All Original 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 With Only 36k Miles!

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The classic world constantly evolves, with some cars experiencing a new lease on life. It wasn’t many years ago when cars like this 1979 Camaro Z28 would have been largely ignored. It emerged at the height of The Malaise Era, meaning some people looked past them in search of a vehicle with serious performance credentials. However, a new generation of enthusiasts who view cars from this era as an affordable entry point into classic ownership has emerged. They are especially drawn if the object of their desire is a spotless, low-mile survivor. That description sums up this highly-optioned Z28 perfectly, and it needs nothing but a new home. It is listed here on Craigslist in Arlington Heights, Illinois. It could be yours for $33,900, and I must say a big thank you to ever-vigilant Barn Finder T.J. for referring this stunning survivor.

When our feature car rolled off the line, the Second Generation Camaro was in its tenth production year. Chevrolet celebrated a banner year with a sales total of 282,571 representing a record that has never been surpassed. Possibly more impressively, 84,877 buyers splashed the extra cash for the Z28 version. This Camaro wears its original and imaginatively named Dark Blue paint. The seller says it recently emerged from a private collection, and finding fault is difficult because this Z28 carries the hallmarks of a car that has led a sheltered life. The paint holds a beautiful shine, while the distinctive Z28 stripes and decals are crisp and clean. There is no evidence of prior accident or rust repairs, with the seller assuring us that it is totally rust-free. It isn’t perfect because I did spot minor damage to the lower corner of the front spoiler on the passenger side. It isn’t severe, and a reputable paint shop should have no trouble sorting it out. The tinted glass and trim are flawless, and the turbine wheels add a touch of muscle and attitude.

If this Camaro has a highlight, some will place that tag upon its interior. Its presentation is exceptional for an unrestored vehicle with forty-four years under its belt. It hasn’t succumbed to wear, abuse, or UV damage. The upholstered surfaces are excellent, as are the dash and console. There might be some slight carpet discoloring, but it isn’t bad enough to justify replacement. If the condition is one ace up this Camaro’s sleeve, the list of optional equipment is another. The new owner receives air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a power rear defogger, cruise control, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM stereo radio/8-track player. That list would have provided bragging rights in 1979, and they would remain valid today because everything works as it should.

Powering this Z28 is the company’s venerable 350ci V8 that sends 175hp to the road via a three-speed automatic transmission. In keeping with the highly-optioned theme, the original owner ordered this classic with power assistance for the steering and brakes. Straightline performance in 1979 wasn’t all it had been at the decade’s start, with this classic taking 17 seconds to cover the ¼-mile on the way to 103mph. If potential buyers crave a low-mile survivor, this numbers-matching Camaro could see them strike gold. The odometer shows 36,612 miles, which the seller claims is original. They don’t mention verifying evidence, but the overall condition makes the claim appear plausible. The car runs and drives perfectly, with the transmission shifting crisply. The seller emphasizes the mechanical health by stating it drives like a new car. If this is accurate, the buyer can confidently drive off into the sunset.

Values for the 1979 Camaro Z28 have recently softened, but the drop isn’t dramatic. The price of this car is heading toward the top end of the market, but if an in-person confirm the seller’s claims, it is not unreasonable. If values turn the corner and climb again, that could provide the bonus that someone buys when values are lower and find themselves with an appreciating asset. That sounds like a win/win situation that some may find irresistible.

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  1. DarrylB

    The fastest car I’ve ever driven was a ’79 Z28. Of course it had a built big block in it, not the stock weezer. I really like this car, but $34k? That’s a bitter pill to swallow.

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  2. Stan

    Nice Z28. Great colours 👌 as always on these models. Love to see a 4spd in there, but this Hydramatic-autoloader will make a cheerful cruiser.

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  3. AndyinMA

    17 second quarter, jeez then how long did my 79 berlinetta with the 305 take? No matter, it was 1983 and I had a camaro and I was on top of the world. Briefly….

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    • Tony Primo

      These guys say 19.6 seconds Andy, but if you flip the air cleaner lid it feels a bit faster!

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      • LE G

        I own one of these new from 79. Pure stock. The only difference was I did have different tires. G70s on the back mounted on eight and a half inch wide wheels. Front were f60s on seven and a half inch wheels. 4-speed car. The best quarter mile time I turned in was 15.09 at thunder valley raceway Yankton South Dakota for fall bracket finals division 5 NHRA

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      • AndyinMA

        Almost 20 seconds good grief. Seems like VW bus territory

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    • Walt

      I still have my 1983 Berlinetta- with a boat anchor under the hood, it’s been sitting at a custom shop in Sacramento for almost a year… The shop owner assures me the LS1 will be installed by summer… We’ll see. These are great cars, but anything north of 20 grand is hard to swallow.

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    • Charles Havens

      My 1979 berlinetta did about 17 seconds in the 1/4 mile but I could peg the speedometer in between the p and h at the bottom of the gauge. Roughly about 140 mph in mile. Fastest car I ever drove and loved every minute. Once it broke the 100 mph barrier it was like floating on air.

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  4. LE G

    I own one of these new from 79. Pure stock. The only difference was I did have different tires. G70s on the back mounted on eight and a half inch wide wheels. Front were f60s on seven and a half inch wheels. 4-speed car. The best quarter mile time I turned in was 15.09 at thunder valley raceway Yankton South Dakota for fall bracket finals division 5 NHRA

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  5. LE G

    I was wrong on typing g70. It should have said g60.

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  6. Rich

    It’s a shame these are so down on power. It’s a beautiful car, but any modern 4banger on the road would destroy it at the light. A nice LS in one this clean would be my dream car. Wouldn’t ruin this original though.

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  7. Keith D.

    This Camaro isn’t a “Barn Find” it’s a Spectacular Find! A Beautiful vehicle, very well cared for exterior to interior. I had a friend back in the days who loved Camaro’s, his last Camaro was the luxury version “Berlinetta” black with true spoke wheels. He’s older now into his early 60’s and always said he would like to own another Camaro. I’m going to refer him to this one for sure.

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  8. Purple sky

    LOve the colors! That interior they called Sport Cloth is a great departure from standard or even Type LT upholstery. Not so rare back in the day but now, VERY rare at least in almost perfect condition.

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  9. Slideways

    My neighbor had a 79 Berlinetta with a 250 straight 6 and a 3 speed manual. Not a collector car but us kids always got a kick out of the one wheel peel for as long as the driver had the pedal mashed. Fun times….. LOL

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  10. C Force

    What it needs the most is a few underhood upgrades.202/160 heads,cam ,carb,intake ,headers and a MSD box.175hp is so anemic.all flash and no pizzaz!

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  11. Davey Boy

    Apologize to the purists out right off the bat but this car REALLY needs something like this 427 LS7 with a 6 spd standard trans. And then redo the rear end and front to match the absolute cool of the rest of the car. I know it’s only original once but it can be FUN forever. I had a friend who’s Camaro wasn’t 500+ horsepower but it was 400ish and 4 spd. Truly was fun.

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