Backyardigan! 1968 Corvette Stored Since 1989


Presumably, this is what this 1968 Chevrolet Corvette convertible looked like when the seller came upon it. Can you imagine just leaving a cool convertible like this to sit in your back yard for so long? Apparently it was parked in 1989 and only recently moved from the yard. It’s located in Barrington, Illinois and is listed for sale here on eBay at no reserve. Bidding is currently up to $5,700 as I write.


Based on the rest of the pictures in the auction, the seller did move the vehicle under cover after obtaining it. Being a 1968, it’s the first of the C3’s, with the nice chrome bumpers in the front and rear and the turned up tail. As a small block manual transmission convertible, it’s my kind of C3! There’s no body rust (just seeing if you’re awake!) although the paint is worn through in spots.


It’s pretty hard to tell the condition of the chrome as the seller hasn’t even tried to clean it up. The long period of time off the road is born out by what I think are bias-ply tires on the car. Who knows, perhaps the claimed 47,951 miles are accurate? It’s not unheard of for a Corvette to be purchased as a “toy” car that receives limited usage. I do wonder what took it off the road in the first place–at least the seller doesn’t use the typical “ran when parked” line!


I’m no Corvette expert, but it does look largely original here, and it’s nice to see some rally wheel caps on the passenger side floor. I’ve got to wonder about rust in the frame and “bird cage” areas, though. Was it covered?


It sure wasn’t out of the weather entirely, as the surface rust on everything under here will confirm. The seller doesn’t tell us if the engine will turn over or not, or really anything else about the car. I’d really want to see the underside before proceeding, but if bidding stays close to where it is now, I can see why someone would pick the car up. Considering it’s cosmetic condition, I’d work on making it run and drive safely first before doing anything to the body. Somehow, with the faded paint, side pipes and deep rally wheels, this car could be rather intimidating left alone cosmetically. Yes, I’d probably eventually paint it, but I’d enjoy the heck out of it first. What about you?


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  1. doug

    Looks like a big block hood, so is the engine right or the hood wrong?

    • Pookie Jamie P

      It’s a small block hood. No backward facing fins And no 427 script

      • Utes

        WRONG!……correct big-block hood ’68-’72.

  2. MikeG

    So many blockheads with cool stuff, but they don’t think so….

    • Mark S Member

      I agree no respect for their equipment. It is usually a sign of someone that gets everything handed to them, not someone that has to work hard for their stuff.

  3. Rocko

    Frames are usually toast after sitting over damp grass for 3 months! Its not much work to plywood or plastic sheet the ground and jack the car 2 feet in the air to allow good air circulation underneath to save a car. A cool car is a trophy in my books.

    • Tom Member

      additionally, I did not see where the car is located. By the 847 area code the car is in Illinois…..not a good sign in the conversation of rust. What a shame. this car is a mess.

      • AMCSTEVE

        Don’t you read man? The articles starts out saying its in Barrington, il. Sheesh

    • Joe

      Frames are easy on these cars. The hard part are rusty a-pillars, windshield frames, rocker channels and body mounts. Ughh BTDT!

  4. Bill D

    Far Far from original… Wrong rad hoses, wrong distributor cap, No distributor shielding, wrong air filter, wrong air cleaner, wrong valve covers, wrong plug wires, wrong hood, and that is just the items that one can see at a quick glance.. If it had only 47K miles, that much under hood would not have been changed, and the stuff looks like it has been there for a long time, so the story does not add up at all..

  5. The Chucker

    Nothing is more expensive than a cheap…….

  6. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I can’t even imagine how much work any car, including a Corvette, would need after sitting outside for close to 30 years.

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