77,250 Mile Survivor: 1969 Plymouth GTX

It is amazing what you may find on a farm. This 1969 GTX is being auctioned off as part of an estate with a great deal of tractor and farming related items. Unfortunately the owner has passed away, but it is clear he cared a lot about this GTX that he purchased new in May of 1969. With 77,250 miles on the clock, this well-kept survivor is coming up for auction in Linn, Kansas. The auction date is Saturday June 10, 2017, and this classic will be auctioned off at 12:00 noon. You can find auction information here on Bott Reality Auctions. Thanks to reader Trey V for this great survivor submission!

Equipped with a high performance 375 horsepower 440 V8 and an automatic transmission, this GTX is certainly a flyer. Although there is some dirt and dust present, the engine bay looks like it would clean up nicely with only a few areas showing some surface rust. It is not quite clear if this GTX is currently running or not, but it does appear that it has spent some down time in a barn, so for those interested in bidding be sure to do some investigating in person.

Inside the green interior is quite nice with the only real draw back being the dirty carpeting.  The dash and door panels are vibrant with color, and the seats are very clean with only minor damage to the driver seat. There is an even layer of dust throughout the interior, so I would assume that a window or two may have been down or cracked. There also are large rubber mats installed in the front foot wells, so perhaps a solid vacuuming and washing could revive this factory carpet to be acceptable.

The green on green exterior is beautiful with no signs of rust or any serious damage. The vinyl roof is excellent and there are no issues with the condition of the top, or the surrounding sheet metal. All of the bright work is nice and in place. 1969 was the first year for the lower rocker trim on the GTX all of which is present. The only issue to point out is that there is a crack in the factory grill, and some paint has chipped off of the passenger side headlight bezel. Beyond that, the only other issue worth mentioning is that the tires appear to be rather old, and will most likely need to be replaced. With excellent paint, and a superb overall survivor condition, will you be participating in the auction for this fine muscle car?

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  1. supersport

    Love it. Could be a candidate for a bench seat up front!!!!!

    • JamestownMike

      What??…….it’s a split bench seat.

    • DSwing

      Those are bucket seats up front with a buddy seat in between.

      • JamestownMike

        I stand corrected. Your absolutely right, bucket seats with the center seat cushion with folding armrest.

  2. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    Great GTX! This is going to make someone very happy!

  3. JW

    Very nice Mopar !!!

  4. txchief

    Why do so many of these finds have to be green? Yuk!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I think I know why this one is green. If you check out the auction page you will see he was also a big fan of John Deere.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I’ll keep saying it: Green was one of the most popular colors in the late 60’s – early 70’s. The reason you see a lot of them here is because the original ones – ones that haven’t been restored yet – are still the original color that hasn’t been painted red, black, yellow, blue yet.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    This will go off – be interesting to see the hammered price

    • Chris

      Sold for $41k

  6. Gunner

    Love it, want it. Looks like it was loved. Nice find! BTW….. it is Realty, not Reality. :-)

  7. JamestownMike

    I’d like to take a poll………what is this car worth? It’s a very nice survivor, runs and drives (needs tires and an oil change), 1 owner, green on green on green, 77k mile, 69 Plymouth GTX 440 automatic. I’ve hired someone local to bid on it for me.

    • Chris

      It would be cool if he had the original window sticker and some paperwork from new. I’d say 30k if everything worked. Great car. Be sure to run zinc on your oil change.

      • Larry K

        @Chris, thanks. I was not aware of the whole zinc reduction in oil thing.

      • Chris

        Regarding zinc I learned that the hard way with one of my 440s witha stock flat tappet. I’d been reading about it but never really paid any attention to it until I wiped out a cam lobe. Summit sells the racing oil with zinc or you can buy a small bottle and add it with conventional motor oil. Cheap and easy to do. I run it in all my cars now.

    • Rocco

      The window sticker(?) list the rear axle ratio as 4.10. 440/375hp/torqueflight/4.10.
      Tim the Tool Man would be grunting on this one. Owe, owe, owe.

    • Dave

      Hello JamestownMike, just courteous if you were bidding on it & how high you bid it to?

  8. Jay E.

    Sixpak air cleaner? IS it a Sixpak car?

    • JamestownMike

      No, it isn’t a 6 pack car. It has the “air grabber” air cleaner/hood.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Not a sixpak, it’s a Plymouth so it would be a six barrel.

      Sorry, I’ve been watching too much Graveyard Cars lately.

  9. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Best. Hood. Ever.

  10. John D.

    My 1968 GTX had lower rocker trim and green was a very popular color until the 1980s. Early in the 1990s when it was brought back, it was very popular again. We sold so many green and tan convertibles that I don’t even bother to look at most of them.

  11. Alfie

    “Lenny was one of few folks that grew up in the ’60s who kept his first car from that era. This 69 GTX was coveted by all of his nephews as they all realized what was sitting in the corner of the shed. Lennis loved to tell how he used the Plymouth to outrun a crop dusting plane in 1974.”

    From his obituary.

    He was 22 when he purchased this GTX.

    • Dave

      Greetings I am one of the nephews, a lot of memories in that car, Lennis was born, raised and passed away on that place. When he was 20 him and his dad went to the local Chrysler dealer, there sat this green gtx and a red charger with a hemi, lennis’s said I don’t like red I’ll take the gtx. Have lost a lot of sleep over this hope it come home tonmorrow. Dave

  12. Dave Member


  13. newfieldscarnut

    Great story , great car . Very rare to find one this original and unmolested .

  14. chad

    fine ride’n I’m a ford guy…


    Cleanest cars are the greenest cars :) wacky seat uh…

  16. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Any one every here of olive drab ? Wounder why lotsa 50′ cars are a little green ? Wonder why ALL THE MAKES during the Vietnam war were running green shades of cars ? Nice…..I’m with the upper $30,000 crowd…

  17. Loco Mikado

    All of my Mopars have either green, tan or red in that order.

  18. moosie Craig

    I had a ’69 Road Runner , bought new. Green / Green, loved it. 383″ , 4 speed, changed over to torqueflite after 1 clutch explosion, ran stronger & quicker with the automatic, + that it fell into a better class at the dragstrip.

  19. angliagt

    Man,that’s one nice looking body style!

  20. JimmyJ

    Love it born and raised mopar!
    BUT my dads buddy had a 4 speed 383 road runner and he would smoke 440s all day long
    Thats what he told me anyways😀

  21. BigFins

    Hammer dropped at $ 41,500!!!

    • Dave

      I’m a happy nephew and the happy owner of a gtx!!!!!! And a whole lot poorer. Dave. How did you find out so quick?

  22. Mark R Spears

    I talked to the auctioneer prior to the sale and they thought it would bring in the $20k-25k, it actually brought $41.5 k. Had 5 or 6 Mopar “experts” there, and they all wanted it.

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