9,778 Genuine Miles: 1977 Pontiac Firebird

This 1977 Pontiac Firebird has belonged to the same family since new and is claimed to have a genuine 9,778 miles on its odometer. It is completely original and comes with a significant collection of documentation. A big thanks has to go out to Barn Finder Pat L for referring the Firebird through to us. Located in Covina, California, you will find the Firebird listed for sale here on Craigslist. The owner is asking $19,500 for this spotless 1970s classic.

Finished in Aquamarine, the Firebird presents extremely nicely. There are no signs of any rust or rot anywhere, while the paint also seems to be free of any major chips or scratches. The panels are nice and straight, and it really does have the appearance of a car that has been the recipient of careful ownership. In fact, the paint on the Firebird is so good that there were a few spots where I initially thought that there were some chips and marks, but viewing the same spots from different angles reveals that these are merely reflections.

As befits a car of this claimed mileage, the interior of the Firebird presents as well as the exterior. It really does appear to be about as nice as it would’ve been the day that the owner collected the car from the dealership. The seats and trim look to be in as-new condition, while the same can be said for the dash and headliner. The car is not loaded up with luxury features, but I do believe that it is fitted with air conditioning. Beyond that, there is a radio, and little else. One nice aspect is the fact that the car remains completely original inside, with no-one having fiddled with it to fit any aftermarket products.

There are no engine photos, and this is where things get a little confusing. In the description, the owner refers to the fact that the engine is a V8. However, decoding the VIN indicates that the car should be fitted with the 231ci V6 engine. The owner makes no mention of a change at any point, and given the documentation that is included with the car, it is my belief that the original V6 still resides under the hood. The transmission is automatic, and that’s really about all that we know of the car’s mechanical configuration. What the owner does say is that the car runs and drives perfectly, and that it has been properly maintained. Documentation that comes with the Firebird includes every registration since new, all of the original Owner’s Manuals, along with documentation from the PHS. The original blue plates also come with the Firebird, along with the current custom black and yellow specialty plates.

For me, the single greatest frustration with this Firebird is the conflicting information provided in the listing about the engine. If the car is as original as the owner tends to indicate (and as the PHS documentation would also seem to indicate), then what should be under the hood will be a V6. It does appear to be in quite extraordinary condition, but the asking price is right at the top end that you would expect to pay for a Firebird equipped as this one is. What do you think?


  1. Pat

    I see dual exhaust tips. Did they come on a V6?

    • Rpol35

      You beat me to it. I was going to say that the six cylinder engines had a single tailpipe and the V8’s had dual. That said, the tips don’t look original so if the exhaust system has been replaced, it’s hard to say.

    • SaabVertGuy

      Yes. It was a sideways mounted single inlet, dual outlet muffler on these and the non-Z28 Camaros.

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  2. Skorzeny

    V6 with an automatic? I wouldn’t want it if it had 3 miles on it…

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    • Joe

      Truly one of the sorriest set ups to come from GM.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      The ad says it is an 8.

      I re-read it several times, why is everyone harping about it being a 6?

      I’d want to get an extremely close inspection of this car, to see whether it is as advertised. Too much of a dockside aroma here.

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      • Steve R

        The VIN number is clearly visible on the registration shown in several pictures. If you Google the VIN number, the 5th digit, which signifies engine size comes back as a 231 V6. The author of this write up is correct, not the seller.

        Steve R

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      • Superdessucke

        Can you point out where it says that? I looked at the ad and don’t see where it says it’s a V-8.

        Sorry to keep harping on this but I think this vehicle would be dangerously slow in modern traffic with today’s huge and high horsepower light trucks and CUVs and much more aggressive driving habits.

        Something to consider before parting with half of one’s life savings for this (or that also very slow Charger “Daytona”).

        People want to go back to better simpler times. I get it. But I fear driving this would bring a very scary reminder on how much things have changed.

      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        Superdessucke, it is listed in the info section on the right. But as others have said, the VIN should tell the story. The seller does not include any photos of what is under the hood!

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    • Allen

      BUYER BEWARE…. no original vin tag with factory blind rivets … big pan head screws holding on after market vin tag … no state assurances of verification of vin number … open unsigned title not in seller’s name … body tag rivets covered … lots of questions … too many for me …I passed … would have loved to have had it

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  3. Bob S

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but, if I’m not mistaken, a V 6 was not available in ’77, it would be a straight 6

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    • Steve R

      If you search Google, C decodes as a 231 V6 in 1977.

      Twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money for a low option 1977 Firebird with a V6. The seller is overly ambitious, he should be prepared to own this for a long time.

      Steve R

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    • WH

      The straight 6 was available in 1976. The Buick 231 V6 was the standard engine for 1977.
      My sister had a 77 with the V6 and automatic. It moved along pretty well. I believe this was the same engine that Buick used in the Regal GN. So modification parts should be easy enough to find.

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  4. sparkster

    Kind of interesting that the “old” front license plate looks like it was in an accident

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  5. redwagon

    Pity it’s not a manual and 4 years younger, and a formula, and a ws6 package and, and, and, and……..

    $19k is a lot for this one regardless of its mileage and condition.

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  6. Dave

    The seat upholstery does not look original to me. The headliner is not original. The seat belts look a little weathered/sun faded. No factory GM mats. With miles this low the seat belts usually look new. Looks like a restored interior.

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  7. JoeNYWF64

    The upper interior door panels do not look stock! Unless pontiac made a change midyear? Compare them to
    The plastic shoulder belt holder(shown in above pic) that screws into top outer edge of each of the front seats is missing from this blue bird. & in some pics the gap between the front bumper & grill on the passenger side is greater than that on the driver side.
    Hard to believe there are no dents in the center crease on either door with no body side molding. All you need is 1 quick parking stop. Else this car ran no errands or was never parked next to another car?
    That headliner LOOKS like its felt & not vinyl – did pontiac make a change in ’77?

    I rented a couple of base firebirds back in the day – when you put 2 adults in the back seat, the car would always bottom out.
    Not sure if one could rent a t/a or formula back then from avis, nat’l, etc.

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  8. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    That’s a big ask for a low-optioned, no-go Firebird. Granted, the condition is exceptional but it’s got a puny V6 hooked to an automatic. I can’t see the seller getting anywhere near almost $20k for it; $10k – $12k if he’s lucky. This would be a good candidate for an engine upgrade but you’d have to buy it right. Or just buy a V8 model in similar condition for that kind of money.

    Note to seller: Don’t make plans for the garage, it won’t empty for a long time.

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    • Johnny R

      Agreed. I have a 78 Y88 loaded T/A in great shape and I am only asking 5K above what he wants. No comparison.

  9. David Gasperetti

    Priced way too high for a 6 cylinder, regardless of how clean it is. If original owner kicked in another 200 ish dollars for a V-8, the car would be worth double on resale today. Seller is lucky if he gets half of his asking price.

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  10. glenn

    Barrett-Jackson must be on TV again….everyone with a low-mile car thinks it’s worth 3 times it’s weight in gold. 8 or 6 cyl…it’s way too much for this car.

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  11. Brian Scott

    I for one, GM bias and all, would welcome driving this car with a V6. It’s a beautiful testament to a time when looks were paramount. And it’s original. When you think you’re fast, there’s always cars faster. Want crazy acceleration? Try a sport bike or a snowmobile.

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  12. Comet

    Take a look at the “original blue license plate” in the ebay listing. That thing’s been through hell.

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  13. Ed Powe

    I get it’s practically in showroom condition but the fact of the matter is it’s a base model Firebird with a 6 cyl and no T Tops. Better odds of hitting the lottery!

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  14. Stevieg Member

    I am not saying this is the case with this particular example, but there is a car wash I go to that will mutilate a front plate like this. Might have gone through an accident, or the plate might look like that because of car wash brushes. I would look the car over carefully for a cident damage.
    Nice car, but probably a little under powered for today. When built, 55 mph was the norm for freeways. It would have been fine for that. I still wish I could own it, if it were about half the asking price.

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  15. Rocket

    I’m a mopar man but I would own that beautiful car

  16. Little_Cars

    Didn’t we see this one, in this awesome color, before on Barn Finds? Surprised any low option second gen Fbirds are making their $20k ask but I suppose all the T/A are spoken for?

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