Optimists Special: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Located in Levittown, Pennsylvania and listed here on eBay is this 1970 Mustang. The title for this one is listed as Rebuilt, Rebuildable or Reconstructed, but that doesn’t appear to have diminished interest in this particular car. With 4 days remaining on this “no reserve” auction, the car has been the subject of an impressive 25 bids which has pushed the current price to $9,702.

I am very much a “glass is half full” type of person. I am an optimist. I always look for the positive in anything. So, this Mustang is the same color as the Mustang Matchbox car that I had when I was a boy. Okay, now that I’ve been positive it’s time to face reality. As you can see from the Marti report, this ‘Stang was well equipped when it rolled off the production line. Sadly those days are a long time ago, and comparing the report with reality is certain to disappoint. The vast majority of the items on the report appear to be MIA. For instance, there is only one shot of the interior in the ad, and all it tells us is that the car has a driver’s seat and that all of the desirable goodies from the dashboard are gone.

This gaping hole used to house a 302-4V Boss V8. This was backed by a close ratio 4-speed. Both of these items are long gone. This Boss is a roller only. There is no word whether the original 4.30 locking rear axle is present, or whether it has chosen to vacate the premises with the rest of the drive-train. As far as corrosion is concerned, it doesn’t look particularly pleasant here, but full credit to the seller who actually states that the car is rusty and missing a lot of parts. A guy that I know once told me that rust in a Mustang was a bit like spotting an iceberg: What you could see was just the beginning.

Unfortunately, the trunk area doesn’t look any better than the engine bay. We don’t get any shots of the real trouble spots on this old girl, but I guess that if the outside is any indication, then it ain’t going to be pretty. Of course, I have been completely wrong about such things in the past. This just doesn’t look at all promising. The seller also states that the title was lost back in around 1974, but they are willing to write out a bill of sale in their name.

It’s heart-breaking to see a once magnificent beast like this reduced to this state. In its day it would have been an incredibly desirable and potent machine. When I first looked at it my instincts told me that this was a parts car. Sadly the combination of corrosion and the removal of so many of its desirable parts has left this one a bit of a ghost. Do you think that there is potential there as the people who are bidding obviously do, or is this old warhorse just too far gone to be revived?


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  1. Byron

    9700 for this piece of junk,he should just giggle and put a pretty red bow on it and tell them to come get it.

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    • chris Meredith

      The valuable part is the VIN plate. I see a Fake Boss being built out of a 1970 fastback

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  2. Boatman Member

    You have GOT to be kidding me! Junk Mustangs are going to be “coming out of the woodwork” now!

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  3. ruxvette

    * Rear Deck Spoiler…gone
    * Traction-LOK Differential…probably gone
    * Convenience Group…gone
    * Electric Clock…gone
    * F60X15 Belted Raised White Letter Tires…gone
    * Shaker Scoop…gone
    * Sport Slats…gone
    * Console…gone
    * AM/8-Track Radio…gone
    * Tinted Glass
    * Deluxe Belts/Warning Light…gone
    * Magnum 500 Chrome Wheels…gone
    * Tachometer…gone

    302?4spd? Gone and gone.

    Other than that she’s a cherry!

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    • Rick Rothermel

      A decade ago I did a piece in muscle Car Review about the last, documented 70 Challenger R/T EVER! found in N.C. 440, 4gear. 6pack. Weird option load. Clearly 1 of 1. It had sufficient rust that from a high angle pic of the front you could see the grass behind the car… thru the windshield. It was all there, in chunks. $30k. It was a bargain compared to this oinker.

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  4. bobk

    Jeez, $9,700? Really? Barnum was right. I’m going out and scouring some pasture fence rows.

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  5. Mark

    Anybody who’s bidding and they should take a look at the Mach 1 that was posted yesterday. It was in the same or better condition and it had all of the running gear.

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  6. Karguy James

    Had one just like it. These cars can bring strong money…. $50k-$60k for a nice driver and more for a show car. But those rare and missing parts are EXPENSIVE. This car would easily cost $60k or more on top of the $10k price of admission just to become a $50k driver.

    This was mine. Bought it for $18k in 2005 and sold it for $32k in 2006.

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  7. Matt steele

    This was a parts car pillaged. Now selling it to do another car.a fool and his money are soon parted

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  8. Jett

    The only way this car makes any sort of sense is if you win the whole Lotto Max yourself, and can do all of the work on your own…and it would still cost you $50 grand in parts. Even WITH a date-correct Boss 302 and Toploader, it would likely only be worth the same as a standard 351 or 390 Mach l, and nowhere near an original Boss. All that being said, I’d still do it.

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  9. redwagon

    why not just cut out the vin, salvage the build sheet under the rear seat and sell those?

    that’s what is bringing $9,000+. not the pile of scrap.

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    • Rick Rothermel

      This car is the reason God invented Dynacorn.

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      • Scotty P.

        At this price,with a Dynacorn rebody, there might be some money to be made. Some, if not all, of the HTF options might be in reproduction.

  10. John M.

    The blue 70 Chevy Impala that was listed before this Mustang is going for roughly the same amount but it’s in way better shape and it’s road ready to boot.

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    • John M.

      “Bel Air” My bad.

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  11. Jerry Long

    I’ve seen sicker dogs, I mean Mustangs, recover but not profitably. This is a do it yourself project for the very high skilled body man.

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  12. Bongo

    I wouldn’t give scrap metal price for it. How in the world does anyone see 9000+ for this pile of rust.

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  13. CanuckCarGuy

    Restomod… anything else would be futile.

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  14. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Ridiculous. I wouldn’t buy this for 900. There is no way on earth it’s financially viable to rebuild this.

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  15. Gaspumpchas

    I’d be willing to bet it came out of a junkyard, many near Levittown. Good luck to the new owner!

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  16. curt k.

    If they gave me a 100 bucks id come and get it and thats the only way.its just to far gone and i love mustangs

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  17. Retired Stig

    As a fully fledged muscle car fan (Mustang in particular), it pains me to see this. These were few in number to begin with, and increasingly rare. But other than a restoration shop, especially one that specializes in Fords, I just cannot picture who would buy this, at any price. There really is nothing left here.

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  18. Magstar67

    On a positive note it is a Drag Pak Boss 302 with the 4.30 gears and some of the oil cooler brackets on the radiator support.

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  19. grant

    Take your cues from it’s location. “Leave-it-town,” indeed.

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    • George mattar

      hey grant , I live in this crap hole Leave it. town. anybody who does knows there is trash like this in every other yard in Indian Creek, like. the 68 Corvette 427 sinking into the mud on Idlewils. I have tried to buy that car for years. George, the owner, told me he’s gonna fix it up. yeah right. It is almost swallowed up in his driveway.

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  20. Del

    Thats not a car.

    Its not even scrap

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  21. David Miraglia

    parts only

  22. Wrong Way

    If it’s in their name why not get a duplicate title? Would be better than a bill of sale!

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  23. Karl

    I love the comment concerning rust and mustangs, it’s like an iceberg if you see a little don’t worry there is a lot more, I would also like to include certain year Camaros in this also. As far as THIS car goes, maybe right for somebody but I wouldn’t touch it with a stick!

  24. al

    how about those fender flairs ?????

  25. gto4ever

    That should be rolled back into the barn! Maybe have a bond fire with the barn.
    Looks like alot of $ to pay for a vin to put on another pony! JUST SAYIN

  26. John

    Wasn’t there an old saying about beating a dead horse?

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  27. Rob S.

    How come Robert Downey Jr. Couldnt start with a boss like this?? Instead of a complete car to do a total restomod like he did? Way too much work, way too much money. Not for me.

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  28. James W. Marshall

    Put a fork in it. It’s done. The only Boss 302 left is the vin plate.

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  29. mark

    This is my friend’s Boss……..105,000.00 in receipts…………………and counting…….

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice ride. And counting. I hope your friend hammers on her. Ended: Jul 24, 2018 , 12:51PM
      Winning bid:US $9,702.00
      [ 25 bids ]

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