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Babied 4WD: 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

This ZJ-series Jeep Grand Cherokee has under 100,000 miles and is the top-shelf Limited trim that has survived in impressive condition with just one California owner noted. The Limited models were the Grand Wagoneer of the middle 90s, and featured acres of puffy leather seats and gold accents throughout. Many of them have tumbled down the slope of increasingly cheap owners who wish to look like a million bucks and are sorely neglected today; not this example, which is listed here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $9,490 and the option to submit a best offer. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Vincent D. for the find. 

As GenXers and older Millennials start to track down the vehicles from their youth, the movement towards newer collector cars and trucks will move past the obvious choices (Acura NSX, Porsche 911, Mazda RX7, etc.) and begin to spread to vehicles like this. Sure, a Cherokee will never sell for crazy money even as a low-mileage specimen, but they may start to appreciate sooner than expected. Plus, you have media personalities like David Tracy at Jalopnik who has promoted the virtues of the ZJ platform Jeeps for years, even recently finding an elusive manual transmission model, to potentially influence new collectors into seeking out a preserved example like this.

And really, why not? In addition to the emerging collectibility, it’s also just a damn nice truck. These Jeeps were a milestone moment for the company as it moved away from its long-standing lineup to introduce a new generation of its most consumer-friendly vehicle. Jeep read the crosswinds correctly in terms of more consumers wanting to own an SUV or SUV-like vehicle, especially one that was loaded up with luxury features. The Limited trim of the ZJ Cherokee was loaded with leather, wood trim, soft-touch surfaces, and of course, very respectable off-road capabilities. While the Wagoneer may have introduced the concept, the Grand Cherokee Limited brought it to the masses.

Even with under 100,000 miles, this Grand Cherokee Limited is in phenomenal condition, much better than its mileage would suggest. Looking at the interior, I would expect it to have 40K t0 50K miles, not 8,000 shy of 100K. The California climate has likely played a role in keeping the body and interior in such nice shape, along with careful ownership, as any Cherokee of this generation in my neck of the woods has been used as intended – meaning it’s practically lived in the snow and slop of the winter months, and not seen a car wash from November to May. To me, this is a smart buy if you’re new to car collecting, as it will appreciate nicely and be a pleasant daily driver.


  1. alphasud Member

    I bought my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee off of CL with a bad crank sensor. Thought I got a good deal until I drove it and discovered the fresh trans fluid was an attempt to fix a slipping trans. Really frustrated I debated throwing the fish back into the water but decided to bite the bullet and fix it. I was working at a shop in Denver so having a lift is a big plus. Ended up completely and I mean completely doing a mechanical restoration. Drove the car for 4 years. I’m a Jeep believer! While there are nicer rigs out there driving one of these is like reaching into the drawer for you favorite pair of jeans.

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    • Weasel

      You put your jeans in a drawer?

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  2. Miguel

    Why is this guy asking $9500 for this $1500 truck?

    From the Ebay ad

    “All original time capsule. Never seen inclement weather. No expense spared.”

    Which is it? Is it an original time capsule or was no expense spared in fixing it?

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  3. Gunner

    A super nice and reliable one-owner 4WD SUV for under 10k? Sign me up on money well spent and give me that title. No car payment for me. What is not to like on this fine example auto from Cali?

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    Through the years my family has had three 94-97 Jeep GCs. Including my parents. 4.0 specific. No major issues EVER.

    Each had over 250K miles and no issues when they were sold. They became the go to winter beaters. They were cheap even ten years ago. We moved on and do not own one now. However I certainly wouldn’t rule one out if a clean original came along.

    When they changed the body in 99 I have felt they were Chryslerized in quality. Trans and rear diff issues and just poor overall.

    With the Jeep life thing going on now I wouldn’t be surprised if these will take an upswing in value like the 70’s and 80’s Trucks and Cherokee’s. May be a good investment here. Watch the heated seat feature on the Limited. We almost lost one due to catching fire.

    I agree nice truck

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  5. DrillnFill

    I have a ‘93 bright red Limited that my dad bought new and drove until 2015. It’s a lot of fun to drive and gets thru anything. That’s a steep price but finding an unmolested example in such good shape is near impossible. He’ll get his money :)

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  6. William Shields

    Had a 97 GC Limited with the 4.0L. Can honestly say out of the nearly 60 vehicles I’ve driven it is the one I miss the most.
    Unfortunately at 20 years of age the wiring started having a nervous breakdown. When I’d hit the lock remote to open it and the drivers seat started to recline I finally decided my three years of fun was done. Sent it to the wreckers with nearly 200,000 miles on it and that straight six still didn’t use oil between changes!

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  7. Miguel

    A lot of these come up for sale cheap where I am. I am always looking for a 1993 manual transmission model.

    • nycbjr Member

      David Tracy’s found 3 so far, they are out there, GL!

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  8. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    Those seats ! So ‘80s Maserati ! That body so 2nd gen LM002 !

  9. Marty

    I bought a 95 in 09, at 96000 for 3500.00 in great shape. Price seems a tad high

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  10. TomG Member

    Had 2 of these back in the day, silver 6 cyl black V8, ran both to 100K+, only 2 issues, a bad diff covered under warranty (tech said it looked like the pumpkin was full of glitter) and a bad fuel sender covered under a stealth recall. Didn’t even put brakes on them until over 70K. Traded the black one for the next gen with a Hemi, what a POS. Kept it less than a year, traded for an RX350, been Lexus and Yoda guy ever since.

  11. lc

    I had a green 96 Jeep GC that my ex wife got from her divorce. I started to drive it after we bought my ex wife a 02 white Jeep GC that was about one year old. It served me well for about a year. I sold it to a teenager because, at the time, I was in the Air Force and got orders for a short tour to Korea in 04. Later while stationed at Ft Hood, TX, I bought my step daughter a 95 black Jeep GC. She took it down the street and moved in with some people without our permission. Again, I got orders for a short tour to Korea in 2007. I sold the 95 Jeep to a buddy $1000 (we also sold the 02 for about 9.5k) who took it from TX to Washington State then later to Colorado. Talk about putting miles on that one! Both ZJs ran very good. I never had any complaints about neither of them. Both had the 4.0. The only thing now, they are not easy to find in any worth while condition as most have been used and abused.

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  12. Ralph

    “Plus, you have media personalities like David Tracy at Jalopnik ”

    You’ll be hearing from my attorney regarding my eye roll injury….

    “media personality”……Lol.

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