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8,886 Miles: 1983 Ford Mustang GLX


It’s funny how vehicle monikers and model designations travel between the brands. For instance, I had never heard of a Mustang GLX until I saw this low-mileage 1983 model here on eBay, looking spiffy in its white-on-white configuration. Previously, I had only associated the letters “GLX” with the VR6-equipped VW Jetta sedan. Now I know it can also reside on the back of a 3.8L V6-powered pony car like this one, ready for top-down summer cruising with a Buy-It-Now of $7,000. 


Though far from the most desirable generation of Mustang, the four-eyed variety is becoming a rarity on modern roadways. I’ve seen quite a few residing in junkyards over the years, which seems to be a common plight even among late-model ‘Stangs equipped with the V6. This example’s low mileage, survivor-grade condition has likely kept it from the scrap pile, as heavily-used, non-GT models saddled with an automatic are high on no body’s list. This car’s cosmetic condition does seem to reflect its limited use, but some more photos of the interior would be appreciated.


The 3.8L Essex V6 replaced the 3.3L six, and this one shows nicely, with the air cleaner and plastics retaining an as-new luster. Little is said about the Mustang’s maintenance history, but the seller does list some recent service work (more on that below). While it’s easy to wax poetic about the Windsor V8 that found its way into the GT variants, there’s something to be said for a car that’s simply easy to cruise in. Truth be told, the Essex V6 made decent power for its time, with a healthy 175 lb. ft. of torque available. Later models with fuel injection made more power than the example seen here.


Although I think the seller’s ask is strong (especially considering how awful the photos are!), I’m sure there’s someone out there looking to relive their high school years by owning a nearly-new Mustang convertible. The GLX trim was short-lived, so this one’s an interesting footnote in the Mustang family tree, but it doesn’t necessarily add any real value. The seller has addressed a number of big-ticket maintenance items, including new brakes and carburetor, and he’s throwing in a factory A/C unit. When’s the last time you saw such a clean, stock ’83 Mustang?


  1. roger

    Always liked the fox body mustang.
    Also like the IROC Z Camaro.
    These are the only affordable muscle cars available today.
    The 1960`s cars like we drove when I was a teenager are insanely priced.
    No way I could get one of those now,but a Fox body Stang or IROC Z are still priced fair right now.

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  2. jim s

    i too think the seller needs to post more and better photos. that is going to be a lot of work to install the factory a/c but will be nice to have. i could live without the a/c, with the V6 but not with automatic ( but most people could ). i think this would make a nice driver. keep the top down as much as you can and have fun. great find.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    A friend had one of these in black in high school and early college years (late 80s). My fondest memory was convincing him to drive it to a remote location to watch the ’89 Parker 400!

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  4. piper62j

    Nice car,,, great find..
    Notice that all the odometer numbers line up very well, and the overall condition seems to reflect the mileage.. Looks good..

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  5. MatB

    Mazda did also a GLX version of their “Mazda 3”.

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  6. RonL

    I recently sold my red on red ’83 GLX convertible. Mine was all original, rust free with 80k miles. Sold for 2k. Miss it already. Nice cars, but will never bring big money. The GT version with a manual was the one to own.

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  7. Blueprint

    Bonus points for NOT having the tacky chrome luggage rack on the trunklid – most Fox Mustang ‘verts are saddled with it. Don’t think the V6 was available with a stick; you could get one with the standard 2.3 litre four-banger though. The wire wheel covers are oem correct, but I’d put them in a box as soon as I could if I bought this car, and find me a set of 5.0 wheels for daily driving. Nice find!

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  8. Jubjub

    This was the best front end for the fox bodies. I never knew these had the 3.8. I thought they were 2.8s. Too bad you can’t get tires for the TRX “peanut” wheels.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      You can…Coker Tire.

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      • Andrew

        A few 16″ trx wheel was recently released. Not a metric, but allows the use of non Coker tires.

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  9. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    For the record, a GLX 5.0 did exist. As a 1970 Mustang Grande owner, I’m a bit partial to these oddball luxury Mustangs – they’re certainly unusual today.

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  10. Ch. Jns

    The Fox body Mustangs in a few short years will be worth what the vintage Mustangs are selling for at the present time. Presently, they are reasonably priced, so if someone wants a future collectible Mustang, now is the time to buy!

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  11. Bill Mesker

    I’d say this would be a perfect candidate for one of the new EFI systems out there. It also might give it a little more horsepower and torque as well. Just a though.

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  12. JohnM

    Sorry Bill just fat-fingured the report button on your post while trying to scroll.

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