Another One, No Reserve! 1980 Porsche 928S

Some of you folks got all fired up recently about a P-car find we listed that included a 928, so this 1980 928 “Euro S” (as characterized by the seller) listed here on eBay at no reserve and starting under $1,000 seemed way too good to pass up. This blue beauty is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The seller states that this version is the lightest of all 928s and is both reliable and powerful. I can’t see any rust or even paint flaws in the pictures, but they aren’t particularly high resolution so some questions or further picture requests may be in order. Nonetheless, it’s a very striking color and the paint we can see seems to be in very nice condition.

One of the more unusual features of the 928 is the visible but pop-up headlights. They’ve grown on me over the years after seeming a little odd when the design debuted. The seller states in the ad that over $20,000 of work has gone into this car, which makes me wonder why sell it now? Among the work recently done is a water pump/timing belt replacement 900 miles ago and a near new clutch. The seller says the car needs nothing except to replace the air conditioning compressor and to adjust the Bilstein rear shocks.

Although the interior is certainly worn, the blue leather looks like there’s some life left in it, and that all important third pedal and manual shift lever are in place. That’s an aftermarket Momo steering wheel. Does that look like a 79,980 mile interior? I’ll leave that to the 928 experts. It certainly could stand a nice cleaning. I wish I could show you under the hood, but the seller didn’t include any engine shots–a real shame as to me that’s one of the more impressive engines visually I know of. What do you think this one will end up selling for? And at what price would you be interested?


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  1. Jeff V

    One of the unique features of this car, as I remember is that there is a dial adjustment under the dash that elevates or lowers the entire dash (unique tilt/tele). I lusted after a ’78 parked on a dealer lot in Milw right after getting out of the Navy in ’79. Instead I bought a first year body style change ’77 BMW 320i 2L.

    • Horse Raddish

      The way i remember:
      the steering wheel and cluster surrounding it move up and down .
      When you say: dash, I believe that to be right behind the windshield and the whole width of the car.

      • Karo

        Horse Raddish is correct – it is the instrument “pod” that moves up and down, not the whole dash. This car is full of technology that was absolutely mind-blowing in 1978.

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  2. flmikey

    …they did the most important and hardest thing you can do to these…timing belt/water pump…bid to own, my friends…..

    • CelestialGryphon

      +1 to this. Once that timing belt is done you’ve got 15000 miles of smooth sailing.

  3. JoeR

    My neighbor had a black one of these back when I was in middle school. I didn’t like the styling then, and I still don’t like it now…and its directly related to the headlights.

  4. redwagon

    have always liked these. the blue color is unusual from what i’ve seen but i am no expert.

    a few years ago there was one of these for sale locally which is saying something for northern minnesota. certifiable crack head – was asking $17,500.

    i know it is heresy but what engine swaps are common?

  5. gene

    I had one of these. Every week something new would brake.
    Finally it got stolen , What a relieve that was.

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  6. Hector

    Looks nice with the aftermarket BBS wheels.

  7. Paul

    All important third pedal, thats a big plus in my book. Owned a 1987 S4, the technology is fantastic. Aluminium doors and fenders, transmission located at rear of vehicle to provide 50/50 weight distribution. Great package, yes little things went wrong – door locks with a mind of their own, switches that gave up the ghost but nothing that couldnt be fixed. This earlier vehicle has had the front and rear swapped from original to an S4 look. Interior looks neglected – mine had 116,000 and looked much better. Manusls are rare and value is increasing, rust not an issue with my car – they seem to be well built and rust resistant. Check it out and go for if price stays low.

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  8. Bruce Best

    I can tell you where that 20K went. The front end and rear end caps are off of a much new model. That also included the rear wing from a later model. That along with a new paint job would make that number sound right. The color looks factory if you wish to know what colors are available check out a web site called Land Sharks they have the best color guide I am aware of.

    This design is very color sensitive and I really do not like white ones. They look like giant eggs on four wheels and some of the brown ones look like something the dog left on the front step. I have one that is Kiln Red which is a very strange red orange color. Just so everybody knows some of the Porsche colors are extremely expensive and will change dramatically depending upon the lighting conditions. Prussian blue is one of the most dramatic and expensive to mix.

    YEs the Steering wheel and the dash pod move up and down together and that is a very nice feature. There are sun visors for the rear seats as well to keep. sun off my rear passengers.

    A smart man would purchase one of these and spend the next six months to a year sorting them out before driving them much. They have critical needs and if you service them properly they are very reliable. I know of a couple of people that have put over 300K on them with only a clutch, water pump and belt changes.

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  9. Mike

    Love my Vettes but I’ve always wanted one of these to beat on.

  10. brakeservo

    If you dislike the headlights on these, what did you think of the Lamborghini Miura – the most fabulous super car ever!!

  11. Paul

    As far as the mileage thing is that the odometer usually breaks…so a car with 79k but a trashed interior might have double those miles. That said anything below 350 is usually np as these engines are pretty much bullet proof. You cant think in terms of a ford or chevy v8 with the same miles. My 79 has 175k and it doesnt burn oil or have any other mechanical problems…plenty of power and speed to burn. Passed smog without even lifting the needle. You cant say that with a similar 40 yr old american v8. But the main difference is the handeling..this is basically a street legal race car and if you get the chance to drive one you will understand.

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  12. David Benjamin Jr.

    I’ve got a 1980 928 v8 car. I’m going to back halve it and put an LS engine in it……my little bullet

  13. Michael Rogers

    The 928 is really in the “super car” class I have one and 150mph is like 70!
    The manual shifter makes it the Porsche dreamers pick! Road test comparisons with the 911 found it was definitely better of the two–then. It IS in the German mindset as opposed to an XK-E, a Ferrari or a Vett–take your pick!

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  14. Joe Howell

    Like all Porsches a potential money pit but a great car. I have never been able to warm up to them too much. The best looking one I ever saw was a black GT4, that one had me drooling. That rounded butt and the flounder headlights are the reason I like the 944 better. I have two of them, an 84 and an 89 S2, each with basically half a 928 V8 engine in different levels of tune. The 5 speed makes this one interesting.

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