Bagged and Dragged: 1964 Ford F-100

This bagged and dragged 1964 Ford F-100 Custom is one cool ride! Normally I’m a keep-it-original guy, but I really like this one. It’s on Craigslist in Roseville, Minnesota with an asking price of $6,600. There is really no information given about anything but the engine work, the gearing, and the transmission. Let’s check out the photos and figure it out for ourselves!

You can tell that the owner/seller/builder is into custom vehicles; they have some really rad rides, there’s no question about it. It’s hard to tell what the true condition of this ’64 Ford pickup is: does it have body work on it? Is it all metal? Some more info or some detail photos would have been great. But, there’s always that ancient device that nobody under 30 even knows how to operate anymore: the telephone. Give the seller a call if you’re interested. This thing is just a few miles from me, I can check it out for anyone who is seriously interested.

Is this truck tubbed? It sure looks like it.

Any guesses as if it is now? You won’t be hauling too much lumber or too many motorcycles back there, but this would sure be a fun vehicle just to drive around town with. I’m assuming that it has an air suspension but there’s no mention of that at all. The black side pipes are a nice, custom touch. This is a lot of truck for 66 $100 bills.

The interior could use some work to keep up with the custom exterior look, but if this truck was done the seller would be asking much more for it. And, how about that Edsel steering wheel with the push-button transmission selector? Very cool. It looks like this truck has a 4-speed manual on the floor with a big doorknob for a shift knob, but the seller mentions that it has a C4. The steering wheel buttons have to be for show otherwise why have a big floor shifter? Either way, it’s pretty unique.

There is more custom work under the hood, but you probably guessed that there would be. This is a Ford 302 V8 that was bored to a 306, according to the seller, and it has heads from a 1969 302. There is no mention of horsepower but I’m assuming that it can get up and go with the 373 gears and that engine setup. Have any of you done a custom pickup like this? If so, you must know the value of this one, what do you think about the price of this truck?

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  1. DRV

    With all of the white it’s hard to tell what’s happening with the body…and why the boss 357….pistol? Cool ideas without the proper execution but I get that it’s meant to be that way.

    • racer99

      Have to agree, manual steering, single pot master cylinder, etc.. Would wonder what it looks like underneath since a lot of the stuff I can see looks a little lacking in execution (as an example — don’t know how you’d drive this on the street with a mini-spool locking the rear wheels together). Several different youtube video series exist showing mods to these including puttting a full late model Crown Vic frame underneath.

    • Darrell Lawrence

      is it 357 or a BOSS 351 Cleveland ?

  2. L.M.K. Member

    Eh….No likey….That tall shifter look’s agonizingly difficult ….and on and on I could go….but I won’t….Only one man’s opinion…

  3. Bill

    A once good truck turned into a clown car.

  4. JW

    Never cared for the slammed look and especially on trucks, like the red one next to it better. You think I could buy it instead for the same price ???

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I was driving down the Pacific Coast highway when I came to a scene on a parking lot. A pickup had caught fire and burned right to the ground. The tires were gone and the springs had collapsed. Whenever I see a truck slammed to the ground like this one, I get the impression that it was burned to the ground, then all the debris swept up and the truck repainted just the way it sat. Some guys go for the ‘laying frame’ look and that’s just fine. I prefer it somewhat higher; not stock but a reasonable stance, something that won’t get high-centered on a cigarette paper….

  5. Joe Howell


  6. Blyndgesser

    No longer a truck in any meaningful way. Nor is it a usable car.

  7. Don

    Cool he has Fonzie’s bike 🚲

  8. angliagt

    I’ll be really glad when this “Slammed” fad dies out.
    He could probably have gotten more for it if he’d left it stock.

  9. Stiffler4444

    I’ll never hate anything more than those stupid crooked license plate recesses. Who thinks that’s good. Who???

    • Don

      If your drunk and stoned when ya put it on it looks straight 🍺

  10. jwinters

    all that work done to this truck, and he uses a bunjee cord to hold down the battery….

  11. 68 fastback

    Sheesh tough crowd

    Like 1

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