Pristine Panther: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS

Maybe I’m showing my age here but it doesn’t feel like all that long ago when it seemed like half the cars on the road were big, boxy sedans. Despite production numbers well into the millions, it’s not often you see an 80’s/90’s vintage Caprice, LTD or Grand Marquis as clean as this one any longer.  This two-owner 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS can be found here on eBay with a No Reserve listing and is located in Levittown, PA.

This 1990 Grand Marquis lands at the tail-end of the first generation design era, which was revamped in 1992 and rounded out the sharp, angular body lines of its predecessors. I’ve always had a soft spot for the boxy first gen Panther platform sedans, having owned an ’87 Ford LTD myself, probably due to growing up with a steady diet of 80’s action movies which featured no small amount of these cars carrying heroes and henchmen alike. This GS trim version looks to be about as clean as you’ll see these days, and while there’s not much backstory on it in the listing I’d be shocked if it wasn’t garage kept.

This Grand Marquis features the 5.0L Windsor V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Like the rest of the vehicle, the engine bay appears clean and indicative of diligent maintenance. The five-digit odometer reads only 62,856 miles, and while the seller makes no guarantees that it hasn’t rolled over once I’d be very surprised if that was the case considering the condition of the rest of the vehicle.


The interior on these sedans is basically a rolling La-Z-Boy showroom, and the cloth upholstery on this one looks to be immaculate with only the most minor discernible wear. Despite their prevalence in car-chase scenes, these won’t get you anywhere especially fast – but they will get you there in comfort and style! These Grand Marquis are coming back around again to being retro-cool; will you throw your hat in the ring and see where the auction lands?

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  1. Boatman Member

    Excellent write-up, Matt!

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    • Matt Hurst Member

      Thank you! As you could probably gather I’m really partial to these. My wife currently has an 03 Grand Marquis that we’re about to upgrade to a Marauder… can’t wait!

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  2. Jim22

    My mom loved these cars and was so upset when they started rounding them out and then eventually discontinuing them.

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  3. Kenneth Carney

    Still looking for a decent car for my SIL
    and this one could be it. I’m very impressed as to just how clean this car is
    inside and out. Think I ‘ll show this car to
    her when she comes home from work
    tonight . And maybe, just maybe she’ll
    like it. Beats looking at all the POS used
    cars she’s called about lately. In my neck
    of the woods, dealers charge new car
    prices for worn-out jalopies that usually
    die before you’re through payimg for them. If anything else, we’d get it for her
    and when it’s time, I’ll buy it back. Either
    way, great find!

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  4. David Miraglia

    Nice and desirable. Always liked those downsized barges.

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  5. Hide Behind

    The little 302 Windsor was about only motor needed by the buyers who could not afford a Lincoln.
    They actually were very comfortabl, and once being stuck for a quick back and forth run to LA Rod Show from Wa., 4 of us got over 20+ mpg out of the rental, and 70-85 mph was our norm freeway speeds.
    If I was old and fat I would seriously concider this auto at 4-4500 US$.
    Or if one of todays married and dometicly hampered males with kids, it would make a great 2nd auto for relaxing trips beyond that of the daily commuter egg shell.
    A family of four could camp out, two in trunk, two inside, or have enouvh room for all their tent camping needs; including Fidos.

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  6. Nick

    These were very comfortable and reliable cars. I don’t know how reliable it would be now, considering it’s age. But it would be a neat toy to take out on nice days. I hope it finds a good home.

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  7. Matt G

    I remember renting one of these when they were new- in those years the solution to the low fuel economy of those old engines often was to put in really low rear gears- 2.73 if I recall in this one- so it was a real dog but solid and comfortable. I also seem to remember a factory option that would give you dual exhaust and 10-20 extra HP, doesn’t look like this one has it- I would hold out for one of the wagons personally!

  8. Michael Mitchell

    I have a soft spot for these 2 – having owned an 87′ Pursuit Pkg CV – I bought in 88′ with only 7K on it – it belong to a local TV station. Car was fully loaded and had an AC that you could hang meat by. The left lane was always free and clear anytime I headed out in that car. I put 120K on it and sold it for what I felt was more then it was worth at the time. Great reliable car!

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  9. Maynard Reed Jr

    My parents had one of those cars. It was nice for the times.

  10. Miguel

    Where I am in Mexico they are everywhere for practically nothing, and in really nice condition.

    I don’t feel like I am in a rush to buy any of them as they are plentiful.

    We have the Ford Grand marquis here.

    It was weird to see a Ford oval blue on the back of a Mercury.

  11. Gene Parmesan

    Man, this thing is clean! Reeeally makes me miss the ’91 Country Squire I just sold as the interior is so similar. These cars are excellent road cars and I’m certain I’ll have another square Panther one day. Very cool.

  12. Bob C.

    These (and the Vickie ), the Chevy Caprice, and the Chrysler M bodies were the sweethearts for those who still desired big RWD cars during this time.

  13. adam

    For this to have a valid Pa.inspection at that price, I would pick it up now if I were there. I was near there last week. Bad timing. To far to go back now.

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