Alfas In The Woods: Alfa Romeo GTV, Giulietta, & Spider!

Many of us have a problem with acquiring too many vehicles (or is that just me?) That being said, even when the numbers get a bit on the silly side, I usually cut vehicles loose when I lose all interest in them. Whether I get a decent price or a pittance isn’t my first concern as much as it is freeing up space for a more deserving vehicle. In the case of this seller who happens to have several vintage Alfa Romeos for sale, he just shoved two of them to the edge of his property with predictable results. First up is a pair of very rough Alfas here on Facebook Marketplace, including a 1976 GTV for $1,500 and a 1978 Spider for $2,000; there’s also perhaps the most desirable car of the bunch, a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $15,000.

The seller doesn’t pull any punches, admitting straight up that he shoved this GTV into the woods 23 years ago when it was still running and hasn’t touched it since. That much is evident, and the GTV was subsequently vandalized, with the windshield being smashed out and the interior obviously being destroyed by water, vandals, or both. The paint work is also non-existent and overall, this seems like it has more of a future as a parts car than anything else. If the drivetrain is healthy, the Busso V6 does command a fair price among Alfa enthusiasts, but as you can see in the two photos above, rust has effectively eliminated any hope of this one returning to the road.

The Spider is priced higher despite being in the same sort of condition, and the seller knows this car has fairly serious mechanical issues. It threw a rod and there’s a hold in the side of the block; he planned to pull the engine from the GTV and drop it into the Spider. Obviously, that didn’t happen, and this realization is a big driver for why he’s selling both cars now. Given how much rust is in the GTV, I have little hope for the Spider as those tend to rust without trying too hard; I can’t imagine leaving one outside in Florida’s tropical climate for years at a time. With rough body panels, it’s hard to see a future other than parting the Spider out as well.

Here’s the most desirable car in the mix, with what looks like a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta convertible. This is a genuinely sought-after model that can reach into the six-figure range in terms of a final sale price. Unfortunately, this is a long-stalled project with the seller noting it was previously started and left unfinished. No word on whether the parts missing from the car in the photos are included, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. From the taillight lenses to the complete drivetrain to multiple body panels, the potential end result may be stunning but there’s a long road to get there. When it comes to cars like these, I always wonder if the seller previously had no real plans to sell, which is why storage and parts tracking never became a priority in the preceding years. Would you rescue any of these forgotten Alfas?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    I really don’t see anything worth buying here.

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  2. Larry Brantingham

    A ’76 GTV had the 2 liter Nord engine. The V6 didn’t come along until 1980.

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  3. mike

    Sad sight….not much to save here

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  4. DSteele

    No Busso No Care

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  5. Geoff

    If all the pieces shown in the pictures belong to the “Giulietta” Spider, then it is actually a “Giulia” Spider. Picture of the hood shows scoop from the later Giulia model. Also disc brake front would date this car to 1964, whether Veloce or not. Wish we knew if there is even an engine in it. It would be a very valuable motor if it is Veloce

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  6. Danny V. Johnson

    That was just painful to look at.

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    • douglas hunt

      yea, those pics just make me want to cry …………….

  7. Steve Clinton

    Remember Alf, that you are rust, and unto rust you shall return.

  8. Paul

    A sad thing to see. I run into a lot of people who claim they’re going to restore cars they’re keeping outdoors or in leaky sheds or garages, and never get the project going past disassembly and losing parts.
    Speaking of which, these rusty, once-gorgeous Alfas are now parts cars. Not worth much to anyone with any sense.

  9. Johnnybo

    I really have to wonder why someone would push a still running Alfa into the woods and not touch it again.

  10. t-bone bob

    Locate in Alachua, FL

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