Bat-Wings: 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air

Were you looking for some “bat-wings”. If so, a 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air could be what you were looking for. In a land far, far away from many of us is the 1959 sitting around Fairbanks, Alaska. Listed here… more»

Another Fairlady: 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster

One year ago today we featured a 1964 Datsun Fairlady here. Today we have a 1969 model for you that is parked in Chester, New York. This 1969 Datsun Roadster 2000 Fairlady is listed here on eBay with a BIN of… more»

EZ Camper Project: 1964 VW Type II

It appears that the EZ company of Little Rock, California converted Volkswagen Type IIs into campers for six years. Here for your review is a 1965 EZ Camper conversion that was done to a ’65 Type II panel van. Listed… more»

1959 Ford Ranchero Project Package!

The 1957-1959 Rancheros were patterned after Ford’s full-sized Fairline. In Lindsay, California, a 1959 project Ranchero is available and waiting to be completed. It is listed here on eBay with a BIN of $3,500, which includes some extras.

1977 Datsun F10 For $750!

Sometimes, for some reason, a designer/stylist feels or is directed to oversize components on a car. At some point, what one might have referred to as “unsightly” when new, becomes interesting just because it is so out of the… more»

Sweet And Crusty: 1970 Saab 96

The last V-4 Saab 96 we featured here in December 2015. Will this 96 bring you happiness too? Parked in Export, Pennsylvania, this 1970 Saab 96 is listed here on eBay at no reserve with the high bid at… more»

Oddball Camper: 1968 Kamp King Koaches

And here we have one of…a kind? This appears to be another first for us on Barn Finds. This interesting 1968 Chevrolet Van that was converted, when the van was new, by McNamee Coach builders aka Kamp King Koaches. This… more»

Topless Three-Wheeler: 1976 Reliant Robin

We featured a 1980 Reliant Robin at the end of November here. That one was complete and not customized. Parked in Northampton, Pennsylvania and listed here on eBay is a 1976 Reliant Robin with a bid of $830 at… more»

Will You Step Up? 1963 Chevrolet P30 Step Van

Barn Finds readers, should the home team pick this van up? Located in, that’s right, right here in Boise, Idaho is this 1963 Chevrolet P30 Step Van. Listed here on eBay and parked in Boise, Idaho with one bid at the… more»

Fire Her Up! 1975 Triumph Spitfire

This appears to be another stalled project. We don’t know if this was the present seller’s project or not? Listed here on craigslist in St.Louis, Missouri is a 1975 Triumph Spitfire priced at, drum roll please, $1,500. Yes folks, an entry… more»

Fun In Small Packages: 1961 Mack Model H

Here is a nice tight package that many of us could use. Located in Mooresville, North Carolina and listed here on eBay is this 1961 Mack Model H Holmes wrecker with a BIN of $11,500.

Ready To Repair: 1971 Dodge Charger

Sometimes there are some interesting images posted in the ads we run across.  We do like the project car, the rolling tool boxes, the jack and creeper all just waiting.  Are you ready to start working on a Charger? … more»

1931 Nash 899 Victoria Coupe Project

In October of 2015 we featured a 1930’s Nash that had the bed-in-car factory option here.  This model, a 899 Victoria Coupe, didn’t offer the “bed-in-car” option, through you might be able to fit one in?  Listed here on… more»

Project Coupe: 1959 MGA 1600 Coupe

It has been reported that 11,378 left hand drive North American 1600 units were produced in 1959. This one is located in St. Louis, Missouri and is listed here on craigslist for $4,750.

Another One: 1967 International 4X4 Ambulance

We just featured one of these 4×4 Ambulances, but were surprised to find another here on craigslist. It’s located in  Abilene, Texas and is parked in Leesburg, Georgia. The seller is asking $2,500 so it will be interesting to… more»

Lamborghini Countach Body: What’s Next?

Do you “need” a Lamborghini Countach replica body? This fiberglass replica is listed here on craigslist for only $3k. What would you do with it though?