Barbados Yellow Survivor: 1988 Honda CRX Si

When you look at the original Honda CRX, there’s a few things you want to aim for when buying one: an Si, which adds enough horsepower to make a difference on a light-weight car like this, and an awesome 90s color like Barbados Yellow. True, not everyone wants an in-your-face color scheme like this, but if you’re a collector, a survivor Si like this one listed here on craigslist in Phoenix is the jackpot. Speaking of getting lucky, the seller of this car managed to snag this out of someone’s garage, as he mentions it was a one-owner car until just recently. The asking price is $14,900, and I suspect he’ll get very close to that.

Now, keep in mind, power wasn’t huge with these cars but that’s not the point. The low curb weight and tossable chassis meant the CRX Si made an awful lot out of its meager 108 b.h.p., which was limited to its top-trim model equipped with the 1.6L D16A6 four-cylinder. With no backseat and tipping the scale at just over 2,000 pounds, there’s little question as to why these became darlings of the autocross crowd, along with anyone who had an interest in chassis tuning. The aftermarket of the early 90s basically exploded around cars like this and its backseat-equipped sibling, the Civic Si, and today finding one that hasn’t been modified is near impossible. Rust is also a silent killer, but it’s not an issue here.

Thank you, Arizona climate, for preserving this lovely slice of rad-era goodness. The Si was a wonderful package right out of the box, which is why it’s disappointing to see how many have been modified. For example, the sport seats that came in the Si are enormously comfortable, and so many cars were stripped of these delightful buckets that a clean part today will set you back several hundreds of dollars. The transmission was classic Honda, offering buttery-smooth and gloriously precise shifts. And of course, this being an era before airbags consumed entire cockpits means you can see everywhere, thanks to narrow pillars and lots of glass. The interior is immaculate, right down to the rare-as-hen’s-teeth factory floormats.

The seller nabbed a good one, as he notes this CRX was bought and serviced at Scottsdale Honda since new. The air conditioning even still works, which is sort of a must-have in a climate like Phoenix. Some smart, preventative maintenance has been performed recently, including new spark plug wires, a fresh timing belt, new fuel pump and filter, a new valve cover gasket, and more. The listing indicates the CRX will come with its receipts since Day 1 of ownership, making this survivor example even more of a unicorn. Don’t blink, because I suspect this one will be gone before the end of the week.


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  1. Too late

    Not a fan of yellow but boy this is really sweet CRX. The fun never ends driving this car.

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  2. ace10

    Really nice car being sold on skipped Title.

    Hard pass.

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  3. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Curious to heard others thoughts on title skipping. I actually had to google it since I hadn’t heard the term before.

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    • BOP_GUY Member

      Had to look that one up myself. I suppose it all depends on how long the current “owner” has had it, as to whether it would make things complicated.

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  4. Victor Anderson

    I’ve had 3 friends that had these. 3 of them were in very slow speed wrecks (less than 10mph) and all 3 were hurt, one pretty bad. HELL NO.

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  5. Superdessucke

    Not to quibble but there was no factory air conditioning on these as stated in the ad. Hondas back then did not come with options. All options were dealer added, including air conditioning.

    So it may have a genuine Honda air conditioning system, but it was installed at the dealer, not at the factory.

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  6. Matt

    Title skipping not a big deal
    In Nevada although I believe it’s illegal in all 50 states. You can go with prospective buyer and explain it to dmv and sign an affidavit. It sucks to be a car flipper at times when Nevada dmv takes 4-6 weeks to
    Process a title. No quick flips. It’s also
    Illegal to sell cars without titles yet on any given day there are 100’s on Craigslist. Pick n pull wouldn’t even take a van I bought on eBay when the seller lied about having a clean title

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  7. Japanese master mechanic

    I owned it’s twin, the civic si a ’91 car bought in ’96 as my first “in debt” car. Had 33k miles then and I loved that car. Fun to drive and mildly upgraded things to make it a little more fun. I paid 8k then this price seems silly to me for a car that is slightly better than an econo car in today’s standard. Back then it was fun. Today, an equally priced Elantra would be more fun to drive unfortunately. Prices for worn used cars is ridiculous.

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  8. jaymon1962

    Rode with a friend in one of these to see the Grateful Dead in Atlanta many years ago. This brings back great memories to see the interior of this car.

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  9. Motorcityman Member

    I have the modern about 210hp Turbo 2018 Civic SI…….don’t think I could go back to only 108hp……I gotta have the complete package, handeling AND hp. I know the modern SI is heavier at about 2,800lbs but MAN its like driving a turbo go kart with a Really Nice interior……AND getting about 45mpg on the highway, about 32 city!!
    The Civic Type “R” is a little too rad looking for me, SI is just right with its adjustable suspension and all for under 25K!!

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    • Chris

      The civic and crx are not the same.

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  10. Tom

    Forgive my total ignorance on this, but how does one get plates for a car that isn’t titled in their name? Once the title is signed by the original owner, could they be held liable for a hit and run accident committed by the new owner? This is a total head scratcher for me!

    • Rusty Trawler

      Illinois has a form at the bottom of the title you detach when you sell the car you fill it out and send it into the state. That way if whoever bought the car tries to flip the title and something happens the car will not still be in your name.

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  11. Gerard Frederick

    Not being a Honda type guy, I think this is as sweet a ride as one is likely to find. Imagine, a little pocket rocket that has been nurtured, not abused – that is incredible.

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  12. Bob Wallerick

    I remember back in the 80’s when I had a thought about buying one after reading about and seeing them in magazines. That all changed after I sat in one at the auto-show and realized how scary and cheap this car felt. Like Victor said, I would never want to be in a collision with this, no matter how minor. I find it unbelievable that with this many miles it might bring this kind of money.

  13. JMB#7

    108 HP goes a long way in the CRX. Not only is it light, but it gets plenty of its power to the ground. These are very substantial cars and well built. It should be left as is, since it is a true survivor and in great shape. But minor weight deletes like dumping the A/C save significant percentages of power robbing weight. 2″ exhaust all the way and a K&N filter let these little engines breath and respond. Tokico blue shocks & lightweight Miata rims help. I had a 3 door Civic hatchback that was going strong at 320k miles and my boys killed a deer and a fire hydrant with it, resulting in very minimal damage.

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    This, or the sweet ’97 Camaro SS Convertible for the same money.
    It’s an easy choice for me.

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    • JMB#7

      So that means you are buying the CRX…. Good choice!

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        50 – 50 chance and you blew it.
        Better odds than the lottery.

        BTW: I know you are being sarcastic.

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  15. Rod Plapp

    I sold these brand new.I don’t recall any power steering and having a long torso I had to recline the seat too far back just to drive one.It helps a lot to have a slender build too.I weighed a lot less back then and and the seats were still too tight on the hips.Loved the car but we were a small rural dealer and these were rare back then too.

  16. chrlsful

    ‘the Find’ (but not ‘THE Find’) on this page of 17. Usually look for runners or near runners for my own DD, restore, drive (for free) & sell to fund a longer term restore (or rest0mod) of real eye candy, pep, or a “Scotty unusual”.

    This is this wk’s or day’s…
    (4 me anyway, price, condition, my own use, resale)

  17. chrlsful

    o0OP, spoke too soon
    (price & location).
    Near 1/2 that price would be more for me
    (soaahwee, I try’n not post more’n once)

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