Anniversary Gold! 1963 Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet would celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1963 and – to help honor that occasion – the company produced a series of Impalas with special gold paint. This paint had its own code (927) and was brighter in color than the gold usually found on Chevy’s that year. The seller’s automobile is said to be one of these rarer cars, having spent most of the past three decades off the road. While there is some rust after 58 years, it’s far from a rust bucket and would be an interesting restoration. Located near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the car is available here on craigslist for $7,950.

As we understand it, Chevrolet assigned production resources to the “Anniversary Gold” cars in the Spring of 1963. More than 6,000 were built with the “927” paint code on the cowl tag, mostly sport coupes, and convertibles, but historians also suggest that some sedans, hardtops, and wagons were also built. Besides the unique paint color, the cars came with black interiors complemented by white headliners. Dealers were encouraged to order and display these cars as part of the year-long celebration. The 50- millionth Chevy rolled off the assembled line in June and it was one of these special coupes.

As the story goes, this car was taken out of service 25 or 30 years ago after its owner had a run-in with a deer. The front-end damage looks to be minor, yet there are no reports on how well the deer fared. At the time, the car had some 90,000 miles on the odometer and was running as recently as four years ago when it was moved to the location where it currently resides. The seller says he has the parts needed to un-deer the portions of the car involved in the accident. Rust is present of the old Chevy, but we don’t see enough to get panicked about.

This Impala is fitted with a 327 cubic-inch V8 and Powerglide automatic transmission, which we assume both are original to the car. The overall mechanical state of the Chevrolet is unknown. It did leave the factory with power steering and brakes and even the 2-speed wiper/washer option. The upholstery and carpeting will have to be redone though the dash looks good and is flanked by vintage tree-shaped air fresheners.

Hagerty says that a Concours-quality 1963 Impala is worth north of $40,000. And the Anniversary Gold edition may add a premium on top of that. That level of upside potential could offset the cost of just acquiring the car to start a restoration with. The last photo provided is of a sample cowl tag for one of these cars, not the cowl tag for this Chevrolet.


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  1. dw clausen

    Chevrolet also had a 1962 Impala anniversary model. Had the same paint code but with an ivory color interior. Owned one about 15 yrs.ago. If am not mistaken, the 1962 was way less production than the 1963.

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    • Bing

      I owned one of those 62’s as well. Estate sale in 66, minty, 283with power glide. It was just a used car then. I always the color was Fawn, but it did have documents supporting the anniversary.

    • chuck dickinson

      Anniversary Gold 62s were not common like white or red cars but were not THAT unusual. Impala hts and converts, both Impala and Impala SS, as well as 4dr hts (owned one) were built, but I don’t recall ever seeing a sedan or wagon in #927. They had a yellow (Chevy called it gold) interior. 63s were another story. Produced late in the year, when these were new I only ever saw ONE. It belonged to a customer at the gas station I worked at. SS w/black vinyl top/interior. In my many years of ownership of dozens of 60s Chevys, I have never seen another one. A 6000 production number seems pretty high number considering that #927 63s NEVER seem to show up anywhere, including numerous national Chevy conventions I’ve attended and judged.

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    • Pete

      Yup I sold my 62 Impala 4 door sports sedan a few months ago. It was the anniversary edition. Had a two tone gold and white interior.

  2. jokacz

    Never will understand those simulated convertible tops. Silly idea.

    • Mike

      And I never understood the “bubble top” style.

    • John S Dressler

      Dear jokacz, to give you some context for the idea of the simulated convertible hardtop roof: It was the considered opinion of many that a convertible roof improved the appearance of the roofline of many automobiles over a hardtop.

      The drawback of course of the convertible top was the sound of the wind as you traveled and the lack of insulation that provided for better interior comfort. So GM engineers made an attempt at a compromise – a fake convertible roof in hardtop form that gave the appearance of a convertible top without the disadvantages. So they were popular – for a while and for some, even to this day.

      • jokacz

        If you were alive during that era, you may recall there was huge demand for the so-called “Thunderbird” roof. This was GM’s attempt to offer a similar roof without being a complete knock off. Correct me if I am wrong, but no other manufacturer adopted the fake convertible roof.

      • John S Dressler

        jokacz, to my knowledge GM was the only domestic manufacturer that produced such a roof which in 65 was replaced by the windswept roof or whatever other name people assigned to the roof that GM put on their Impalas and continued later in the Camaro and Monte Carlo.

  3. moosie moosie

    I remember a neighbor who was a Chevy salesman having a ’62 Impala that was Anniversary Gold as his demo. It was an SS, 327 4 barrel, console, bucket seats (beige sort of color), 2 speed power glide. it was a sharp looking car. I remember him telling me he ordered the car with a 409 & a 4 speed but the general manager overrode his order.

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  4. john

    i knew a guy who in the early to mid sixties owned a chevrolet PATRIOT. it was a full size car and i think it was a special edition. anyone know of this car?

  5. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    In addition to the paint, this one also has the rare “Triple Air Fresheners” option.

  6. Martin M

    vividly remember the anniversary edition 1962 Impala SS a friend’s father had bought new back then. Gorgeous looking car. Never realized that they celebrated/promoted the golden year for two years.
    No sense in letting good paint go to waste, I suppose.

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