Lamborghini Countach Body: What’s Next?

Lamborghini Countach front right

Do you “need” a Lamborghini Countach replica body? This fiberglass replica is listed here on craigslist for only $3k. What would you do with it though?

Lamborghini Countach rear

Remember, only the body is for sale at the $3K price point.  The chassis is not included.

Lamborghini Countach body right side

With the purchase the buyer will also receive “all doors deck lids n such”.  There are frames available and it has been reported that some people have set Countach replica bodies on Fieros.  To each there own.  We don’t know the history of this body or the story of the one sitting in front of it.  Another day, another “find”.



  1. Gary I

    Wow! If someone pays $3,000 for the opportunity to own this then I’ve got no grasp on the value of cars. Just because it’s shaped like a Lamborghini means nothing! It’s a fiberglass shell of a kit car. Must not have been as cool as expected by its original owner/ builder or it wouldn’t be sitting in the condition that it is. The fact that the seller can’t even throw in the frame at $3,000 made me laugh at the opportunity of owning this gem, love it, (my Fiero wasn’t fast enough so I put a Lamborghini body on it!). Now you just need to find a good running, low mileage, Fiero to strip of its body, happy hunting.

  2. Mark S

    Without the frame what good is it, pass.

  3. Ben T Spanner

    Their own. There I fixed it

  4. Donnie

    se if you can fit it on a cj5 our cj7 frame and have the coolest 4×4 in your trailer park / paint it orange with 01 on the side and don’t forget the rebel flag on top

  5. p

    What did Scatman Crothers say in “Chico and the Man”?

    Take out your can, ’cause here comes the garbageman.

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  6. DREW V.

    Not to be a wet blanket, but how in hell does this qualify as a “Barn Find”??? This is a kit car dealer from St.Louis and y’all are providing free advertising for him… SMH…

  7. Jason Houston

    I’d drop it in the plastics recycle bin along with the soda bottles, soap containers and milk jugs. And I agree, this isn’t any barn find.

  8. Doug Towsley

    Not sure why all the hatred towards a kit car. They have their own charm and appeal. It seems like an interesting find to me. I have built several kit cars and the fun is there are no rules. Some anal retentive bolt polisher will scream bloody murder if you use the wrong color, or motor on a restoration but the fun of a kit car is you can build it however you like. Price wise its a little on the high end without the frame, but there are any number of good donors out there. The trick is if you retain ENOUGH of the donor, you can title, register and most importantly INSURE it as the donor not a kit car. From experience, you do not want to register/insure it as a kit car. But you can legally claim it as a restyled original. A wrecked Mazda Miata or one of those little Pontiac convertibles would be a good donor if you can hit the insurance auctions. Theres some real good deals on partially completed kit cars on feebay or CL, so lots of possibilities and loads of fun. If anyone wants real world experience and advice, let me know. I currently have a Fiberfab Banshee going on a 1973 Datsun 260Z with a V8 chevy and 5 speed, R200 Posi/limited slip and wilwood brake kits. Lots of resources out there. Cool find. Screw the haters.

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  9. John

    Darn, I just gave my Countach Chassis to the Goodwill store. Sheesh.

    But the chassis does look kinda interesting. Any more info on it?

    • Doug Towsley

      Looks like a custom built tube frame chassis. Looks like the seller has multiple cars so maybe keeping for another. OR very likely he has some issues with title. I cannot speak for all states and locations but in my experience it can be a real issue titling, registering, and INSURANCE a custom built car. Some states told me you have 2 build 2 cars and give them one for crash testing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Many will require you to comply with safety and emissions standards with the year of registration so good luck with that. Think you can custom build a car and meet 2016 standards? Thats why the donor car is critical. In my area, anything pre 1975 is free from inspection or testing. If you retain enough material from the donor car, you simply title-register-insure it as the donor and work with your Ins agent that you customized it a bit.

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  10. Ronniecarlo

    I have a friend that did a Fiero/Lambo conversion.That thing RIPS!!!Same guy has a “Monster Miata”. Fast and very dangerous…

  11. Horse Radish

    I am just thinking:
    What insurance company will assume liability for something like THAT (a Fiberglass box on a home made frame) on the road.
    Besides , WHAT is the driver thinking driving something like that unless it’s just used to go to the corner 7/11, but that would be a lot of money spent on ?

    • Doug Towsley

      “WHAT is the driver thinking driving something like that unless it’s just used to go to the corner 7/11, but that would be a lot of money spent on ? Quote end”
      Sounds like you have a sensible minivan or a prius in your future. Imagine people enjoying themselves building a replica of a high performance car, Sheesh. Whats next? Speed governors to a sensible 55mph as well? Or lets just outlaw all gasoline burning cars and either public transportation or a bicycle.

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  12. robert sitser

    Hi, I know it’s been a few years. Is this still available?

    • P

      They were waiting for you

      • robert sitser

        Where are you located?

      • robert sitser

        Can you also send me some contact info? Thanks

    • P

      Was joking with you ..I’m not the owner

  13. Robert Sitser

    Lol. Thanks!

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