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Ain’t Cheap: 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Corvette split window coupes are highly sought after and valuable, but it still amazes how much people are willing to fork out for these cars. We’ve seen rough projects go for big money, so while I think this low mileage ’63 is overpriced at $125,000, I also think it’s a better buy than some of those projects. I know we all love the idea of buying a cheap project and fixing it up as money becomes available (for many of us that’s the only option), but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still going to be expensive to restore one of these. This one has just 77k miles, factory air and looks absolutely breathtaking! It’s been parked since ’86, but we aren’t given any of the car’s history prior to that. If you’d like to check out this beauty, find it here on eBay in Big Bear City, California with a BIN of $125k and the option to make an offer.


Every part of this Corvette looks amazing, especially when you consider it’s been parked for 30 years in this garage. The seller states that the paint has been rated as a 10 out of 10 by collectors. Who are these collectors and what are their credentials? We don’t know, but the paint does look brilliant. I’m guessing it’s not original though as the seller states, “perfectly matched to the original color”.


I’m not too worried about the paint not being original when it looks this good. I am a bit worried about the fact that the seller won the car in a legal settlement. I’d want to know a bit more about that and whether there are any legal issues to be concerned about. As long as all the paperwork is in order, I imagine it won’t be an issue, but when you are spending this kind of money on it you want to know a previous owner isn’t going to be able to claim ownership down the road.


This isn’t the most sought after split windows, as it is a base 327 with 250 horse. It does have some desirable options though, including factory air and a manual gearbox. If it had power windows and steering it would have just about every option that was available! I can live without those things, but A/C is a must in one of these.


I have a few concerns about this Corvette, but I still think you’d be further ahead financially buying one like this than one that needs a total restoration. That’s not to say that a project might not be a more enjoyable purchase, as you have the reward of building it the way you want it. If you’ve always wanted an A/C equipped Coupe in this color though, it would be worth making the seller an offer. The question is, what is it worth to you?


  1. dirtyharry

    Hagerty has some graphed Corvette price data on the web. They claim a “Concours” is now worth 125k, ten years ago it was actually a little higher (2006 is the end of the data they offer). An example described as “excellent” is now 87k, about the same as 10 years ago. Examples described as good or fair are much less. There was a big market dip in 2010-2011, for example Hagerty has the Concours example having retreated an entire 50k in value but it has been going up ever since 2011.
    All of which begs the question: “Is there another market dip coming or just the opposite?” I don’t know myself, but things seem crazy to me on certain cars. I speculate stock market turmoil will drive price changes, right now the stock market is at a high too.

    • Dolphin Member

      The SCM Guide seems to agree with Hagerty, since the median price paid for these ’63 250 HP coupes was $83K, and the top price paid at auction was $174,900.

      Since just about all of those auction cars would have been running cars, this one probably would not have brought $83K. This car is way overpriced.

  2. Dan

    Overpriced. And why park it for 30 years? It’s made to be driven and enjoyed!

  3. Alan

    Several photos taken in a poorly lit garage, no supersize, no underside shots on a $125k asking price, car won’t even start. Is there REALLY a question that this car is not substantially overpriced?

  4. Mike

    “It was running great when the previous owner parked it in 1986”

    Oh, well that’s reassuring. It ran great when it was parked 30 years ago.

  5. Gerry

    I guess his price is based on his legal fees to “win” it.

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  6. RickG

    I also checked the Hagerty values. IMO this car isn’t even close to #2 condition. It would be wise to avoid it and buy a reasonably priced car that has been driven recently.

  7. Don

    looking at the heavy metal posters in his garage AC/DC ZEPPLIN i think he banged his head a bit to hard

    • Glen

      Atleast he has good taste in music.

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      • Jon

        I would have to say, the music is a matter opinion.

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  8. Alan

    A perfect example, same color, Bloomington Gold, factory A/C (VERY rare in ’63) sold for $140k at the Mecum Indy this year. Bloomington Gold probably adds $25k to the price. So doing the math on this car is easy. WAY overpriced.

  9. John H. in CT

    Lots about this car to be cautious about. Why the dumb steering wheel? What else is enhanced? Tires are awful. I can’t make out if those are aftermarket wheels.

    A 250HP is a bottom feeder on the value list although the factory air is a nice adder. You can buy this today in a 2+ condition car, all running and working flawlessly, for $80K. Crazy overpriced. Seller is asking a Bloomington Gold number.

  10. Glen

    He might have done work for the previous owner, who didn’t pay, so off to court they go. Got the car instead of cash. He then sells the car to get his money.

  11. Paul B

    Greed. And a fabulous car left to quietly desiccate. At least it was indoors, but it’ll need a very complete going-over. I find it sad that values have escalated to the point that many people wouldn’t dare drive their classic “cars” — read “investments” or “art objects” — on the street. To each his or her own, but for me, a car may be worth something, it may be art, but it is also to drive and enjoy.

  12. Rocco Member

    How hard is it to get a small block chebby to start & run? It looks complete. Maybe he doesn’t know how to file the points, or install a new set. Points, condenser, coil, cap & rotor, plugs, ignition wires, etc. I could have it running in 3 hrs.(being careful), if it has compression.
    Just saying, I would’ve got it running before advertising it.

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  13. Pete

    Yeah it’s a brave new world out there. AC cars were 250 300 hp cars. Most were auto I don’t think they made many 4spd AC cars. This could be a dealer installed AC also.. Hard to say from pics

  14. JoeNYWF64

    Everytime i see a ’63, i think of this silver prototype hatchback – does it still exist,
    did the hatchback open, & was it just a pushmobile?
    I guess they didn’t sell ultrathin whitewall (or raised white letter) tires yet in ’62-3 for street cars.
    Odd there is no accelerator pedal chrome dressup on car for sale here. hmmh
    & it’s also so odd that the air cleaner snorkle openings are so small, as they are for many later chevy big blocks with air cleaner.
    How do these engines breathe? (if you don’t flip the air cleaner lid or put on a taller air filter)
    Yet oddly only in ’68, the chevy strait 6 got an air cleaner with a large snorkle opening, compare to prior & later years!
    I don’t get it. lol
    Was the chrome shield over the distributor simply for decorative purposes?
    I would imagine Pertronix makes a module for this distributor.
    HEI would look so wrong here, if it would even fit.

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