Anchors Away! 1973 Chrysler Imperial Sedan

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With a generous 127 inch wheelbase similar to full-sized vans, the 1969 to 1973 Chrysler Imperial represented the corporation’s top of the line, a luxurious and capable sedan fit for an Emperor. This 1973 Chrysler Imperial in Denver, Colorado seeks a new owner here on Denver craigslist where a mere $3500 could grant you permission to come aboard and ease this barge into your personal mooring space. Thanks to Roger for spotting this Centennial State classic.

Sadly, the listing for our feature car neglected one of its best feature, this unique grille that distinguishes the Imperial from the Plymouth Fury and other Chrysler products sharing this full-sized platform. Thanks to for this image.

All full-sized Chryslers benefitted from their popularity as taxi cabs and police cars. These sizable sedans handle surprisingly well in the hands of someone who understands their dynamics and limitations. The aerodynamic “fuselage” styling invites you to aim the long hood toward your favorite distant state and settle into some relaxed and comfortable high-balling.

The optional split bench seat in original leather looks barely used. Parked since 1994, this barn find will no doubt require some attention in all areas, but the interior looks great! The dashboard features simulate rosewood panels. Standard equipment included air conditioning with automatic temperature control, and power windows. Thanks to for some details.

The only available engine will not disappoint. By 1973, the Imperial’s 440 cid V8 had lost some power due to smog controls and the switch from Gross to Net horsepower ratings, but still offered prodigious torque and enough power to make the car feel lighter than its 4940 pounds. A budget build of the 440, especially topped with a modern fuel injection system could put you well on the way to making a surprisingly quick and reliable highway monster. What road-trip would you plan for such a beast?

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  1. Bill

    Sure doesnt look like Denver to me, With the palm trees, faux gas street lights, and the spanish colonial homes, sure looks like the Encanto district of Phoenix.

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    • ShoelessTrucker

      The black car was for display purposes only. Look at the surroundings of the white car.

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  2. Markin32425

    The only thing bigger than the 73 New Yorker Brougham I owned in 1980. Previous owner had a switch to turn off the A/C Compressor. Lots of mustangs and Camaros were surprised when I flipped the switch and stomped the accelerator. Yeah I got about 6 mpg.

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    • Iggy

      How does one incorporate a switch to turn off the AC compressor?

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      • Mark

        Dunno. Previous owner did that. Cut power to the a/c compressor and gas guage

        I found it. Flipped it. Cut those two off.

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  3. Mike

    What a boat! Looks like you can get 4 adults in the back or 5 kids WITH car seats.

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  4. John Holden

    It’s a great title. considering the car’s boat-like dimensions, but it should be written ‘Anchors Aweigh’, the US Navy song.

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  5. cyclemikey

    That second photo, of the black coupe parked at the curb amidst the palm trees, is my car (and my photograph). I’m not sure how that photo got out on the internet, but it did, and I see it around from time to time.

    I bought that car in Syracuse NY in the early 2000s, and drove it home to San Diego. That’s where that photo was taken, at my home in the Kensington district. I’d have to say that I enjoyed that car about as much as any that I’ve owned (and I’ve owned quite a few over the years). A land yacht? Sure. But a head turner and a fun car. I miss it. I only sold it because I was moving up here to Oregon, and because being from NY, the car was too rusty underneath to restore. I sold it with full disclosure, the buyer was thrilled with it, and as far as I know it’s still going strong.

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    • Robert Pittman

      I thought that black beauty was from Myra Breckinridge, but that was a ’69 Limousine.

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  6. Husky

    It looks like the White Elephant unfortunantely is sold
    since long time.

    Else, I would have bought it, perfect car for the traffic down town Stockholm Sweden.

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  7. Evan

    Referring to this car as a “Chrysler Imperial” is like referring to a Coupe de Ville as a “GM Cadillac”.

    Imperial was a separate make until 1975. This car is an Imperial LeBaron. Period.

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Hi Evan. Imperial was the top marque of the Chrysler corporation, independent of its “Chrysler” brand at times. In 1973, though, their own sales literature referred to the car as a “Chrysler Imperial,” and it seemed fair to do so here. Check it out…

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  8. Wrong Way

    I just notified my brother in Denver about this one! I will pass on what he sees! Unless of course, he buys it!

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    My first car was the 1970 Imperial coupe.Pop up headlamps behind a grill with enough steel to make launch tower.And of course the “fuselage” body styling.Hope somebody saves it. Love these beasts.

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  10. Millenkneeil

    “the Imperial’s 440 cid V8 had lost some power due to smog controls and the switch from Gross to Net horsepower ratings”. It lost power to smog controls but lost no actual power with the ratings switch.

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    • Dave

      What actually did reduce the power was the reduction in compression ratios by all car makers after 1971 to accommodate the then new low lead gasoline.

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      • Ron

        Ford still had high compression in 1971

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  11. Wayne

    Yes, Imperial was a separate division from 55-69 then it became a “Chrysler Imperial”.

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  12. Roy

    This white ’73 is now here in Australia, I got it home a week ago.

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  13. Todd FitchAuthor

    Congratulations, Roy! Send us some pictures sometime. We’d love to learn about your travels and/or improvements. Best wishes!

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  14. Roy Villanueva

    Hi Todd, bit of a late reply…car is still awaiting restoration work at this stage. Was lucky to get it, as these have now gone up a fair bit in price. I’ll send you a few pics via email. Cheers.

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    • Todd FitchAuthor

      Pictures and updates welcome anytime, Roy. Good luck with the restoration. It may sound strange but I’m thinking of replacing my big BMW with one of these some day. Until then I’ll enjoy hearing about yours and others. Thanks for the update!

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