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Amazing Estate Auction

Here at Barn Finds, we have seen a few interesting upcoming auctions come across our desks in recent times, and this estate sale is no exception. While the diversity of the lots on offer is pretty mind-bending, the cars that this person owned, and that are due to be sold, make for an interesting and eclectic mix. Barn Finder Phil L brought the auction to our attention, so thank you for that Phil. The auction will take place in Strafford, Missouri, on May 18th. If you are interested in either viewing the lots on offer, or in fact, bidding on some of the items, then you will find the full details of the sale here at AuctionZip.

As well as the 1961 Rambler American 4-door wagon that you see at the top of this article, this rather attractive looking 1961 American 2-door sedan is also on offer. This has the 6-cylinder flathead engine, and an automatic transmission. The car looks to be in nice condition and is an older restoration. The good news with this car is that it runs and drives, so it should be a simple task to return it to active duty.

The Saab Sonett III is an interesting and attractive looking car, with a nice little Ford V4 engine under the hood. It was sold between 1970 and 1974, and this estate auction will see two 1974 models go under the hammer. Judging by the photos, it looks like they might both be in fairly reasonable condition.

The Fiat 1100 was built between 1953 and 1969 and was a car that sold in pretty significant numbers around the world. These were another little Italian car that was susceptible to rust, and this has seen their numbers decrease quite markedly. Judging by outward appearances, this 1960 model actually looks to be a fairly solid car, but only a personal inspection can confirm this. Rust in a Fiat can be a bit like ice in an iceberg. What you can see on the surface is only a tiny fraction of what is hiding underneath.

If a Jensen-Healey gets your pulse racing, then this is an auction that won’t disappoint you. There are four cars on offer, and while three of them look to be restorable propositions, the fourth is referred to as a parts car. This one looks like quite a nice one, with the dent in the front fender being the only sign of body issues.

Some cars can raise more questions than answers, but this one only raises one question: “Why?” What you’re looking at is referred to as a 1988 Yugo Custom Pickup. This is a nice way of saying that someone has taken to the back of a normal Yugo with a can opener for some unknown reason. I’m not sure exactly what purpose this would actually serve, but I can see that if you attached a couple of handles to the back, it might make a half decent wheelbarrow. It seems that the late owner held some level of affection for the Yugo, because there are actually 11 of the little things up for grabs, spread across the GV, GVX, and GVL models.

This Saab 96 is another nice looking car and is 1-of-4 that are available. These include a 1964 model with a 2-stroke engine, which is a model that is becoming quite rare. So as you can see, the collection can best be described as eclectic, and it will be interesting to see whether any of our readers feel inclined to bid on any of the cars on offer.


  1. Shawn Fox Firth

    That Green Saab would be great candidate for an EV conversion .

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

      Too many cars to count. That Rambler is quite nice, but I’m a Buick man. I would really like to get a 66 Buick Skylark convertible with 4 speed close ratio transmission. Preferably in yellow/white top and interior. I’ll keep looking.
      God bless America

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  2. PDXBryan

    With that first photo of the Rambler wagon (Estate) I excitedly thought that I’d found nirvana – an auction of just wagons!!
    My disappointment didn’t last long, though. What a cool, eclectic mix! Sorry I didn’t get to meet the owner. I bet he was an interesting guy. RIP Mr. Kinzer.

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  3. art

    Ah, the inevitable. The late Mr. Kinsers’ fate will fall upon each of us and our collections, picked over by strangers each looking for a bargain upon our demise. We really are only “renting” our cars as we certainly cannot take them with us…food for thought as we eagerly scan the remains of one poor fellows’ collection.
    Yes, Mr. Kinser, do rest in peace. It is hoped that you enjoyed these vehicles.

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  4. Sandy Claws

    All these cars from another era. Not a huge following anymore, most admirers are gone like this poor guy. People crave the cars of their era, not someone elses, I do not care how much you guys think muscle cars are going to rise in value forever, they don’t. I watched an old Sinatra movie from 1954 tonight called Suddenly. Great little movie, anyway, all the cop cars were Hudson Hornets. How often do you see that? Those cars would have got my now long pasted Dad’s heart fluttering, but not my sons. I hope these cars go for a fair price to someone who will find joy from them, not profit, I think that is what this gentleman would have wanted, not some flippers begging for bucks.

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    • Lance

      Sandy, I hate to point this out but in the movie’Suddenly’ there were no Hudson Hornet police cars. They were Nash Ambassadors. Big difference . BTW you would be amazed how many young guys want to know about my Hudson Hornets.

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      • Sandy Claws

        Really? I stand corrected. Going to have to watch that again and take a closer look. Enjoy your Hudson.

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      • Miguel

        Lance, I think the movie CARS had something to do with that.

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  5. Doug

    Replace the Saab drivetrain with a 13b Mazda Turbo & 5 speed from the 2nd gen RX-7, and troll for Corvettes…… Yes, I know the Saabs were fwd- I’m talking a rwd conversion here, preferably on one of the V4 models – the 2 strokes are too cool to butcher. The rotary exhaust might confuse some into thinking it’s one of the 2 strokes….. could be a bunch of giggles !

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    • Rx7turboII


      That’s blasphemous talk right there! Don’t you dare steal a Wakel Turbo to implant in that……”saaaaab”…. Ugh! Lmao!!

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  6. That AMC Guy

    Wow, I used to have a ’61 Rambler American 2-door in turquoise and white that looked exactly like the one in the photo. It had the flathead six with three-on-the-tree though.

    Yes, I’m afraid we all inevitably suffer the same fate. My better half keeps pressuring me to get rid of it all ahead of time so she doesn’t have to deal with it if I go first. :)

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    • Bob McK

      That is an easy fix. Don’t leave it to your wife. Leave it to someone that would love it as much as you do.

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  7. Mountainwoodie

    Even with the Fiat 124 Spider’s that is one “sui generis” collection. Collecting Yugo’s is ummmm……..interesting. Probably some deals to be had.

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  8. PDXBryan

    There used to be a race held each year at the ‘Fir Redezvous Festival’ in Anchorage, Alaska. One of the perineal contestants was a Saab Sonnet with a Rotary. Fast car!

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  9. Howard A Member

    If Scotty G sees this, there’s bound to be a new addition to his fleet. Some cool stuff.

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  10. Dovi65

    I’d love to get those 2 Ramblers! They remind me of my late Pops, whom owned several Ramblers back in the early 1970s when these were considered “throw-aways”

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  11. Phil L

    Guys, there is tons of good stuff here. Unfortunately, neither his kids or myself can keep it all. The cars/bikes that we remember the most from Mr. Kinzer we are keeping. There are so many neat and weird vehicles he collected over the years. Look through the whole PDF listing!

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  12. Bryan W Cohn

    The auction is east of Springfield, MO if anyone is trying to place Strafford, MO on the map. Interesting and strange collection for rural SW MO Phil L, what an interesting character Mr Kinzer must have been. I get a kick out of the Yugo-Camino’s, perfect use of them as utility trucks on the property! I wish I was in a place to buy a project or two but my racing comes first. The red/white Renault (at least I think its a Renault) peaks my interest! Good luck with the sale. (PS: I used to live in Joplin which is why I knew where Strafford was and I’m originally from St. Louis)

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  13. Chris Londish Member

    That’s not an auction it’s a freak show except for the Ramblers

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  14. TimM

    I used a rambler wagon in a demo derby in 1985 in kingston NY at deitzs stadium I didn’t win there were to many Chevy impalas in the mix. But man it was a lot of fun. Wish I had half the stuff I wrecked!!

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  15. PatrickM

    I wish they would list many of them separately. I am interested in the dusty American wagon. No price listed. Must show up with cash in hand…. After all, it is a auction, which leaves me with some questions about stuff. Been to a few. Hmmm…

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      Come down and bid! I will be making the 8 hour trek down there the night before, right when i get out of work.

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  16. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Mr. Kinser seems to have had a thing for Norton motorcycles….

    There are worse marques to fall in love with. The Norton bikes have a strong following.

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