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Bargain Pair Of 1975 MGB’s For $900


Thanks to Barn Finds reader Frank C. for this great find! We recently published a “Pick Your B” post, but I think this may be a better purchase than either of those cars. While the pictures are terrible, it doesn’t sound like the cars are if you are willing to do a little assembly and fettling work. They are located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and are for sale here on craigslist for only $900 for the pair!


The seller tells a typical story of an unfinished project, involving fresh paint and a rebuilt engine 10 years ago, a move, and no time to finish the car. The paint hasn’t even been wet sanded after completion, which may well be a good thing as it will give the new owner a chance to clean things up without going through to the primer. The car that has been painted has also had the interior removed, but the seller claims all parts are there in addition to an extra dashboard. Most importantly, the seller claims zero rust on this car!


The wire wheels are a nice and classy touch as well. I’m sure the tires will need replacing, and there’s no telling what shape the engine is in; we can only hope that it was stored properly after the rebuild. If the break-in lubricants were in place before storage, it may just require cleaning before start-up. I can dream, right?


The other car is also a 1975, but it doesn’t have a title and the seller says it’s too rusty for them. There’s also no title for this one. However, it was said to run when parked, and will surely be a great source of spares and reference as you assemble the other car. Trivia: I’ve always heard that the three wipers on certain MGB’s and Midgets were British Leyland’s way of meeting US regulations for the area swept by wipers. Anyone know if that’s true?


The floorboards look solid in this shot, and I’ve spent so much time laying on my back behind British sports car dashboards that the tangle of wires in the footwell doesn’t scare me at all. Time to dig out the Bentley manual and go to work! Anyone want to pick up this pair? I sure wish I were closer! Tell us if you buy this pair!


  1. Avatar photo van

    Do you have teenagers without focus.
    Maybe you need a way to connect with your son or daughter.
    Maybe they have fallen into the wrong crowd.
    This has family project all over it.
    Maybe at 14 or 15 they can’t drive.
    So think of the boost in confidence of a girl that knows she can take care of herself.
    You will spend more on family therapy, and still have to deal with a car.
    You won’t find an easier car to work on. You can pull the engine and replace a clutch in two hours.
    Temperamental, sure, perfect match.

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  2. Avatar photo Muz

    The three wipers were indeed how MG met the US rules relating to the percentage of the screen swept by the windscreen wipers.

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  3. Avatar photo jim s

    i think there is more then the asking price in parts. interesting find.

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  4. Avatar photo Peregrine Lance

    Am I the only BF reader who thinks replacing the original steering wheel is a bad mistake? What is so alluring about a piece of lathed aluminum the diameter of a coffee can which merits using it to replace the most brand-identifying original part of a car’s interior??? I’ve owned some of the world’s most desirable cars, and I’d rather drive a Messerschmidt at Indy than put my “special touch” on the driver end of the steering post! … I also think the fetish about wheels-and-tires, if departures from factory, is ridiculous. But I guess I’m just showing my age (73 at last count) when I shake my head at seeing raised letters on, say, a 1953 Plymouth….My last gasp of incredulity?–pastel colors on 1930s cars. Have a heart, fellas!

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    • Avatar photo van

      Japanese tuners must drive you nuts
      1989 accord, 19″ wheel scrapping the fenders, less ground clearance than a ferret, a wing from a P38, lamborghini doors on a 4 door, and a sub woofer that causes earthquakes
      Good times

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Peregrine, that is the factory steering wheel for 1975, it just doesn’t have the padded center hub in place.

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      • Avatar photo Francisco

        Good eye, Jamie

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