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A Pair Of ‘Em! 1948 International KB2 Trucks


Both of these trucks look tremendously solid, and there are some additional spare parts thrown in to sweeten the deal–if you like these International trucks, this is your lucky day (despite the fact they are listed as Chevrolets in the auction)! They are located in Humboldt, Kansas and are listed here on eBay for an opening bid of $2,000 and a buy it now of $2,800! 


For those of you that are torn between “drive it as is” or “restore/restomod” — you can have your cake and eat it too! By the way, there’s a lot of trim like the grille pieces and bumpers that are included and look to be in pretty decent shape. What a classic pair these would make! The KB2 was made from 1947 to 1949 and is a 3/4 ton truck.


The seller says that this one will run with a little work. It sure looks the part. There’s something about these old stepside pickups that evokes nostalgic feelings in almost anyone. My 27 year old daughter, whom I doubt has ever even sat in one of these, absolutely loves them and wants one for her first classic car project (if she doesn’t win the lottery and pick up that lime gold Shelby Mustang she has wanted for a while).


The inside is pretty sparce, as you might well imagine, and you’ll need to do some floor work for sure, unless you want to pretend you’re Fred Flinstone. Of course, you could take the best components and put them in one truck, and run the other one either “as-is” visually or go custom. With two to choose from, you really have some flexibility here that you wouldn’t normally have. One caveat: there’s only one title, so you’ll have some legal wrangling to go through if you want to put both back on the road.


This under hood shot is of the truck that the seller claims would run with a little work. It looks like that work would include a set of spark plug wires, as there are none to be seen. I’m sure there will be other things needed as well, but the newness of the carburetor looks like a good sign to me. So tell me, what would you do with these two trucks? Personally, I’d put one back on the road pretty much as is, and (blasphemy, I know) I’d mildly customize the other with a late model drive train and air conditioning. But I want to hear your thoughts!



  1. Howard A Member

    I’m pretty sure the truck without the head lights is a K, 1940-1947 and the better one, is a KB, ’47-’49, due to the different grille (KB’s had those extra side pieces) Pretty typical of stored for many years, and will need everything. I’d fix the KB, and use the other for parts. K models weren’t near as nice as the D series before it, and there’s no shortage of K models. The KB would look great restored.

    • Dave Wright

      I don’t understand the Parts that you would use from the K for the KB, the parts that are needed are an engine rebuild, interior, tires, it isn’t like one is wrecked with a good drivetrain that needed transferred into the other chassis? I can’t understand what parts might be logical to transfer. They both need tons of labor and new parts. Use the second truck for someone else to build a fun vehicle. Everything will need inspected and rebuilt on either vehicle.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Dave, to be more specific, when I say parts, mostly body parts, as I’m not aware of anyone reproducing K model fenders (and such) I don’t think there’s a huge call for International , unlike say, Ford or Chevy, or even Dodge, and selling one that looks like this will be a bit tough, much less 2 of them. I only see 1 rebuilder here, if that.

      • Dave Wright

        Despite one looking more complete than the other, I can’t see that one would not require the same work as the other to put into service. There is always more money in parting vehicles out but it is not the right thing to do in many cases.

  2. Terry J

    Very observant Howard, although if you look at the pictures again, it looks like the one without stainless grill pieces has the shadow of what may have been that trim. I had a 1941 K panel truck, and a 1947 KB pickup in times past. The KB only had the mounting holes left from what had been the chrome smile. The KB was in 1971, and my pals and I fused the front clip pieces, hinged it, and made a 1 piece flip up front end like a big rig. Put in a 283 Chevy with a 3 speed and an Olds rear end. Did a nice medium blue shade tree paint job, mounted VW bug buckets, and I had a very cool home brewed hot rod Korn Binder. Drove it for years.
    The K/KB2s ( 3/4 ton) were really the same truck as the K/KB1s ( 1/2 ton). With some manufacturers a 3/4 ton was very different, with a heavier frame,axles, brakes etc. but these Ks differed in suspension components only. The rest was almost all the same. I think these are great looking trucks . :-) Terry J

  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    Binder slid backwards a bit when it brought this one out, These are OK but I preferred the D series. IH kept the same cab and essentially the same bed but changed the front end. Whatever the case I’d take these two and carry on. Binders are worthwhile projects; a little slow but they’ll get you there…

  4. Mark S

    IMHO I’d say that the truck that is complete should get restored. The other truck should should be restomoded, I’d put in a cumins 5.9 diesel with overdrive automatic transmission behind it. I’d then do a matching paint jobs and I’d pull the stock truck to shows with the diesel truck on a matching trailer. The whole rig could be the talk of the show.

  5. Rustytech Member

    I’m not usually into the patina look but I like these. I would restore the interior, put in a later model eng and trans combo, and other than stabilizing the exterior leave it as is right down to the hub caps.

  6. Doug Towsley

    Over priced compared to the ads Jyglyph posted from the PDX CL. (There was a similar pair of trucks on there IIRC)
    But I like this body style and would be nice restomod or restored to see something other than Ford or Chevy.
    Here in Oregon at Antique Powerland we host a Binder Bee. Some sort of weird convention for IH diehards. Everything from steam powered threshing and grain harvestors to 4wd Scouts show up. Very interesting cross section of people I might add. Lots of fun to check out. Both Collectors & Their collections.
    I am married so not looking but, when you meet a pretty girl at an event like that, she is likely a keeper.

  7. Barzini

    If you like IH pick-ups, you might like the book “Truck: a Love Story” by Michael Perry. The story focuses on two events over the course of a year: fixing up a 1951 International Harvester pickup truck and developing a romance with a local woman after a long stretch of failed relationships. It’s a light and fun read.

  8. Larry K

    Love these trucks!

  9. Terry J

    Oh, by the way….left hand thread lug nuts on the drivers side. Forcing the “rusted on” nuts off until the studs broke is how I remembered that in my K Panel truck circa 1980 ish. So that’s what that “L” meant stamped into the end of the studs. DUMB. Lived in Virginia at the time (about 45 minutes from Washington DC). Went into the little town nearby to hopefully buy parts and the NAPA guy said “Sure we have NOS parts for it. John Riggins lives here and he has old Korn Binders. When he comes in for parts, he expects us to have them”. Mr Riggins is of course “The Diesel” of NFL Washington Redskins fame and was the MVP of one long ago Super Bowl. :-) Terry J

  10. Don Leeseberg

    I would like to purchase both trucks. Please contact me at 210-241-0422for selling details. Thanks, Don

    • Terry J

      Not sure where you dug that listing post up Don. It was from 5 years ago. But maybe? they didn’t sell back then. :-) Terry J

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