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Banana Beater: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

It could never quite catchup with Ford’s Mustang, but the Barracuda came close. With many engine options and styling much like that of the Camaro, the ‘Cuda provided a lot of muscle for the money. This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is claimed to run and is still wearing its original paint. Find it here on eBay in Riverside, California with bidding at $8,100 and no reserve.

When Plymouth introduced their updated Barracuda in 1970, it may have looked bland, but it helped them make more sales in the showrooms and win more races on the tracks. This Top Banana yellow ‘Cuda isn’t going to win many races, but the 383 V8 and automatic transmission should work fine at the stoplight. The seller mentions that it does run, but that it has not been driven for a while, so you can assume that it is going to need some work.

One of the most important factors when considering any project is the amount of rust. The nasty stuff can take a seemingly affordable project and turn it into an endless money pit. Luckily this car is claimed to be solid all except for a spot in the trunk. We would still want some more proof of those claims in the form of an inspection or at least high quality photos of all the potential problem areas.

Assuming that this car is solid, it should make for a great restoration project. The options list is long and the color isn’t too bad. We just hope that creased panel in front of the hood is the worst of the metal damage. ‘Cudas are great cars and make a nice alternative to the more common “pony cars” you see on the road everyday.


  1. craZee

    I think the “383” on the side of the car is the number of dents in it.

    Whoever was driving this needs to go to a driving school !

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  2. P L S.

    At the Dream Cruise every year, there are ALWAYS a Mustang, or a Camaro to the right, left, behind, or in front of you. I like seeing some of those Wily Mopars out there – always had the willingness to do styling a little different, but in a good way (not like AMC !!!)

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    70 cuda in bananna yellow cool.If it goes for under $10,000 it could be really good for the working man who can now possibly get into the hobby.Other-wise love the car 383 big-block can’t go wrong.

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  4. Rick Rothermel

    Looks like Joe Mannix borrowed this one for an afternoon cruise…

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  5. scot c

    ~ Barracuda beat Mustang to market by several months.
    @ PLS the Marlin styling exercise based on the American was much more attractive than the car built on Ambassador architecture, and is the car AMC should have built. IMO

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  6. scot c

    ~Barracuda beat Mustang by about 16 days. old, feeble mind

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  7. Jesse

    We were not referring to release date or speed when stating that it never caught up with the Mustang. The Mustang and the Camaro always outsold the ‘Cuda, so despite being a good car, it never caught up.

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  8. Terry Parkhurst

    This car is a survivor – twice. Not only did it survive time until the last decade, but then, it survived with its original engine and transmission; when so many others of its kind became “tribute” or “replica” or “clone” muscle cars. This would make a great father-and-son or father-and-daughter project. Or maybe some shop teacher could find the money in his budget to bring it back to his students.

    In the latter case, having it as the class project at a technical college’s collision repair class, would allow the students to become prepared for the restoration market.

    Someone might be able to get this Barracuda for $7,500, if that $8,100 isn’t a firm reserve. But even if it is, that’s not a bad price for a surviving E-code Chrysler that runs and whose body is all there, if a bit hammered (and ready for the rubber mallet).

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  9. junkman Member

    “It’s only original once” My new favoite saying, call the paintless dent guy ,sweet !

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