77K Mile 1967 Pontiac Firebird Convertible!

1967 was a big year for auto makers, especially General Motors. Chevelles received a new look and the world was introduced to the Pontiac Firebird and Chevrolet Camaro. While they shared some body panels, the Firebird and Camaro were different enough to guarantee their individual spots in the market. This ’67 convertible ‘Bird can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $20,000. It is currently located in Elbridge, New York, but the seller says it spent most of its life in Texas. Take a look at the original condition of this Firebird, I guarantee you’ll be impressed!

This is the best photo of the overall interior, but there are some detailed photos in the ad. As you can see, the striking red interior works really well with the white exterior. The hood features the tachometer with aftermarket gauges added below the dash near the shifter. As you can see, the upholstery is in amazing condition which the seller claims is original. A close-up shot of the door panel and passenger seat show just how nice it is.

As you can see from the air cleaner, the car features a 326 cubic inch V8 backed by a powerglide automatic transmission. The seller had the engine rebuilt about eight years ago and claims the car has about 77,000 miles on the odometer. While not as potent as the later 400 or 455, the 326 is respectable and you can see the intake has been upgraded. The ad doesn’t mention it, but I would guess the carburetor has too.

Overall, this looks like a nice car. There are some photos of the under carriage and there isn’t a spot of rust anywhere. The seller says the car spent most of its life in Austin, Texas which is believable. Hopefully, this car will find a new home and be enjoyed for years to come!

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  1. Redwagon

    400 hood and front bumper but not grill inserts from a 400. Also has chrome rocker covers like a 400 but somehow they look a bit off – likely aftermarket? Having the red tonneau cover with the manufacture date is a plus. You’d be hard pressed to find an original red one today. Would love to decode the cowl tag. I’ll bet it came with a red convertible top from the factory.

    Looks really clean, clearly repainted at one point. I would have dropped the red pinstripe and instead used redline tires for a more period look and to bring out the interior color.

    • Jay Morgan

      Good point on the red pinstripe !

  2. Joe

    I had a GTO hood on my 66 Lemans, and for a while had a 400 hood on my 69 Firebird. I was happy with the extra visual while driving. Not everything has to be factory perfect. If I was lucky enough to grab this ‘bird, the only thing I would change is dump the slip and slide, and put a Turbo 350 tranny in it’s place. Made the same swap in my Lemans, and the third gear makes a hell of a difference from a stop. Those valve covers look like later Pontiac 400. Nothing too suspicious about them.

  3. TimM

    Great car and if I were to change anything it would be a 4 speed in there!! I normally would say the breaks too but it looks as if that’s been done because that doesn’t look like the stock master cylinder to me!!!

  4. Timrod

    Seems kind of high for a 400 clone without a 400

  5. CCFisher

    I believe this is a Firebird 326 HO, not a Firebird 400 clone. I see examples out there with hood scoops adorned with a “326” callout, and I see examples without the scoops. I can’t find any documentation that lists the hood w/scoops as optional, but given the “HO” designation, it seems logical that it was.

    • Cdice

      I believe only the 400 had the hood scoops. 326 reg. and HO only had emblems along the middle of the hood.

    • Glen Riddle

      FYI hood scoops were only on 400-equipped cars. They were not available, even as an option, HO or not, on non-400 cars.

  6. Keith Eisenbrei

    Yes the hood was for a 400 motor car only

    • Bob Brown

      I had and wish I still had a 67 blk on blk 400 tech on hood 4 speed bought it from Atlantic Pontiac brooklyn I guess the past owner added Corvette wheels and tires I’m sure not from fact 411 rear dual it had ft discs power brakes I’m sure he add it
      It was a beast 4 speeding tickets !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ken

    This does not have a Powerglide as stated. They were only used in Chevys. The
    2-speed used in Pontiacs, Buicks and Oldsmobiles was the Super Turbine 300.
    Not one part was interchangeable with a Powerglide. The TH-350 (3-speed)
    replace the ST-300 in 1969 models.

    • Bmac777 Member

      If you wanted to you could still get the 2 speed in 69 if you had the OHC6 or 350 2bbl. I had a 350 with one, it had the T shaped shifter which I think was the 2 speed shifter.
      I always thought they were powerglides Thx for the Info

      • Ken

        If the shifter was PRNDL it was a 2-speed. If it was PRNDSL or
        PRNDL2L1 it was a TH350 or TH400. (In 69 and up) Later on there was a TH-200 also. Chevy never used the “S” position. They called it “L2”. Buick used it too.

    • Dennis

      Wrong, My 67 had a power glide in it. Every part I ordered had to be power glide to fit. Replaced modulator valve, filter and fluid and tailshaft.

  8. Keith Eisenbrei

    Firebirds a a lot of power can get away from you very quickly just like a big block Camaro or Nova.

  9. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    The hue of the hood looks to be a little different white than the rest of the car in that first photo.

    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      Trunk lid too!

  10. SteVen

    It’s a minor thing but one of my pet peeves is when I see these displacement decals on the air cleaner lids. Pontiac did not use them. The only exception I can think of is the ’71-’72 455 HO.

  11. Bmac777 Member

    My friend had one of these , Green with a 326 /2speed
    Spent the summer getting all the parts and putting it together with a 455/TH400 and duals.
    The last thing was a new black convertible top.
    On the way home from that shop a wheel cylinder blew and he went under the back of a school bus so far that the windshield and the pillars were destroyed along with the hood and front end.

  12. Tom Member

    I owner, for bout 30 years, a very well documented 67 400 Convertible that had to go during the recession and mine had almost every factory option available including power everything, power windows and AC in a convertible.

    WHY would you put a hood mounted tach on a car like this, that COULD HAVE come with one (326 or 400) and NOT USE the correct one? This one on the car (a bit too tall and a bit too narrow and not GM) is some aftermarket NON Pontiac hood tach that was better left off in my opinion if you were not willing to pay for a Pontiac aftermarket reproduction like from Year One. I am staring at the original hood tach off of my Firebird which I still have (I put a Year One reproduction on with better seals and electronics) and it has PONTIAC in the center of the guage on the repro AND the original. I was not inexpensive but WORTH IT.

    Paint job, from the close up of the rear fuel door and the hood open shows A LOT of age and short cuts. I would believe in person this car is NOT as nice as most of the photos lend it to be. As said before ….way too much money for a 400 clone that is not a clone.

    And yes all are correct on the hood scoops ONLY on a Firebird 400. Great hood, I would put one on ANY 67-69 Firebird unless you are going for purity as built.

    • Tom Member

      sorry for the typos….BarnFinds…..what happened to the option to go back in for a minute or so to make corrections / additions?

    • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

      Not only is it a non-Poncho hood tach, it’s currently not working so that points to laziness on the part of the hood-swapper, or the proper pigtail harness to run into the engine bay is missing or couldn’t be rigged to work. Oh, and yes, I’ve noticed we no longer have around 3 minutes to make changes to our posts which always helps me when I’m typo heavy, fat fingering and not enough (or maybe too much) caffeine.

  13. Stevieg Member

    There are a LOT of reasons to nit & pick this car apart, but it is still a very nice vintage Firebird convertible. It is probably a solid car, coming from Texas (hopefully no hurricane history), and has a really sharp color combo. It is nicely equipped, although not loaded with options. And although the auction has ended, at the $20,000 it was bid to when it first appeared here, it was still reasonably priced. I hope whoever buys it enjoys it & get their money’s worth of fun & memories out of it.

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