Barbados Yellow Survivor: 1988 Honda Prelude Si

When it comes to emerging collector cars, it’s hard to go wrong with a 1980s Honda or Acura product. It’s a great time to buy one of these golden era Hondas, as they’re not yet priced to the moon but the values are definitely picking up speed – partially due to the realization that cars like this one, a bone-stock 1988 Honda Prelude Si listed here on craigslist, are getting very hard to find. This one also sports perhaps one of the best color choices Honda ever offered, Barbados Yellow. The seller claims it’s been in their family since new, and it’s offered for $7,900.

The seller notes that their uncle purchased the Prelude new and they became the caretakers after his death. The bodywork looks to remain in very nice condition, and the paint consistency seems strong from end to end. The Prelude still wears its old-school California license plates, along with a faded parking sticker from Canada College. Now, if you’re like me, you immediately thought this Prelude spent half the year in Montreal, but it turns out the Canada College is tucked safely in Redwood City, California, confirming that this example has been a West Coast car since new. The window tint is perfectly 80s, and has done an excellent job of preserving the cockpit.

Speaking of, the interior remains in excellent shape, and this generation of Honda represents a smart, no-frills design that still works well today. These also seem to be hard-wearing interiors, sort of like the Mercedes-Benz W123 line, as even somewhat neglected cars still present decently. This Prelude isn’t the most sporting package given it’s saddled with the automatic, but it’s not like these cars were exactly hell-raisers when equipped with a 5-speed. Along with the long-term family ownership, the automatic has likely played a role in preventing this survivor from ever being modified or snatched up by a young driver looking for a good time. The seller notes the air conditioning still works, as does the heat.

Usually, when these passed-down cars show up for sale, it seems like the previous owner made every attempt to take excellent care of it, the second-generation caretakers let things slide. Not here, as the seller reports that they’ve continued to preserve the Prelude, and ensure that their uncle’s efforts didn’t go to waste. Belts, brakes, and tires are all noted to be in excellent shape or recently replaced, and the seller refers to a recent “tune up” that was completed. All power features are said to work, and mileage is listed as a reasonable 146,000. Survivor-grade Hondas are getting harder to find, especially in one of the best colors ever offered.


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  1. nycbjr Member

    Shame about the slushbox but nice car none the less! Drove a co-workers once felt so modern compared to the ’80s Detroit boats my family purchased used lol

  2. CCFisher

    If you can’t spring for professionally-installed window tint, then don’t bother. I’ve seen fewer bubbles in a last-of-the-keg beer.

    Great color, unfortunate transmission. Honda manuals were the best FWD manuals at the time. If it had 4-wheel-steering, I could overlook the automatic.

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    • Steveo

      In fairness 33 years is a long time for window tint.

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      • DN

        Yes Steven- Bubbling is usually a sign of age more than it is the level of installation. I think I have a few spots bubbling in the last 33 years 😂

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  3. Steve R

    It’s also currently listed on eBay for $7,100. This seller is a liar. He knocked on the door of my parents house and bought a car from them, then listed it on eBay saying it was owned by his grandmothers since new. I happened upon it about a month after they sold it and have been following him as a seller ever since. The ads are fabricated when it comes to condition and service history, in the case if my parents car, he claimed it had never been in an accident, when in reality the entire front clip of the car had been replaced due rear ending another car when it was nearly new. He also has the largest extended family in the world, 2 or 3 times a year he sells a car belonging to a grandparent, elderly aunt or uncle, all of wich were long time owners of low mileage 1980’s or 1990’s vehicles.

    Steve R

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    • Bamapoppy

      So, what say you, Jeff? I guess we live and learn. BTW, does something like this qualify the seller for a 6-month suspension? Asking for a friend.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Thank you. Great information.

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    • Jay E.


    • Ralph

      Steve R, thank you very much. I am thankful for your sharp eye and willingness to do some detective work here.
      I am one of those who wants to believe that there are some truly good and honest folks out there. Several times your info has enlightened me about the weasels out there trying to take advantage of the trust of others. Good job!
      People like this are the main reason I will probably never buy another car without being able to meet the owner, and do an intense in person inspection.
      Your research does us all a great public service, thanks again….

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      • Steve R

        Thank you.

        Don’t give up, there are good sellers, sometimes it just seems like they are hard to find. Read the ads, honest sellers tend to write their ads differently, they usually don’t use language that is open to interpretation and the car is in their name.

        The best way to buy a car is through word of mouth, or through local sellers. I’d say the majority of cars featured on this site are being flipped, these sellers are finding them somewhere. Figure out what they are doing try to be their competition rather than their customer.

        Steve R

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  4. Motorcityman Member

    Too bad its a auto….not a fan of Honda automatic trannys, many give up too soon.

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  5. t-bone BOB

    Located in South San Francisco bay.

    Posting deleted by author

  6. Rustytech Member

    The first one of these I drove was a 4 wheel steering car. I was not aware of that option at the time. Wow was it a surprise when I went to change lanes and the car seemed to jump from one lane to the other! It felt strange to me, but as I got used to it, I liked it. Turning circle was amazingly small, and parking was a breeze. I have always wondered why it never caught on. I agree the 5speed would be more fun, but this is a nice car.

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  7. 71DIMER

    Well…looks like it’s now at some dealer lot, and the asking price….wait for it….$15,499! LOL!!!!

  8. t-bone bob

    Now located in Fremont, CA

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