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Art Deco Find: 1937 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe

The epitome of Art Deco style and luxury, this V12 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe is a fantastically scarce find that is just begging to be put back on the road. Discovered by the seller 15 years ago, it would seem that this car has been off the road since the early 1960s. Still holding a V12 heart, this Lincoln is going to need special attention after a life spent in Canada. With several spares, and a great start to a rare machine, this Zephyr Coupe is currently bid up to $13,300. Be sure to check out this awesome find here on eBay out of Binbrook, Ontario, Canada.

In the engine compartment resides the massive Lincoln V12 engine. The engine does turn over, and features “Zephyr” scripted aluminum heads. From what can be seen, the engine appears to be complete.

Inside you can start to see what the Canadian weather did to this poor Lincoln. The floors are rough and will need plenty of work, along with the foot well area. Focusing on the interior, the dash is straight missing only a few trim items, and the ‘Deco style waterfall console. There is no bench seat or door panels, which may mean that there are a few more trim items missing. Also there is no door glass, and the window regulators appear to be missing as well.

Although there are some rough areas, the exterior body work has aged rather well. The front clip and the side skirts were taken from a 1936 Lincoln LZ sedan. I am guessing that the Canadian lifestyle didn’t treat this Lincoln too well, so it was certainly a stroke of luck to find those parts for this coupe project. Appearing quite straight, the body shows no major damage other than some obtuse cuts made to the rear apron, and rear portion of the rear fenders. I would assume this was done to cut out rot. That being said, there is no other exterior rot evident on this machine. So what could be the potential future for this machine? Well this is a dream car for many of us in many different ways. I personally would love to see it restored, but that is simply for someone with a big heart and a big wallet. On the other hand, this Coupe could be an opportunity for someone to build a sleek hot rod with incredible factory styling. With several days remaining in the auction, what do you think this incredibly rare Zephyr Coupe will sell for?


  1. Will Fox

    This, besides being a certified classic is a masterpiece of Art Deco. My all-time favorite body design of that era. And despite the see-through floors, this car is well worth restoring. These are now pushing over $150K restored. Looks like based on the front end, this car was a fleshy tan color originally? Would be a great shade to do it in! I can see this car hitting the $30Ks; easy.

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    • John M.

      Bidding on the car has already topped $16 grand with a little over 6 days left before the hammer drops. It’s half way to your estimate.

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      • Will Fox

        John, I wouldn’t be surprised if my guesstimate is low.

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  2. Ted

    Hey quit picking on Canada………..

    Hoping this one gets 100% concours restoration work. I’d love the opportunity to drive one of these bone stock, stunning cars.

    And can someone please make sure none of the internet bolt on/laughstoration clowns or dog junkie garage gets anywhere near this?……….

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  3. Fred W

    On a recent episode of American Pickers, Mike goes gaga over a ’39 Zephyr coupe in similar condition, but with the V-12 long gone, replaced with a 60’s Ford V-8. I think he paid 9K.

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  4. Robert White

    This car should be kept in CANADA.


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  5. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    Canada, by land mass, is the 2nd largest country in the world. Be more specific as to where this car is from ie which province and town/city.

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    • Pat L Member

      Binbrook, Ontario is pretty specific for me ICEMAN. It’s about an hour away from me.

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      • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

        Oops, my bad. Did not see that. Just presumed, as many other adverts do not give that info. Sorry about that.

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    • george

      read the description, it says it .

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  6. Poncho

    Get it running, driving, and stopping, patch the floors, throw in some comfortable seats, install some glass, lock in the sheet metal with some matte clear, and drive and show it that way. I think you would have a lot more interest in the car if people would see it as an attainable driver/dream car with the cool Zephyr engine in it. People just need to see the car on the rad and at the shows. Don’t make it a trailer or garage queen.

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  7. MikeH

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the hotrodders away from this beautiful automobile!

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    • Dusty Stalz

      I agree. I think a streetrodder should get it.

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  8. Sam Dibitonto

    I was a Lincoln Mercury mechanic in the 50;s and worked on a LOT of early 12;s..LOTS of internals are shared with the v8s, so a serious restoration may be challenging, but doable,
    Hopefully a serious collector will take the lead,,this a lot rarer than most people think..

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    These cars can be very nice when properly restored, great lines, great appeal. In restored condition they bring big money, in this condition it takes big money to make them nice. For my money the 48 is the better buy.
    God bless America

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  10. Bill Wilkman

    Hot rod? Absolutely not! This isn’t just an ordinary Ford or Chevy. It’s a rare and very unique car. It deserves a 100 point restoration.

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    • Dusty Stalz

      Oh the horror of actually putting this car back on the road. Give it a 100 point restoration and it’ll be a trailer queen. I don’t mean hack it up, but if I had the money, I’d build this car to run and be safe on modern roads.I’m gonna get a ton of thumbs down I’ll bet but I was raised to drive them.

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  11. TJohnson

    Pure sex on wheels!!

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  12. TimM

    Wherever this car ends up I just hope it’s restored to the way it was!!! Keep the V-12 in it after all when’s the last time you saw a flathead V-12 in any car??? The lines on this car all I can say about them is 23 skido!!!

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  13. Ken

    Hmmm…Needs more trunk.

    I kid, I kid :)

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  14. TimM

    I want this car!! I want to slam it to the ground with that V-12 flatty in it so low you can’t see the rear tires with those skirts on it!!!

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  15. JBP

    Back to original condition. Everything ells would be a crime
    Imo. It dosnt need to be a top$ restore, but keep it stock, so younger generations also can enjoy it in 50 years from now. All these streetrod’s and other custom build is cool now, but in 10 year something ells is hip, and so its just another custom build. Original must be the way to preserve this beautyfull car. Imo.

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  16. Brakeservo

    NO No No!!! Didn’t anybody here study art or architecture?? Definitely NOT Art Deco. Art Moderne maybe BUT NOT ART DECO!!

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  17. Kevin White

    Ive had my 39 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe now for ten years, I found it in Minnesota and am the second owner… Beetle Green and a time capsule or originality… I brought it here where I live in Singapore but the V12 kept overheating so I put in a new French block V8 from Vern Tardel, and just had to lower it a bit, 2”, it gives it so much more of an aerodynamic look rather than up there and driving Miss Daisy… the Zephyr gets a lot of thumbs up out here and it’s a car I love driving and will never sell… if I had the incling for another and this one, I too would do all the mechanicals and interior and drive her rough until someone fell in love with it and I’d flip it… these cars are awesome.

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    Where oh where in the world are you going to find that waterfall grill/console? Good luck with that one, otherwise it’s a dream.

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