Cheap With Patina: 1963 Cadillac DeVille

Fifties and early-sixties Cadillacs were special cars and subsequently are sought after by people who appreciate the big cars of that era. I’m not going to be buying a mint ’59 Caddy, the tail fin king of motordom, anytime… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

California Z-Car Dreamin’

There’s no shortage of vintage Datsun Z-cars out there, but the early Zs weren’t given any protection against rust at the factory. So, unless the dealer or buyer took steps to protect the underbody, that’s the way they stayed…. more»

Retirement Plan: 1964 Cadillac DeVille

While browsing ebay, I happened on this sad ’64 Cadillac DeVille. The owner had done a mechanical restoration and had just retired. This was the car that he “was going to take to (his) retirement home in California”, and… more»

American Special: 1958 Devin

Back in the 1950s every young guy who liked sports cars and racing wished he could own a Ferrari race car just like Phil Hill drove. These were impossible cars to get your hands though on unless you were… more»

Sweat Equity Sports Car: 1961 Austin-Healey 3000

The ‘Big Healey’ of the early 1960s stood between the high powered sports cars like the Corvette and E-Type and the smaller, more affordable ones like 4-cylinder MGs and Triumphs. A good Healey 3000 can now sell for about… more»

French Field Find: 1961 Renault Caravelle

There was a time when French cars competed for sales in the US with the best small cars that Europe had to offer, particularly Germany’s VW and England’s BMC. The main French competitor was Renault, which has a storied… more»

Fifty Year Sleep: 1948 Tucker Barn Find

The 1948 Tucker was the most innovative new Post-WW2 car offered to the car-hungry American public. Created quickly in a 6-month period as a ‘safety’ car, the goal was to market a brand new design at a time when… more»

Two Down: 1955 Daimler Conquest Roadster

The Daimler Conquest line began life in 1953 as a Saloon car. It was developed to provide affordable luxury at a time when England was moving beyond the post-WW2 period to become a major power in the automotive industry…. more»

She Goes: 1968 Elva Courier

Elva was a cottage maker of race and road cars in England beginning in 1955. Although production numbers were small, Elvas punched well above their weight due to their agility and simple but effective engineering. Elvas carried Mark Donohue… more»

Rent-A-Racer: 1968 Shelby GT350 Hertz

The best known Hertz Shelbys were the 1966 models. It’s less well known that Hertz ordered Shelby GT350s for their rental fleet at least through 1968. This modified 1968 Hertz GT350 is said to be a barn find and… more»

Neil Armstrong’s 1967 Corvette Sting Ray

Today marks the 51st anniversary of the first US human space flight, so it seems appropriate to talk about America’s space heros. As a perk for being heros, the astronauts were given Corvettes on $1/year leases by Jim Rathman’s… more»

1964 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible Project

Second generation Corvettes have appreciated to the point where few car guys can afford a restored one, and many of us don’t have the experience or can’t afford to restore a basket-case either. But every once in a while… more»

Prancing Project: 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT

The Dino 206GT and 246GT were Ferrari’s first mid-engined production cars. Their sensuous lines, exotic engine placement, and good driving dynamics earned them high marks from both automotive commentators and sports car enthusiasts alike, and their values have climbed… more»

One Special Chevy: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS

With its hairy LT1 engine, improved suspension, and uncluttered good looks the 1970 Camaro Z28 RS has been described as the most desirable Camaro ever produced. That statement may be subjective, but after taking a look at this one,… more»

King of Beasts II: T-Bucket Dragster Survivor

This T-Bucket dragster should stir up some nostalgia for out old hot rodders. Built in 1966 by three young rodders in Walpole, MA, it was run at a local 1/8th mile strip set in the parking lot of the… more»

Tiny Racer: 1962 Fiat Abarth Allemano Spider

This 1962 Fiat Abarth Allemano Spider poses an interesting question: Is it a good project that’s worth putting lots of time, effort, and money into? Or is it good for nothing but parts? It has been been raced a… more»