Awesome Surf Wagon! 1955 Chevrolet 210

UPDATE – This sweet surf wagon reached $14k when the auction ended, but it has been relisted. It’s currently bid up to $14,200, but the reserve has not been met. If you missed it the last time around, you can find it here on eBay.

FROM 11/03/21 – Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a sucker for a surf wagon. Heck, who doesn’t dream about cruising down to the beach in a cool car like this and hanging out for the day or weekend? This 1955 Chevrolet 210 wagon has the look of a cool beach cruiser that spends more money on board wax than car wax. It can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $11,000 and the reserve hasn’t been met yet. Located in Escondido, California, this is a great-looking project to cruise as you work on it. Take a closer look.

From the dash color, you can tell the original paint was likely either Adobe or Dune Beige. Probably not the most desirable color, but it does look good under some patina I suppose. You can see an aftermarket stereo has been installed, but at least it can be hidden behind the factory door if desired. The seller indicates the 4-speed shifter is factory.

I can imagine crawling back here after a long day of surfing and an evening bonfire to catch some z’s before sunrise, how about you?

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the engine in the ad. The seller does say the 283 has been “totally rebuilt” and only has about 5,000 miles on it. The front suspension has also been rebuilt with the front coils having about 2″ removed. Also noted are a new aluminized steel exhaust, glass pack mufflers, fuel tank, lines, and pump.

Overall, this is an awesome-looking ride. It certainly fits in with the Southern California surf culture but would look good in anyone’s driveway. How about you? Have you always wanted a surf wagon?


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  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    The 1955 Chevy had one of three transmission types, all with the shifter on the column: 3-speed Synchromesh manual
    3-speed Synchromesh manual with overdrive
    2-speed automatic ” Powerglide.”
    There was no factory 4-speed available.

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    • Bob C.

      Also if it is a 283, it is newer. The 265 was the only v8 available until 1957.

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    • RexFox Member

      Agreed, no factory 4 speeds for ‘55, and even if they had offered them, it’s unlikely they’d also include a spot for mounting a shifter on the column. While the seller’s write up could be improved with the use of punctuation, it does not appear that he claims the engine and transmission are original. Still, it would be a fun car, and the 4 speed only increases the desirability, for me at least.

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  2. A.G.

    The only thing which makes this 210 look like a surf wagon is the incorrectly mounted surf board. It’s rust-free and there’s no rust out except for where it’s rusted thru. The all new aluminized steel exhaust which was installed with glasspacks might be new to the seller but it’s not new to car. Any originality has been long lost just like the six it rolled of the line with.

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  3. Steve R

    The surfboard is lame, it’s there to get someone from a non-coastal area to pay a premium they otherwise wouldn’t. As a 2dr wagon it would be far more interesting with some vintage 60’s Torque Thrusts and period speed equipment.

    Steve R

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    • Gray Wolf

      Why is the surfboard lame?? That’s why wagons where so popular in the ‘60’s, before today’s popularity.

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      • Steve R

        Moms made them popular, not surfers. I grew up near a popular surfing destination and had several friends that surfed, you never saw wagons with surfboards attached to the roof. It’s a tired cliche that is now a cheesy gimmick now used by sellers to drive up the price and by car show attendees that are trying to hard to make their wagon with faded paint and worn out interiors look cool.

        Steve R

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    WOW! – A surfboard on an old wagon.
    Never seen that before.
    How original.

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    • TerryC

      Not just a surfboard on a wagon but on backwards as always!

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      • Gray Wolf

        Doesn’t really matter if it’s fin forward or in the back. It has been proved either way.

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  5. Howard A Member

    Come on, sing along,, let’s hear it from the seniors way in the back,
    “Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on a safari with me”,,, Today, it seems, a wagon like this in Cal. just means “surf wagon” with a surfboard affixed to every wagon there is, but that just wasn’t so. Surf wagons, if TV has taught me anything,, were always beat up woodie Fords. Now, if you trust the credibility of a midwest dirt eatin’ farmboy, I don’t think surf boards were EVER attached to a ’55 Chevy wagon in the midwest, they were utilitarian all the way. Before pickups, these wagons served construction workers for years and trashed accordingly. Besides, the biggest surf we had was rough day on Lake Michigan,,,no surfing. The only connection to surfing we had was on TV,,, Hawaii-50 intro,,,starring, whatever happened to him,, Jack Lord.( which didn’t actually show any surfing, but as close as we got. It was considered the “catchiest” TV jingle of all time).

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    • Gray Wolf

      Howard, the woody was characterized as the surf wagon, but even in the ‘60’s they were too expensive for most of us in high school. Our alternative was a beat up 4-door wagon, they were
      cheaper. Some of our friends parents had wagons that we would use, that way that was the only time we had to drive the “dreaded 4-door” and be cool!!

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  6. Don Eladio

    Curling up in the back of it for a long-night’s slumber does not sound all that fun.

    Nice original Hurst shifter and Muncie 4-speed, lol!

    • Gray Wolf

      After a long surf session you would sleep anywhere!!

  7. Don Eladio

    What Steve said…I’d put a straight axle under it and a big block in it with a tunnel ram oh, and ladder bars.

  8. John

    My surfing buddy Steve had a 63 Ford wagon woody. Thing was old and tired and drank a quart of oil a day but our boards made it look good. Thought if I ever got rich I’d buy one, restore it and give it to him. Sorry Steve…

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  9. Terry J

    Had a ’57 2 door wagon circa mid 70s. 283, stick & OD. Faded Canyon Coral w/white top . ” Hey that’s a cool PINK wagon”. “NO IT IS NOT PINK. It is CANYON CORAL. It is NOT Pink.
    So finally saved up enough for a paint job. Guess what color I chose? Yup. Canyon Coral. Didn’t have the heart to change it, besides… had grown on me. :-) Terry J

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  10. Gerald Edgar

    it would NOT back the cover of a Beach Boys album!

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  11. Mark

    Unsold on ebay 14k. These people are crazy.

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  12. Lowell Peterson

    I think Don nailed it! Hurst/ muncie!
    IMO worth $20k all day.By the way? Properly racked board and a longboard too. Righteous ride man!

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  13. Tim

    By the time I looked at it, the post said ended. Did the time run out not meeting the reserve or what?

  14. TMK

    Not seeing a surf board on a wagon is like saying who is Steve McQueen.

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  15. Gray Wolf

    Steve I don’t know where you grew up, but our high school parking lot had quite a few wagons. The mom’s made them popular when new, but the surfers made them popular after the shine left! Long trips, many friends with boards=wagons!!

  16. Martin M

    So, on 11/03/2021 this thing was for sale with the bidding reached $14,000. Not reaching the reserve the posting was closed. Two weeks later it is re-posted hoping once again to achieve the reserve. If it was only worth $14,000 fourteen days ago, what makes the seller think it will reach his overvalued reserve now?
    The market has stated its value. Must be a science experiment to see if one can manipulate the market.
    Oops: I stand corrected, it’s up to $14,500, we’re on al roll.

  17. Troy

    Wow over $14k for this? Makes me want to buy the 78 Plymouth Volare wagon also listed in today’s barn finds throw a surfboard on top and sell it for $20k

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  18. Thomas Brown

    Yeah it’s back on Ebay right now.

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