A Lifetime Of Love: 1967 Ford Mustang

Having spent a lifetime with the original owner, this beautiful Mustang survivor is looking for a new home. Driven up until the 1980’s, this Mustang was then stored under a lean-to and covered with 4 car covers. Completely original, and always serviced by Ford, this Mustang has been well taken care of and loved.  With 4 days remaining, bidding has reached $12,599. Find it here on ebay out of Henderson, Nevada.

Beneath the hood we see a clean and original 289 V8 with a 3 speed manual transmission.  In proper running order, this Mustang has received fresh fluids, a new fuel pump and a new water pump. Although it would appear a water pump bolt is missing. The engine bay appears very original, with some minor patina developing over the years. There is some minor rust present on the hood hinges, the interior wiper cowl area, and in the strut tower area. All of this rust appearing very minor.

The interior of this Mustang is absolutely breathtaking, appearing like a show room new vehicle. We greatly appreciate the coloring of this car, as it is simple yet beautiful. Whipping out a magnifying glass reveals little to report on this interior. The only negative aspects are an aftermarket tachometer, and two cracks in the steering wheel. The seats have aged nicely showing only minor wear on the driver seat in the form of ripples and creases. Aside from that, there is really little that can be said other than this interior is wonderful.

These beautifully shot photos really make this Mustang look more like a magazine shoot, than a for sale ad. The paint shines wonderfully on this Mustang, although there are some areas where the paint has worn thin, and a very fine surface rust has developed. This fine micro rust can be found on the center body line of the hood, and on the body line of the driver fender. Possibly caused from car covers blowing in the mind and micro scrubbing the paint.  Hard to say, but this very mild rust takes little away from this Mustang. We wouldn’t restore it, we would preserve this one for sure, just as the original owner did.

A lot can be said of previous owners. Whether you curse, or praise, the manner in which they owned and maintained a car. We are sure that this couple has been married for a long time, and we are also sure that this couple was just as dedicated, and passionate, about their marriage, as they were about this 1967 Mustang. Finding any original beauty is wonderful, but finding one that has history, and has been appreciated and cared for? Well, we consider that a winning lottery ticket. Would you take on the task of taking care of this Mustang?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Another story from my turbulent youth. Remember the Florida trip? Same group of guys, matter of fact, just before we left on that trip, one of the guys had a green ’67 Mustang just like this. They were going to take the Mustang, but the night before, this guy got wasted, and hit a tree with it. Being loaded, he wasn’t hurt and told us, the only thing wrong was it needed a battery, and we could go. Well, when we got to the towing company, that car was toast. The right front wheel was stuffed into the passenger floor, and the motor was laying on the ground. They ended up taking the Buick instead.
    Here’s another example of the old folks getting out of the hobby and nobody in the family wants the car. Bloody shame. I hope someone treats this car right.

  2. RayT Member

    Sorry if it bugs the “preservation” people, but I’d definitely treat this to a respray. Same color, of course, but rust and damaged paint on an otherwise nice machine kinda bugs me. If the color can be matched well enough, I’d settle for just doing the bad spots, but suspect it would be best to shoot the whole thing.

    And I’d be asking people who know about such things if the 4-speed transmission swaps in. I’d keep the old transmission, of course, but if the extra gear can be added without cutting, bending and fussing, it would make this a better ride for me.

    • Joe

      Ray, go buy a new car. You don’t appreciate classics.

    • grant

      Agree 100%. Would even go a step further and go with a T5 5 speed instead of the 4. Pretty sure it can be done.

    • Keith

      4 speed toploader swaps in….ask me know I know

  3. Bob_S

    I don’t thing that this is original paint. Looking at the auctions pictures the door striker is painted. I don’t believe that are on the car when the factory paint it.

  4. luki

    Same “original owner” as the 73 Mustang Convertible with the crazy interior that was featured here a while ago.
    This car sold two weeks ago for $11,300 and the buyer bailed. Seller rating is low.

  5. Rock On Member

    Why add just one more gear to the transmission? Grab a five speed out of a 5.0 litre Mustang.

    • RayT Member

      Just guessing the four-speed would be more-or-less a straight bolt-in. Also, I’m one of those guys who likes to stick to period-correct hardware that can be changed back to original fairly easily.

      • grant

        There’s a bellhousing available, or there used to be, to make a T5 a straight forward bolt in.

  6. Alan (Michigan)

    This car just has to have had body and paintwork in the past. LF fender is not the same shade as the door and rear fender. Panel fit is much worse than I’d expect, even though it was not as good in the 60’s as it has to be now.

  7. Rustytech Member

    This a nice Mustang, but has enough needs that I would put this in the high price zone. Old car report puts a #3 car @ $10,500 and a #4 car @ $4700. I would put this closer to the #4. I don’t think it’s had a respirator ( touch up maybe ). The hinges and hood latch are not painted, the fender bolt remain in painted, and I found no sign of overspray on the windo trim, under the wipers, or under the car. I’d be interested in th $5 to $6k range.

    • Keith

      You could not find this car in this condition for $5k! Come on man…………

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Wow! Well maybe we know who the thumbs down dude is now.

    • Mike Williams

      Nope ! ” horrible repaint, oil flows from engine in garage, color and title not accurate” Buyer: l***l ( 8 ) During past 6 months Feedback conversation
      Porsche: 911 911 PORSCHE GERMAN TARGA 5 SPEED BROWN RARE CLEAN (#172237327588) US $30,100.00

    • Mike Williams

      Nope !

  8. Luke Fitzgerald

    Driven a 3sp top loader behind a Windsor? – I have, and it’s a pleasant, well spaced ratio surprise – wouldn’t touch it

  9. joeinthousandoaks

    Jason, this guy sells a lot to keep a 92% rating with those reviews! He probably has someone propping up the bidding as well hoping to land someone at a high price. This is a nice old Mustang but the 3 speed manual will always keep the value down. I had one and wouldn’t want to drive another. Much prefer the 4 speed or auto. The T5 will fit but I believe a floor cut will be needed for the shifter.

  10. Jack Quantrill

    Had a ’67, bought new for $3010 out the door. Only problem was seat brackets that would break and put the seat horizontal. Not good whilst motoring!

  11. Rob

    My grandmother drove one of these, same color but all black interior and a six instead of a v-8. She used to pick me up at school in it. Ah, the memories!

  12. Newtown Jack

    Why is it the GREEN cars always survive?!!

  13. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Nice Mustang and someone is going to get a great car. That fella in the picture looks familiar. Wasn’t he the guy that was standing in the garage picture of that original owner later model Mustang with the Mach I hood and wild interior pattern a few weeks ago? Am I seeing things? It is my Birthday tomorrow and I have already started hitting the Welch’s grape juice pretty hard.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Say Rough D, sorry I missed your birthday, Happy Birthday and many more! Keep the comments coming. I gotta blaze, see if I have any Welch’s. Take care, Mike.

  14. Tom S.

    Re: “There is some minor rust present on the… interior wiper cowl area…”

    The cowls on these cars do rust out and you cannot see it. I bought a ’68 coupe from a little old couple. It was a great looking car. The lady said it was their baby and it that it shouldn’t go out in the rain. Of course, after it’s first night outside in the rain, water poured from beneath the dashboard and soaked the carpets. That all led to a pretty big repair project.

    • Keith

      Very true! That cowl design was flawed out the door. Anyone buying one of these really needs to be allowed to remove the glove box liner and look up into the cowl area for rust. Also open the heater box (below the dash on the passenger side) and inspect for rust/water issues.

  15. Mike Williams

    I wouldn’t buy from this seller either…

    Negative feedback rating This car had a blown motor. 30 lbs. in one cylinder and 0 lbs. in another.BEWARE Buyer: k***n
    Porsche: 914 PORSCHE 914 BLACK MANUAL GERMAN MID ENDING (#172333806098) US $4,050.00 View Item
    Negative feedback rating horrible repaint, oil flows from engine in garage, color and title not accurate

  16. smittydog

    Didn’t really like this car. My buddies Mom used to take us to the bowling alley for our youth league in 67. Now, another buddy got a fastback with a 390 4 speed dark green, that baby was fast!

  17. Bruce

    This is a 50 year old car. FIFTY…I have not been able to go 50 years without some work being done to me…It’s obvious this car has had some touch up work done to it, and the owner should be praised for doing it rather than letting a small issue turn into a big issue. That being said, this is a pretty nice old Mustang, it has a few flaws, but NO major rust ( try finding one in upstate New York that clean ! ). If the seller scares you, go LOOK at it and determine whether he is being on the up & up. Determine at that point what you are willing to pay.
    Sometimes on car forums people tend to nit pick every fly turd on a vehicle and they don’t realize it’s an OLD car. Useful info is great, tearing every car apart gets old….

  18. Aidan F

    Ah, The memorys, My cousin had one of these cars, it was an Acapulco Blue ’67 Mustang Coupe, and boy I loved that car, but when the ’70 Boss 429 Mustang came out he decided to sell, I was going to buy it off of him but had $200 too little, anyway the guy he sold it to wrecked it street racing against a 1970 Corvette

    I ended up getting to buy a ’67 Mustang Coupe in 1980 and loved it for a while but sold it after the 1990’s Mustang Coba came out

  19. Aidan F

    Ah, The memorys, My cousin had one of these cars, it was an Acapulco Blue ’67 Mustang Coupe, and boy I loved that car, but when the ’70 Boss 429 Mustang came out he decided to sell, I was going to buy it off of him but had $200 too little, anyway the guy he sold it to wrecked it street racing against a 1970 Corvette

    In 1980 I got to treat myself to a 1967 Mustang Coupe that had slight damage to the front end after rear ending someone on a country road at about 20 MPH, I got it for $1500, but sold it to a guy in 1995 when I had found out about the 90’s Cobra Mustang

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