868 Original Miles: 1984 Saab 900

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

This 1984 Saab 900 has 868 original miles and retains many of its pre-delivery features, from the plastic covering the seats to an OEM radio that was never hardwired to the car. It isn’t perfect and displays some evidence of poor storage, but these early models are incredibly hard to find in any sort of condition, much less new-in-the-wrapper. Find it here on eBay with just over a day left and no reserve – with bidding quite low for such an interesting specimen. 

Pictures are fairly awful and show the 900 in its new location, likely moved from wherever it was found. The faded blue New Jersey license plates are very old school, as those haven’t been used in over a decade by the Garden State. The seller claims the paint responded well to compounding, but despite the low mileage, there is still rust present in the rain gutter channel, the cowl, and under the left rear window. This likely indicates it sat under a leaky roof or carport for some time.

The interior is rather miraculously preserved, with plastic covering the seats and door panels. The original carpeted floor mats are likely an OEM Saab parts collector’s dream, and check out the factory radio – it looks like it was mounted for installation at the port but never wired into the car. The seller doesn’t offer any insights into the history of this barely used 900, but it’s easy to believe this was bought for an elderly spouse who either passed away shortly thereafter or didn’t like driving it to begin with.

These are the details that make purists salivate – an original factory battery! No Napa junk here, when’s the last time a vintage 900 displayed its proper Swedish market battery unit? Likely not seen in decades, features like these make this 900 ripe for continued preservation and careful restoration of the rust areas. The seller suggests that this, as one of the lightest models of the 900 ever built, could be come a track rat. We should hope not, and would love to see this one brought back and preserved as a showroom-spec example.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Hmm, no title, ultra low mileage ( looks legit) brakes still work after 30 years, located in Jersey for easy container transit, sum ting fishy, here. Wouldn’t it be cool to know the real story here?

    • RayT Member

      Maybe it’s just me, Howard A, but I can’t help thinking the marks on the lower dash panels and seats are from mold, either removed (with the stains remaining) or still happily growing in there.

      I like Saabs, but would want to make a VERY close inspection (while wearing a protective mask) before writing a check.

    • Lord Humungous

      Hmmmmm, very interesting.
      Evidence storage find? Check for blood stains.

  2. BiggYinn

    If something is to good tp be true …..then it usually is ..doesn’t quite add up…imported and maybe got pinched from the docks?? .sounds like its in the hands of a flipper now..not a fan of thiers

  3. gene

    What makes you think the radio is not wired?
    Those clips allowed the radio to come and go if you had to park in a bad neighborhood.
    I had those clips and when I was a teenager I “borrowed” many of Saab radios using them.

    • LAB3

      Had a 87 or 88 Saab 900 and am familiar with that radio removal tool, made one from a coat hanger on a bench grinder.

  4. Paul

    Love these ,.. a well known Saab dealer in the UK was opposite my school so would see them growing up in the early 80’s.
    I came across a nut and bolt rebuild at a Saab club meeting last year and fell in love again … such character and well built like old Mercs.

  5. macvaugh

    There is a great web site that doesn’t get enough promotion. The auto manufacturers and insurance companies of America share information on cars that they have been paid out as total losses for insurance or theft.

    Any time that someone wants to sell a car on a bill of sale only, no title, check this site out:


  6. Miguel

    I would guess the odometer stopped working where it is reading now and somebody kept driving it.

  7. Chris Kennedy

    Original miles..rust in the gutter, looking like the paint n trim are iffy…I am suspicious.

  8. Miguel

    I don’t see super low mile cars as a plus of any kind. You are still going to have to go through all belts, hoses and gaskets before you can use the car.

    I bet on this car that is not going to be cheap.

    The other question is would anybody want to.

    • Mark-A

      It wouldn’t be too bad if it was only the items you mentioned that you will HAVE to change, to be safe ALL the Rubber in the vehicle would need swapped out just to make it safe so in my opinion since it’s NOT a 900 Turbo 16V there’s no way you could do everything & still make a profit on this?

  9. Joe Haska

    Too good to be true? No title! Some rust, interior need of repairs. Who knows, bid is a little over a grand. Seems like anyone would take a gamble at that price.

  10. giorgitd

    Does not add up for me, either. The driver’s taillight area seems off. Would be interesting to have a scene report from someone…

  11. Mike

    No VIN number in EBAY add I asked seller for the VIN number no response this is a scam

    • Paul

      A lot of sellers are funny about giving out vins though … I wouldn’t read into it too much but it’s not a good sign granted.
      I find it odd sellers hide the plates sometimes too.

    • Miguel

      The seller answered the question and it is published in the question area.

  12. Ensign Pulver

    We haven’t had blue plates since 84 or 85. We went from yellow “NJ” then blue (79′?) to yellow “New Jersey” which I thought was 86 when I got my first new car. These “blue plate specials” are really dangerous if you are driving near a Buick,,,,,they is old folks for sure!!

    • nessy

      The straw color plates which started around 1957, left NJ in December 78. The blue plates lasted until late 90. The plates in NJ today are still pretty much the same since late 90/early 91.

  13. DON

    total B/S! sorry! Lie!

    • Paul

      What is?


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