Amazing Build! 1957 Convair 240 Airplane-RV Conversion

Eccentric is an often over-used term. With regard to this motor home named “Andromeda”, eccentric seems to fit it perfectly. The chassis was pulled from a 1979 Pace Arrow which was then topped with a 1957 Convair 240 airplane fuselage. The driver steers from high up in the original plane cockpit and the seller claims it will cruise at a “comfortable” 65 miles per hour! It can be found here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $119,000 down from an asking price of nearly $180,000 a few days ago! Located in Ventura, California, the seller says it is titled in California as the ’79 Pace Arrow motor home. Thanks to Mark W. for the tip on this interesting ride.

The interior has the feel of a curved-roof Airstream camper. I would imagine doing custom cabinets, trim, and furnishings with curved walls and ceiling is very challenging. This photo appears to be the living room. If you lift up the floor, you’re in for a surprise…a built-in hot tub! The engine is an International Diesel, but unfortunately, there isn’t much information in the ad regarding the mechanical condition.

The kitchen features an oven, cooktop, refrigerator, and sink. The dinette is a very unique design. I’m not sure how comfortable it is, but it certainly appears functional. The “tiny house” concept that has been so popular for the past several years has spawned all sorts of storage and space-maximizing ideas. I’m sure some research will give the new owner more than enough options for changes they want to make.

As expected the restroom is very cozy. The seller mentions this can be a fully off-the-grid machine, but there’s no mention of what kind of grey/black water system it has.

As mentioned before, the RV is driven from the original cockpit and I bet it takes a little bit to get used to piloting. Here you can see some of the awesome plane controls that are still in place. I’m not much of a plane historian, but I’m guessing a Convair from the mid-50s is probably pretty basic compared to today’s aircraft. The seller mentions there is a ramp in the back that operates electrically and you can also open the roof over the sleeping area and gaze at the stars! How cool is this thing?


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  1. Big Len

    Cruise comfortably at 65? Not with me aboard.

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  2. CCFisher

    This is….. interesting. I admire the builder’s creativity, but in the end, it’s an odd, cylindrical RV that looks like a son of a… gun to maneuver. The wild card with something like this is whether or not the conversion was properly engineered. The fact that it is able to cruise at 65 mph does not mean that it’s safe to do so.

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  3. Poppapork

    1. Its ugly (wth is with the front bumper?)
    2. Its in bad condition outside and inside (the airplane looks very beat up, interrior work stopped in 1982 judging by the uglyness)
    3. There isint a single picture of the tail end which appears to be abruptly cut off
    4. It has fake machine guns! Whenever someone puts fake guns on a non militaty vehicle its a red flag
    5. Holy sheet the solar panel controller looks like something from North Korea – gotta be 40 years old!

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    • Greg Davis

      Absolute garbage. All that dead weight requiring massive fuel consumption to move it around.

      And when you paint giant letters on your solar panel control, at least spell “photovoltaic” correctly.

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  4. alphasud Member

    Very tacky! I wouldn’t buy it unless they install an oak toilet seat lid to compliment the fine workmanship:)

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    It would take a lot of gumption to start a project like this. It would also take a lifetime to finish it. The basic idea of an airplane motorhome with a hot tub and sky light sounds very romantic however the reality of it is a pure nightmare. So many things to go wrong ( what happens to the hot tub water when driving bumpy twisty roads?) Is the calculator for figuring Gallons per mile? Do I really need a ladder to enter? would this be a fun project? Picture yourself like those movie people running in slow motion from an explosion only don’t run slowly!

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  6. Mike

    When I see stuff like this, I try to imagine what I would do with it with an unlimited budget. Keep the original airplane equipment, gut the rest and start over. Try to get the plane lower on the frame, redesign the back end and take off the goofy guns, rockets and ditch hot tub. No way in hell is he going to get $119k for this white elephant.

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  7. Steve R

    Unique does not equal $119,000 especially when it needs a new interior and who knows what else.

    Steve R

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    • HelenaNOLA

      Now it’s down to $99,999.99

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  8. Paolo

    Let me be the first one to say, “I’ll have whatever they’re smoking.”

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  9. Tom c

    Down to 99,000 let the bidding begin !

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    • Jake

      yeah, looks like he wants to sell

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  10. Howard A Member

    Might want to watch the clearance at the Sonic,,,California, got to love them, when the sky ( pun intended) and unlimited budgets are the limit, this is the result. I think with people out of work( and money) might put a damper on these types of shenanigans in the future. They can ask what they want. A $61,000 dollar reduction, like it’s peanuts now at $119,000,,wait, now $99,000, no takers, I think this is sad, someone actually thinks they really have something. Sorry, I try and be supportive of any motorized project, I think it’s a POS and I question the motorhome chassis part. Those rear axles look like truck tandems and hey BR, look, it’s got widowmaker, split rim, lock ring rear wheels,,,,,,

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  11. Bob McK Member

    Somebody spent a lot of time and money building this. The quality of the workmanship may not be up to par with some peoples expectations. I am wondering, do you have to haul that huge ladder around to get in and out of this thing? That would be fun at a camp ground.

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  12. Gottasupportbarnfindsifucan

    Yeah no

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  13. Nick Hockman Member

    I would take it as a gift because I know I could sell if scrap metal. I am sure they had fun building it but the final product is not desirable.

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  14. Claudio

    Amazing build ! Wtf
    65 mph ! Wtf
    Airplane ! Wtf

    Crazy crazy crazy
    This crazy person had so much time to waste
    Would have been better to volunteer!
    To help someone or people , dogs, cats , whatever the choice would have been better than this monstrosity

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  15. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Another reason this site is great, we get to see all sorts of weird and unusual things. I see this creation as a tribute to someone’s ingenuity (though, in this case, I’d say it is misplaced). We’ve all seen things like 4×4 Camaros and even the recent “Fjord Boatcar.” This one easily tops them.

    That said, as others have pointed out, tons of issues and problems here — almost too many to list. Will they find a buyer, ever?

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  16. Duane

    Whoever said “you can’t chrome s___”—was right. Whoever said “you can’t fix stupid”–was also right.

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  17. elbert

    Have a friend in the scrap metal business that will take it and won’t charge you.

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  18. Randy

    I think it might be cheaper to restore/convert this ‘thing’ back to a certified aircraft.

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  19. Michael

    Classic pile of junk. Old “antique” doesn’t mean value. It is hideous looking. What is up with the spa (blue thing)? This guy sells classics? It is on Eby meaning it has value?

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  20. ccrvtt

    I always thought this would be a cool idea – freak people out on the interstates.

    Now I see why it isn’t.

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  21. Mountainwoodie

    “Merle, get that damn thing out of the backyard……NOW! or I’m taking the Pekingese and leavin!”

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  22. SDJames

    I love this thing…just not on the road. Dig a hole about 5 feet deep on your backwoods property, back this thing into it and fill it in, leaving just the fuselage sticking up. Turn the engine into a generator and live it up off the grid! Call it the “DB Cooper Cottage” or the “Buddy Holly Bungalow”.

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  23. Big Mike

    Whst Id like to know is what kind of brakes it has if it has to come to a complete stop at 65mph.

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    • Randy

      Full flaps and reverse engine thrust for slowing, then wheel brakes for slow stop.

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      • Howard A Member

        Don’t forget a parachute,,,

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  24. roger

    what a treasure , lets bury it

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  25. pugsy

    The receptacle on the surface of the counter tells me a real expert built this….I’m off to bid…..

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  26. Alford Pouse Member

    I prefer the Boeing 307 converted into a boat named “Cosmic Muffin” sailing around in Florida.

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    • Bob McK Member

      That was here in Fort Lauderdale a few years ago. I wonder where it is today. Cool boat, but no place to get out on a deck.

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        That boat had been docked in Lauderdale since at least the late 80s. Actually saw it in motion across the waterway near Las Olas a coupla times.The New Times paper would do a story on it when news was slow. Thought the same thing…really odd that you’d not have at least a rear deck for cookouts.

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  27. bachldrs Member

    Does it also run in the water?

    • Howard A Member

      Only one way to find out,,oh, oh,,

  28. V8roller

    I can see problems on roundabouts and in multi-storey car parks. And in almost any UK car park given they tend to have height restrictions.
    And no doubt plenty of other nits to pick.
    But what fun!
    What vision!
    What persistence to actually build it!!
    Judging by the number of ‘projects’ on eBay, many people can’t even manage to refresh a vanilla car.
    Kudos to the builder.

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  29. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    You and all of your 8 year old friends would think you have the coolest play house.

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    • Howard A Member

      For a hundred grand, I’ll say,,,

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  30. Andy B

    Ironically, I was making a delivery at a local resort, and up back I saw an old airplane chassis. Looks to have been a single seater, or maybe 2 one behind the other? Mentioned it to a coworker, and floated the possibility of turning it into some sort of hot/rat rod. Wondered what would be involved. Figure you’d need a donor car, frame, engine, drivetrain and lots of imagination!

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  31. Sidedraught

    Its as if Spinal Tap wanted a custom tour bus, but ran out of money to do the interior.


    There is no buyer for this surefire death trap.

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  33. Karl

    Here is a very romantic thought. You just pulled to a campground and you wife/girlfriend is ground guiding you and backs you right into a tree! How’s that for romance?

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  34. Kiwi Glen

    Missed opportunity for a barn finds staff mobile office? And yes I’m kidding

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  35. robbert

    Elon Musk should send it to Mars! Hopefully it will burn on re-entry!

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  36. Reg Bruce

    This posting takes the prize (hopefully, there is one) for the most amusing comments in recent times.
    I especially like this gem from Poppapork —
    “Whenever someone puts fake guns on a non military vehicle it’s a red flag.”

    Very droll, Sir.

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  37. Chris Webster

    There’s a DC-3/ C-47 motorhome about 20 minutes from my home. Former Dutch Air Force, on a International chassis.

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  38. Kenn

    Actually, SDJames has the right idea. It would be kind of a neat getaway. The price of admission, however, is certainly imaginative! Seller may be trying to recoup his costs but I sure don’t see that happening.

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  39. jason

    Gotta admit its pretty cool, but highly impractical and way overpriced.

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  40. Steve

    It’s a much larger chassis than from a Pace Arrow, and a Detroit, most likely an old dump truck chassis or a cement mixer chassis, dual axle, air brakes, larger wheels all screams 60+ GVW. Never saw a Pace Arrow anywhere near that heavy duty.

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  41. Gerry

    The YouTube video doesn’t present a much better impression than the pictures.

  42. dab

    I saw this cruising on the 405 back in the 80’s. Always searched for it after the interweb came around.

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