said to be rust-free, and it appears that it has led a life where it has been treated with respect. When you add the fact that it is a chrome-bumper C3 Corvette, that makes it a desirable classic. As an investment, it could be a good one. Values have been increasing slowly but steadily in recent times, and while you might not resell a car like this in a few years at a huge profit, it should hold up well if it is treated with ongoing care. With the New Year fast approaching, maybe the time is right to treat yourself to a belated Christmas present. It would sure beat getting socks!


  1. alphasud Member

    I drool over someday owning a 65-67 Corvette which I think is one of the most beautiful cars of all time. Next in line would be a chrome bumper C3 like this one. Nice color along with the best power train combos. Don’t get me wrong I would love to own a big block someday but the big block takes away from the handling balance I would want for the type of driving I do. I’m surprised the C3 can still be had for reasonable money and I suspect in the next couple of years values will take off. So buy now while you still can!

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  2. Mitchell Gildea Member

    Am I the only one who’s gonna acknowledge the OK Used Car tag and how awesome it is?

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    • Steve R

      They are reproduced and available on eBay.

      Steve R

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    • Frank Sumatra

      The NCRS key fob is also a really good sign. I have been an NCRS member for over 30 years. Bought three of the four Corvettes I have owned from fellow NCRS members and the cars have been exactly as described with no surprises. If one is serious about buying a Corvette their first purchase should be an NCRS membership.

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  3. jwzg

    Another blue-on-blue Corvette? Someone put a lock on my piggy bank.

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  4. CraigR

    That color checks every box for me. What a nice car.

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  5. GARY

    Big block hood in top pictures……correct small block hood in last picture

  6. Will Fox

    Nice Vette, but the non-existent driveway makes for a really lousy background. Someone was too cheap to have their driveway paved……ever! And that is probably a 70+ year old house.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      What in the Wide World of Sports does that have to do with the car??

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    • Dave Mazz

      Will Fox;
      There’s more than one driveway shown, maybe the seller moved…or was forced to downsize after his business was shut down due to the pandemic. :-( :-(

  7. Desert Rat

    Good grief, is this Better Homes and Garden or Barn Finds who cares about the guys driveway. Great Corvette wish it was mine.

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  8. Jack

    Sorry, but +70k is the time most of this era car started falling apart. This is a complete project car with a good foundation.

  9. rextreme Member

    Hard to believe it’s still available after 25 days on CL.

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  10. Comet

    There can be alot of real-estate between “structurally sound” and “no rust issues with the frame or birdcage.”

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  11. Tort Member

    The 68’s got a bad rap over the 69 Corvettes because of the first year of the C3’s had some supposed bugs that were worked out in the 2nd.year model. Saying that I had a 68 327 350 hp 4 speed with no issues. It was actually my wife’s car and when the Carter gas shortage issue came along she kind of liked the looks Volkswagen bugs so we traded the Vette in on a new Bug. That was not her last Corvette however as a 74 caught her eye a few years later.

  12. dogwater

    That’s BS Jack this car can go ever if maintained, the price is fair

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  13. David

    In order for the engine to be an L-79, it needs an aluminum intake. And what’s with the alternator being all askew? Not even lined up with the water pump pulley. I’d take a good close look to see if it’s the correct motor with the wrong intake. Otherwise, not a bad car for reasonable money.

    • Steve

      ’68 L79 intake s/b cast iron, p/n’s 3919803 (early) or 3927184 (after late June), says the NCRS Judging guide.

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    • Roy Blankenship

      In ’68, the L-79 had a cast intake and a Quadrajet.

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  14. Bing

    I’d offer the seller 19 cash, split the difference if need be. Take it home, drive it and love on it a bit. In five years if the milage is still reasonably low, you’d make money on the car. In the meantime you’d enjoy driving an iconic automobile…..

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  15. George Mattar

    L79 had cast iron intake in 68. I live close to this beautiful car. It is the right colors and not a big block, which makes these cars drive like a snow plow. I know. I had one 44 years ago. I now have a 73 coupe 4 speed with fewer problems than a 68, such as the wiper door and the related vacuum problems. I saw this car 2 weeks ago on CL. Wish I had the cash.

  16. Ron

    “The fiberglass shows no evidence of cracking or deterioration”, check the last photo that appears to have been added.

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