Amazing Survivor! 1958 Ford Country Squire Woody Wagon

Wagons continue to be HOT! This particular one is a beautiful survivor and only shows 54K miles on the odometer. While a 1958 Ford Country Squire wagon may not be as popular as a 1940 or 1950, they are still really cool. This one is located in Oyster Bay, New York and can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $65,000! I think the seller may be asking a bit too much for this one, but woody wagons routinely sell for six-figures, so maybe they’ll get lucky. According to Hagerty, the average value for this wagon would be about $21,600 with “Concours” examples over $51,000. I’m not sure if the “survivor” condition of this car warrants the asking price, what do you think?

The engine is a V8 that the seller describes as the “Factory Biggest V8 Police Interceptor Motor.”I’m guessing it’s a 352 cubic inch, but maybe a keen-eyed reader can confirm that for sure. The car also features power steering and an automatic transmission.

The ad states the interior is all original and features “beautiful” original door panels and headliner. The glovebox also features a factory gold and red Interceptor V8 emblem. The dash/gauges and steering wheel look very cool and the arching speedometer is awesome. All the bells & whistles work including the dashboard clock!

The seller says the wood moldings, chrome trim, emblems, and scripts are complete. The tires are new Coker white-walls which look great with the spoked wheel covers. You can also see the factory dual exhaust poking out from under each corner of the rear bumper. So after checking this car out, do you think the seller will make a deal near their asking price? If not, what do you think this car is worth?


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I like the Fords but consider 58 to be the low point in style,however the condition of this one,plus the fact it’s a wood grain wagon helps me get over that idea this time.Had a friend send me a message last week saying he was looking for a 60-62 wagon,I wished him good luck with that.Montana asks what we think this car is worth,I never discuss money on this site,it is pointless,it’s worth what the seller and a willing buyer decide its worth that day.

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    • PatrickM

      I agree. But, that being said, I do think the asking price here is a bit much.

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  2. Chad Rickle

    Nice car, but he’s asking Barrett Jackson money at that level. I would put the hammer price at half of that…

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  3. JP

    I think he’d be lucky to get $15k at Barrett Jackson, which could be why it’s not for sale there (not to mention the associated fees). But you never know – if you don’t ask you don’t get. Might be some rich person with a nostalgia thing who’s willing to pay a premium, but not that kind of premium.

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    • Mike W H

      Yeah I was thinking that it’s bonus time on Wall Street, and somewhere is a still young at heart boomer who remembers hauling a canoe on the roof of the parent’s wagon to Lake Winnipesaukee.

      I remember this was the replacement for our ’55 Nomad. It had a padded dash that fascinated me. I loved the mouth feel. I left a little crescent in the dash where my teeth went through the naugahyde.

      The car was ten weeks old when my dad loaned it to a friend who wrapped it around a pole.

      Replacement was a Turquoise/white ’58 Chevy Nomad, with a special order 348 tri power and no wood. Dad rocked.

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  4. Lance Nord

    Too bad it doesn’t have a roof rack so you can throw a couple surf boards up there…

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  5. Richard Gugenberger

    My mom had a 1958 Ranchwagon like this only in Blue . I took my drivers test on it in 1963 in a snow storm (Passed first time ) First car I ever drove , the thing was a gas hog with that 352 Police interceptor motor , Dad used to say will pass everything except a gas pump ,she traded it in on a 1962 Falcon wagon 6cyl auto , that one couldn’t pass anything except the gas pump . Nice car don’t see the price seller wants !

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  6. Nate

    This is a beautiful ride and worth more than $15k to the right buyer. That being said, I also don’t think it’s going to fetch $65k.

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very nice car! I would welcome this to my place but my wife doesn’t like a long-roof unless it’s a panel. So I’ll have to look at it and wish. I understand that the Intercepter is essentially a Thunderbird engine. 352/4bbl. Quite a performer in the day. I remember a guy with a ’59 Galaxie with one of those. It had no trouble breaking the rear tires loose…

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  8. JP

    Just to provide some sanity to the pricing issue…

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    • Nate

      Not sure you can compare that car to the one shown above…

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      • JP

        I don’t see why not. Take off the stupid mods and you essentially have the same car, minus the fake wood, at 1/10th the price. Plus you get front discs which make it safer.

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    • Bob McK Member

      That one may be $7500, but you couldn’t bring it up to this ones condition for $65K. However, I still think this one is way too expensive. But we will see. It is a really nice ride.

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      • JP

        I agree that it’s a nice ride, but you don’t really know its condition until it’s thoroughly inspected. The $7500 example looks nice too, and if you remove the ugly wheels, etc. might be every bit as solid as the woodie. And it’s in CA, so if it’s original to the state rust won’t be a big issue.

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    • Danny from OZ

      Chalk and cheese difference

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      • JP

        Really? How so? Is fake wood worth an extra $58k? If so, I smell a business opportunity…

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  9. JagManBill

    Hagerty puts concours at $51,100 and excellent at $32,600.

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    • Mike W H

      I would love to see a Concours event that features this baby.

  10. Frank Fitz

    I have become somewhat familar with wooden station wagons since the late 1980’s and have owned 3 Ford wooden wagons, [’33, 48 and 51]. I really can not recall the last time I physically saw a 1958 Ford Wagon, never mind a wagon that appears as nice as this sample. As I recall 58 Fords had a major problem with premature rust that turned the 58’s into oxide by the early 60’s( in the upper Midwest anyway.)
    I sure hope the Seller realizes a sale to a future steward who will maintain the car in its present excellent condition. I respectfully agree with Nate and JagManBill. Certainly Hagerty is a much appreciated “guide” for us. Smart Fellow once said: “You don’t pay too much…You just buy too soon”. GLWTA

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  11. WR Hall

    Amazing to see a 58 Ferd this nice. My Das bought a 58 Country Sedan new. Even though it was always garaged and in Portland a very mild clmate it had SEVERE CANCER ISSUES. FIrst the rocker panels needed to be replaced, then the fendes over the headlights rusted out. The back end also rusted probably from driving on the beach clam digging. Needless to say this waa total rust bucket. I did learn how to drive in this piece

  12. tiger66

    All the new-for-’58 FE engines in Fords were called “Interceptor” V8s by Ford. As denoted on the air cleaner, they were the Interceptor V8 (332, 2 barrel carb), The Interceptor Special V8 (332, 4 barrel) and the Interceptor Thunderbird Special V8 (352, 4 barrel). The white air cleaner on this car, the air cleaner decals and the glove box door emblem are correct for the 352 (the 332s had black air cleaners and no glove box door emblem AFAIK) so this is probably a 352. The VIN for a 352 would start with the letter H.

    This is not the “Police Interceptor” as that engine used the 361 block found in the Edsel.

    The front fender V8 emblems are incorrect, and are simply glove box door emblems that someone has added to the fenders.

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  13. Barney

    Great car but not close to concourse. The engine bay needs a lot of detailing. Out of place plug wires, red battery cables, wrong battery, engine compartment needing a good detailing etc. I’d put it at a high number three. Maybe a low number four. 30k is my guess

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  14. TimM

    What a cool looking car!! Can’t understand where his price point is coming from though!!!

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  15. John C.

    That wagon would look fat with some dark tint and modern large diameter rims! I’d leave the rest of it alone.

  16. PatrickM

    I also think the 352 is one of the worst engines Ford ever made. So many GI’s I served with had them …… and soon rid themselves of said items.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      The FE engines were somewhat temperamental but I never saw one that was really bad. My dad and I had several on the ranch and they held up quite well. My ’68 Mustang GT had a 390 which ate valve guides like they were going out of style. A set of Manley valves and guides completely fixed that problem. FE engines had the valve train lube fed through the bottom of the water jacket and up the outside of the block. They would erode and oil would seep into the cooling system. Most machine shops would ream the passages and install a kit that eliminated the problem. But compared to other engines out there, I would have to agree that you spent a bit more time under the hood…

    • Lance Nord

      There was nothing wrong with the 352 other than its propensity to guzzle gas like a lost straggler in the desert. They were close to bullet proof.

  17. Del

    Hagerty says the car could be worth 45 grand in good condition.

    To me, this is in better than good.

    Hagerty does not put a value on one with this rare motor. Or a Woody either.

    All in all, I think due to the rarity of this that his price is not to high at all.

    I like to discuss prices, its part of the fun

    • JP

      Not sure where you’re getting this info. Hagerty says a #3 car goes for around $21k, and this, to me, is definitely a #3. So no way is it worth anywhere near $65k. Also, all the Country Squires were woodies, as far as I know, and as for the rare motor, don’t think it really is.

  18. Richard

    Pretty car but $65k??? Dude needs to put down the crack pipe.

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  19. James Turner

    My step dad gave me his 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 2 Dr. hard top in 1965. It had the 352 Interceptor engine and was quite fast back in the day The problem I had was rust bucket. Rusted apart right on top of the dual headlights and rocker panels and quarter panes. Also rusted bad around the taillights. Another item I never liked about those year Fords were the cheap white plastic knobs on the dash and I believe on the shifter. Almost like the predecessor of plastic, Bakelight. LOL.

    • Bill Hall

      What you said about a 58 Ford is totally true. Especially the rust part. A 58 Ford would rust just looking at it,

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