Backyard Find: 1923 Ford T-Bucket

After an undetermined amount of time parked, this T-Bucket is a fairly complete project that was a driver. Thought to be a low mileage build, this T-Bucket needs some attention to be a rowdy street cruiser once again. Bidding has reached $3,050, with only a couple of days remaining in the auction. Check out it out here on eBay out of Glen Cove, New York.

With very nice paint, this once running project is a fiberglass creation, which needs some minor details buttoned up. I am guessing that this vehicle has spent a lot of time outdoors, as it appears that the wood-rimmed steering wheel rotted away? There are gauges, speakers, and even a shifter in the cockpit. Rebuild the steering wheel, and add some seats and you’re “ready to roll”. A tufted leather/vinyl interior would play well with this car and would disguise the fiberglass interior panels. I would add a mini wood slat bed to cover the gas tank and to round out the finish of this machine.

The odometer on this car shows 902 miles which could very well be the truth for this modern build. The engine is a 350 Chevy V8 that is chromed out. I am thinking this modern built T-Bucket may have been built and enjoyed to which the owner either passed on or moved on. Many of these builds cover very few miles as they are used for summer cruise-ins and parades. Although there are not many old parts on this machine, the appearance is nice and I suspect it could be revived with little effort. Either way, this project certainly seems worth a closer look. What would you do with this backyard T-Bucket?

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  1. Saylor

    I’d get it drivable and ROAST the tires off !!

  2. Todd Priest

    Thee things still spook me. Buddy of mine died in one in Flint, Michigan.

  3. Karguy James

    Having had a few of these I can attest to their scary driver position and squirrely nature. Hard to sell when you are done with them too.

  4. Michael

    Love the looks but would never want one. Death trap.

  5. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I rode in my buddy’s twice. Kind of thinking 3 strikes and your out.

  6. 1st Gear

    I’d freshen up what needs freshening up,tunnel ram dual quads are MANDATORY,and love it for the rest of my life.Simple ’nuff.

  7. Todd Priest

    My buddy’s name was Bruce Shoemaker. The person named ‘Leo” in this article is a friend too. Leo Raddocks. If anyone here is from Flint, Michigan they’ll know about this story. This shook us all up. I was actually going to run the race with him as a passenger instead of Dave but decided to run my own car immediately after they ran the T-Bucket. The article says that they hit the pole and died instantly. The pole part is true but they didn’t die instantly. I saw them both moving for at least a minute but the injury was too horrific and I knew they weren’t going to make it through. The guide wire from the pole took the top of Daves head off. Bruce hit the nitrous and the tires broke loose, hit the curb and flung the car around eight feet in the air. It sheered the pole in half from eight feet up. The black mark on the curb is still there after all these years. At least it was about five years ago when we went back to visit friends in the area. My girlfriend at the time persuaded me to take the next run right behind them so I told Bruce I’d ride with him later. So she essentially saved my life I’m pretty sure but since I was the next car lined up, I was also one of the first on the scene. I never want to see that again and that officially ended my street racing.

    • glen

      That’s a horrible story, but shouldn’t be forgotten. People should know how horribly wrong things can go, and how fast it can happen. It didn’t feel right to give it a thumbs-up, but I’m glad you posted it.

      • Todd Priest

        I didn’t want to darken any moods or anything but every time I see one of these, a chill goes up and down my spine.

  8. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Todd, so sorry about the loss, I have lost a couple myself. Maybe your story will send racers to the track. Thank you, a brother, Mike.

  9. Alan (Michigan) Member

    I’ve driven a T-Bucket, really a show car, but cruise-able. Scary at anything over 40. SBC with the dual-quads on a high-rise. Open long-pipe headers. Fun at 25, fun to crack the throttle, but anything beyond a lazy cruise is too hard on the nerves!

  10. Camaro guy

    My son did this in his stepdad’s T bucket throttle stuck mid corner hit the curb and flipped walked away with just a bump on his head

  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Nov 21, 2018 , 10:31AM
    Winning bid:US $3,550.00
    [ 30 bids ]

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