Attractive Survivor: 1964 Chrysler 300

Strictly speaking, while it may not be completely original, I think that this 1964 Chrysler 300 2-Door Hardtop probably qualifies as a survivor. It underwent a repaint in its original color many years ago, and it is now fitted with a dual exhaust, but it is, otherwise, original. It is also a rather attractive looking car. If this is a car that really sparks your interest, it is located in Lansing, North Carolina, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. I would like to thank Barn Finder Pat L for spotting the Chrysler for us.

The Silver Turquoise Poly paint on the Chrysler looks really good, with a nice shine to it. The vast majority of the exterior trim is in first class condition, although there is some wear on the front bumper. The owner goes to some trouble to emphasize the fact that the Chrysler has absolutely no rust, and there certainly isn’t any visible on the vehicle. I think that one of the things that I really like about this car is how the color just has the right look for the period when the car was built. Turquoise is not a color that you commonly see on new cars today, and it was a color that was extremely popular in a period from the late 1950s until the early 1970s. Today, cars are painted in distinct shades of blue or green, and turquoise is a color that has just gone out of vogue, with only a few exceptions.

This is a 64-year-old-car, so it is only right to expect some wear and tear on the interior. Thankfully, the wear is limited, and the tear seems to be non-existent. The worst that I can see is what looks like a large stain in the rear carpet on the driver’s side. The rest of the upholstery and trim is quite good, with only some wear on the metal trims on the doors to note. The bucket seats and floor console look really good, and the car is equipped with a reclining passenger seat, a tilt wheel, a working factory radio, and even a vacuum gauge that still operates correctly.

Providing the get-up-and-go for the Chrysler is a 383ci V8, a TorqueFlite transmission, and a 3.23 rear end. The engine is fitted with the standard 4-barrel carburetor and would pump out a healthy 305hp. The engine bay looks remarkably clean and tidy for a car of this age, and the owner does say that the car is fitted with a dual exhaust which has a mellow sound to it. He also says that there is nothing that needs doing to the car and that you can drive it as it is.

If you hunt around the market at present, there are a few ’64 300s for sale. There are a few that are the Silver Edition, and the vast majority of the remaining cars are finished in black. The Silver Turquoise paint with the turquoise interior doesn’t feature a lot in the market, although the combination is very attractive. The owner of this 300 has set the asking price at $11,995 and comparing it with other examples that are currently for sale, that price seems to be very reasonable.


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  1. Beatnik Bedouin

    Nice car, but it’s only 54 years-old, Adam… ;-)

    I hope it finds an appreciative home.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      And hard to believe at that! I almost bought the 4 door in college……really nice looking cars….in fact I like all the different styling exercises Chrysler had in the Sixties…my ’63 Crown especially but even the later Green Hornet models……..a beautiful car

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  2. local_sheriff

    Very attractive forgotten mid-sixties car, this would be the Mopar counterpart to the Riviera? Looks more bluish-gray than turquoise to me, but I know automakers were creative with names back then. Always loved the face of these Chryslers. Price seems acceptable considering how much of a car the Chrysler is compared to lesser Mopars.
    It’s got a sensible driveline, so all it needs is a thorough suspension drop and it’s ready to rumble!

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  3. Pat

    I think all Chrysler 300 came with dual exhaust.

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    • Rich Tague

      I hada 65 , had single exit exaust w/ a 383 4bbl

  4. Miguel

    The floor shifter seems odd to me if this isn’t a letter car.

    • Beatnik Bedouin

      You could get a floor shift, bucket seat interior in the 300 without it being a letter car, Miguel.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Great looking car with Plenty of power and the great Torsion Bar Ride!! Good luck to the new owner!!


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  6. Chris

    What? Where’s Keith? The Mopar freaks will never break out the $$$$$ now!!

    Good looking old Chrysler here!

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  7. Roseland Pete

    Nice car but I wouldn’t call it a survivor unless it had the original paint.

  8. Steve S

    It would be nice if this had the dual 4 barrel intake or the cross ram intake but that was probably for the letter cars

  9. Del

    Very sweet.

    You guys should Crowd Fund me and give me this as Xmas present.🎄

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  10. Pete Phillips

    The console and floor shift are rare options for a non-letter series 300. I had a ’64 300 2-dr. hardtop with the 383 2-barrel as the standard engine. It ran on premium fuel, got about 17-18 mpg on the highway, had a single exhaust and factory A/C. These are very well-built, quality cars.

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  11. Chris R

    Awesome find….Santa…ya know what I REALLY want for Christmas?!! This old Chrysler is sweeeet!

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  12. Phil l.

    My high school buddy Russel Had one identical to this. It seemed like a grandpa’s car to all of us. It had a limp spongy suspension but it could fly! I remember the mileage meter in the console that measured fuel consumption.when he stepped on the gas the guage would drop into the red zone. What a car!

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  13. Moe

    Very few mods to this very solid and straight looking car. I like how the driver seat is in very original looking condition. And since the odometer has clearly gone over once, then someone must have performed delicate surgery with some original materials.

    Under the hood are signs of some period looking “boosts”. That golden lion sticker is from an earlier vintage Chrysler, not part of the marketing in 64.

    And that dual snorkel air cleaner is either from a slightly newer model (poss a dodge) or someone did a bit of welding and painting. Not bad, and not hard to find a single snorkel.

    The biggest mod is the A/C. That is not a year-correct factory unit under the hood. But more importantly the dash heater controls are were not upgraded to the factory A/C type. The temp slider is blank and there are no A/C “max cold” buttons. But the dead give away is the missing factory A/C vents on the dash. The factory vents were dual metal pop-up units that came out of the top of the dash. To do an after-market upgrade to these cars would either require cutting or full replacement of the dash. Never done for obvious reasons.

    And even though there is A/C under the hood, it’s not obvious how one controls it or where the air come out.

    These minor changes can all be reversed, and don’t seem to have messed with the structure of the car.

    Dual exhaust was very rare in the day, but is a worthwhile upgrade for any RB block Chrysler.

    As for the floor shifter, it looks correct and there is a proper shifter button delete panel up where the shift buttons should be (top left side of dash). But even though it (and the tilt wheel) were a costly option, they remove 2 of the most distinctive interior features of these cars: the pushbutton trani and the “square” steering wheel.

    All in all this is a very clean looking and seemingly well maintained “lost years” Chrysler with a few retro style “upgrades” that don’t seem to have done any damage, but also don’t add much.

    Non-letter cars could also be ordered with a 413 (but no x-ram unless you get the letter). 383 was standard.

    The price is only a tiny bit strong. But the market is tiny for these cars. And a convertible was available on the Newport for this year, which makes a way cooler driver for similar money.

    I like this car, and am obviously a huge fanboy for these, but in the end I want to hold off for something a bit more special. And not getting the conversation pieces (pushbuttons n wheel) means I just can’t pull the trigger on this very pretty and solid car.

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  14. Neal

    These are beautiful vehicles!

  15. dave smeaton

    I had a 64 New Yorker,4 door hardtop and it had a floorshift,from the factory.It was a 413 though.Tons of torque!!

    • Moe

      @ dave smeaton – I have never seen a 64 New Yorker with a floor shift! I didn’t think it was an option. If you have pics, please post or give a link. Thanks!

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