All-Original 4×4: 1972 Suzuki LJ20

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Here’s one that’s literally in a barn, or at least a pole building, which may be considered a barn, especially when it’s filled with spectacularly-restored tractors like this one is. It’s a 1972 Suzuki LJ20 and it’s in Kissimmee, Florida and is listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $5,000. Or, you can make an offer.

080916 Barn Finds - 1972 Suzuki LJ20- 2

The Suzuki LJ20 was quite an update from the LJ10, at least in that it had a water-cooled engine compared to the air-cooled engine of the LJ10. But, they are both two-stroke, two-cylinder engines, my favorite! Jamie found a nice, dusty LJ20 back in October of 2015, and I wrote about an LJ10 in May of 2016, as a comparison. Being a lover of all things odd, I would love to own one of these. I also love yellow vehicles and I’ve always thought that I’d want a yellow version of the LJ10/20, but I think I like this green color even better. It’s a good match for all of the restored JD tractors in this gentleman’s collection. I would want to do as little cosmetic work as possible on this one, but for sure the original tires would be changed out.

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This LJ20 looks pretty solid, even the floors and seams. But, you’ll want to keep it stored indoors and drive it sparingly in the winter in order to keep things original and keep rust at bay. The seller says that it “runs and drives fine, in pretty good shape. 4-wheel drive, has original tires, original seats, original motor.” But, as always, it “needs brake work”, and unfortunately there is no title; it was destroyed in a fire many moons ago so it comes with a bill of sale. Hopefully that won’t be a problem in your state. Since we don’t own a farm or have several acres, I’d want to be able to drive this on the street. A person could always tow this, too, it comes with a tow bar in the front.

080916 Barn Finds - 1972 Suzuki LJ20- 4

Here’s the magic box, Suzuki’s FB 25 hp, two-stroke, two-cylinder 359 cc engine. Being a kei class vehicle the engine had to be under 360 cc. Top speed is about 50 mph on these rugged little 4x4s and it’ll take a while to get there, but you’re not going to drive this on the 405 anyway, hopefully. These models had a 4-speed manual with a 2-speed transfer case. This 1,400 pound off-roader sure would be fun to own, especially if a person did have a lot of land with several acres to goof around with it on trails. Have any of you owned or driven one of these little Suzuki LJ20s?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dan H

    Funny you mention the 405. I have a client that has an LJ10 waiting for me to buy and pick up, but it’s going to have to go on the 405 to get to my house!
    Probably best that I have it towed….lol!

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  2. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Man, Scotty, you’ve got more guts than I thought. I’d NEVER want to take this on the street. 50 is being a tad optimistic, 40 is more like it. ( and the 2 stroke is the killer, for me) Maybe smoking up the back roads of the northwoods. It is cool, but I’d much rather have a Jeep. I like the tractors, and can anybody id the old truck? I think it’s a late 20’s White.

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  3. Mark Holmstrand

    This vehicle is known in many circles as “WHY?”

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  4. Chris In Australia

    I used to service & drive these. We got the 3 cylinder 2 stroke LJ 50. I got one up to
    110 Km indicated ( it was a l-o-n-g down hill road)

    They were suprisingly capable off road, being small and light.

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  5. stiffler4444

    Anything Suzuki + off road = great fun. Period.

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  6. snerd

    Dude, why not go to your local DMV and apply for a lost title, not to difficult and make it easier for a buyer!

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    • Roger

      I’m gonna guess it’s because the current owner probably never tagged it so it would still be in the name of the previous owner. Who knows were they may be know and or if they are still alive. Under these circumstances it can turn into a TOTAL PITA – as unfortunately I’ve been in those situations several times before. One kinda funny story that comes to mind is when I was 17 I bought a motorhome from some gypsies and the title I got was from some state half a country away from me. I had the title in my safe, which disappeared when my house was robbed while I was on vacation. Luckily I had a friend that was a manager of titling at our MVA headquarters otherwise it would have been a total nightmare – getting stuff done in MD is even a PITA even with all paperwork perfectly in order lol.

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  7. ScottyAuthor

    Auction update: this Suzuki LJ20 auction ended, someone must have either paid $5,000 or made an offer that they couldn’t refuse.

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    • CaptainNasty

      i have a 1972 LJ20 every thing works but oil pump got clogged and wore some bearings out and i wonder if anyone can tell me if the LJ50 engine bearings will work cause i cant find them for LJ20 but can for LJ50

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      • JasonDD

        Have you ran the part numbers through all the search engines known to man? Thats how I find my LJ20 parts. I use google translator for the language barrier.

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  8. ronald

    Ed’s golden nugget got me here, great car!

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