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1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra With Only 8,900 Miles!

The Fox-body Mustang was a derivative that lived well beyond the years that its creators intended. Its styling owed little to the original Mustang but is still considered to be crisp today. It is also a Mustang series that continues to grow steadily in popularity and desirability. That also means that values continue to march upwards, and potentially the most desirable of these is the 1993 SVT Cobra. This is one of those cars, and its condition is astounding. It is looking for a new home, so the owner has chosen to list it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada, and the BIN has been set at C$65,000. If that seems a bit steep, there is also the option to make an offer.

The ’93 SVT Cobra was available in three paint colors, and this is 1-of-1,784 that wears Vibrant Red. This holds the sort of shine that you might expect on a new car, with no signs of marks, fading, or blemishes. The panels are laser straight, and there is no evidence of any rust. It is interesting to place an early and a later example of the Fox-body Mustang side-by-side because if you do, you notice something quite startling. From the 1950s through until the mid-1980s, Ford’s quality control wasn’t anything to write home about. This was particularly evident when you looked at the fit and finish of the body panels. By the mid-1980s, the company had really lifted its game, and nowhere was this more dramatically demonstrated than in the area of panel gaps. The early Fox-bodies tended to feature large and inconsistent gaps, but you can see how tight they are on this car. Also, color consistency between painted metal and plastic components had taken an enormous leap forward, and you can see that with this car. Not only are all of the distinctive aero additions in good condition, but the paint match to the rest of the body is close to perfect. The Cobra rolls on its original alloy wheels, which are in mint condition. The vehicle features a glass sunroof, which appears to be faultless, along with the remaining glass.

The SVT Cobra offered buyers as much “go” as they did “show.” To this end, the engine bay was stuffed full of a 5.0-liter V8. This engine had been “breathed” upon, with upgrades to the intake, the cylinder heads, the exhaust, plus various other components. Officially, the result was an engine that produced 235hp. As was the case with so many classics of this type, there has always been speculation that the figure was significantly understated to appease those within the insurance sector. There are plenty of knowledgeable individuals who believe that 255hp would be closer to the mark, and performance figures would seem to support this. Equipped as this one is with the strengthened T5 manual transmission, the Cobra can demolish the ¼ mile in a mere 14.5 seconds. However, the SVT Cobra wasn’t merely about maximizing straight-line performance figures. The larger wheels shrouded 4-wheel disc brakes, while the suspension received upgrades to spings, shocks, and sway bars. With a mere 8,900 miles on the clock, this Cobra appears to be in excellent condition. The owner doesn’t provide any specific information on how well it runs or drives, but he does say that it comes with a good collection of paperwork. This includes the Owner’s Manual, Window Sticker, SVT Certificate, and the original Bill of Sale.

The SVT interior is trimmed in Opal Gray leather, and as is the case with the exterior, it presents as well as you might expect in a low-mileage survivor. There is no wear in evidence anywhere and no signs of rips or stains. The carpet appears to be perfect, and the original factory Cobra floormats are still in place. While the SVT Cobra’s primary focus was firmly set on improving performance, comfort wasn’t neglected. As well as air conditioning, the Cobra comes equipped with power windows, power locks, power mirrors, a power driver’s seat, a leather-wrapped wheel with an airbag, cruise, and a premium AM/FM radio/CD player.

In 1993, a total of 4,993 people secured themselves an SVT Mustang Cobra. Of these, a mere 1,784 were produced in Vibrant Red. If you were one of the many to miss out back in 1993, then you might be about to get a second chance. The BIN on this one represents a significant investment, but the price is by no means unprecedented. There have been a few low-mileage examples in recent months that have sold for prices above US$60,000. That makes this a classic that is worth serious consideration.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks Adam for the good write-up. Car looks pristine. Other than the R models, pretty much the top of the Fox Body world. Very desirable (but I do like the Teal versions better).

    I’m glad Adam discussed the price. He correctly noted the values for Cobras have “marched upwards.” It wasn’t very many years ago this was a $25k car, it is easily double that now. To some that’s ‘crazy’, and maybe it is. Or maybe it’s simply desirability coupled with supply and demand.

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    Not a bad deal when compared to what the early k code mustangs sell for.

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  3. Mitchell Gildea Member

    It’s nice, but not 65K Canadian nice

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  4. Turbo


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  5. Doug from MD.

    Is it just me are there other barn find readers sick of these cars? Yes the 5.0 is a great motor yes the mustang is iconic. When is enough enough? No I can’t wait to see another car show full of these seen one you seen a dozen. Same as Harleys same old thing over and over. Like a girl in tight jeans seen one seen a dozen. When does the same old thing get old? Give people something fresh more often. Yes I know I’ll get called everything but right but so be it. I’m on a nod with these cars sorry.

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    • Tiberius1701

      Well I don’t know about you but girls in tight jeans never get old.. ;-)

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  6. William

    Never understood why you would want this over an LX. Those ground effects ruin them for me. With that said, drove a friends with a five speed once, scared the dickens out of me. Too much power for the chassis, handled so so. (Maybe I was born an old man)

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  7. george mattar

    Certainly better looking than the butt ugly 2020 Mustang with those horribly uncomfortable seats. I’ll take two of these.

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  8. Connecticut Mark

    They all do not look the same in those tight jeans. They never get old!

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  9. Greg Litfin

    I real nice example here, however one little thing about the interior, IIRC, there was NO tilt wheel in these cars! So you were reaching for the stars driving them.

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  10. Marathon06

    This would be priced right at $51,000 US There are several ’93 Cobra’s available at that price or less with similar mileage, just not a hard car to find. Looks nice but you have shipping costs and Canada isn’t just going to let you leave with it without paying additional taxes, that is not the Canadian way brother…. Good luck with the sale, will find one closer and cheaper without additional taxes.

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