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All The Cliches: CJ6 Jeep Shed Find


Picture of vehicle on trailer? Check. Pictures of vehicle in old building? Check. Piles of parts and debris on and in vehicle? Check. At least one broken window? Check. Short, nebulous description on craigslist? Check — and so on. This Jeep CJ6 listing here on craigslist has pretty much every cliche you could imagine from a “barn find” ad except “ran when parked”!   It’s located in Eagle Rock, Virginia and is priced at $700 obo — or the seller might trade for a 4X4 manual transmission truck. Good luck on that one! Thanks to Ian C. for this cool find!

I’m guessing this is the picture of the arrival at the seller’s shop. Check out that functional front bumper! Actually, from this view the old Jeep doesn’t look too bad at all. I’m not saying this is the vehicle you want to restore to concours condition, but for riding trails with some patina, maybe it works for you?

In this picture we can see that the “patina” has progressed a mite further than most of us would like. Also, if you look closely at this shot, the cab appears to have been modified from original. As a matter of fact, after looking through a lot of CJ6 cab pictures I came to the conclusion that this may be a homemade conversion of another configuration. Have you ever seen a Jeep cab with this configuration?

Things look a little worse from here, and I’d hazard a guess that the wheelbarrow might contain things more securely than the bed floor. But who needs that if you’re going trail riding anyway?

I’m pretty sure after researching that this is a 134 cubic inch Willys “Hurricane” inline four-cylinder engine, which may well be original. It was used in CJ6s from 1956 to 1971, so that doesn’t help us narrow the Jeep’s model year very much. Regardless, does this look like a fun off-road project to you, or is it a parts Jeep at best?


  1. RayT Member

    You missed “That looks like it’ll buff out!”, Jamie!

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      You’re right, RayT! :-) I also thought about “needs restore” but the grammar error on that one drives me nuts…

      • Ikey Heyman Member

        How about: “wife says its got to go!”

    • Jerry Brentnell

      check out that upper rad hose! my father always told me never to use them as the put a lot of pressure on the rad connection but since every thing else is mickey moused on this heap ,dump 10 grand into a $2500.00 jeep! works for me not!

  2. XMA0891

    I know of “less Jeep” selling for more. “OBO” Jeep looks like there’s at least $500 there to me.

  3. AF

    Carry on. Nothing to see here

  4. Michael

    Looks more like a Bottom of the Lake find than a Barn Find!

  5. Pat

    $700? It doesn’t weigh that much. What’s scrap going for $3-4 tops?

  6. Derek F

    Looks like a badly butchered 1970’s CJ5, though considering it looks to have been used as a farm vehicle, the forward sheetmetal looks pretty good.

    Could be the basis for yet another Jeep-pickup or flatbed project.

    • Rustowner

      While it’s condition is beat up, it’s not butchered at all and appears pretty much stock. It’s a 56 to 65 factory long wheelbase CJ6. Basically a CJ5 that the factory stretched 20 inches. It would be a shame to cut it up into a flatbed etc. as these are not all that common.

  7. Vegaman_Dan

    For $700, it’s definitely going to take a lot more to get it usable. BUT it’s so far gone, that making it basically operational and not caring about it too much isn’t that hard to do. It looks like honest use it has been put through. I kind of like the cab conversion done here.

    I also bet if the person took one full Saturday and emptied out all the junk, pressure washed it, and even threw some quick primer on there to help protect it until you could work on it, it would suddenly be worth a lot more.

    Still, there are other Jeeps out there in better starting condition in that price range. If you want a project, a basic Jeep is hard to beat.

  8. Steve A.

    LOTS of rust out there for sale today! LOL

  9. BarnfindyCollins

    I think I have seen a similar cab on a CJ. About 2 years ago I went to look at a ’73 Triumph motorcycle and the fellow had what I thought was just an old Dispatcher Jeep sitting in the weeds. I’m going to try and find that thing and get some info and a picture for reference.

    • Rustowner

      This top IS on a CJ, it just happens to be a CJ6 long wheelbase model. Dispatcher Jeeps are 2wd and called DJ’s, but usually look pretty much similar to their CJ model mates. Top looks to be an early Sears of Kelly steel top although the area behind the seats appears to be a bit long.

  10. JW

    Patina went too far on this Heep … Sorry I meant Jeep !

  11. Rube Goldberg Member

    Mama Mia, that’s a rusty CJ. You know, back where I come from, this was the norm. They were almost exclusively used in the winter, and this is what happened to them. Still good in my eyes, and even though it looks bad, believe me, that motor will fire up, and it could still be used, parts still around at your local NAPA, just not too fast, OR too far.

  12. Mark J. Soderberg

    No pictures of the frame! The body is bad, I would guess the frame is shot. The motor might be salvageable.

  13. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Primer will never “help protect it” Vegaman. Barn Finds can give photographic proof of how lousy primer is out in the elements. Also, with all the speculation about this stretch model with an aftermarket hardtop…it looks to me like the wheel arches still exist from a standard Jeep which would mean perhaps the standard body was put on a longer frame from another vehicle?

  14. The One

    Can you say”patina”?

  15. John

    Never saw that particular cab, but back in the 1960s and 70s everybody and his brother was selling their own version of soft tops, hardtops and half-cabs for Jeeps. I remember seeing them in the Sears catalog, JC Whitney, and in back-of-the-magazine ads in Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and Mechanic Illustrated. So, this one may be a home-made conversion of a, maybe, CJ5 hard-top turned half-cab on the CJ6 or one of many versions of tops from the aftermarket.

    Looks like the whole back panel of the body, where the taillights used to be, is gone on the left and not too far behind on the right. Really does make you wonder how much of the frame is salvageable. I’ll put my money on not too much.

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