Barn Bound In Bozeman: 1934 Chevrolet Six

It seems that more and more prewar cars have been turning up, here on Barn Finds as actual, for real barn finds. I know that was a trend years ago, but as of late, people seem to migrate towards the “Hemi in the Barn“, muscle car finds as authored by writer Tom Cotter back in 2007. The listing for this 1934 Chevrolet Six sedan is light, real light actually, but there are enough listing images included to figure out what’s what. This old Chevy discovery, thanks to T.J., is located in Bozeman, Montana and is available, here on craigslist for $9,500.

Technically, this car would be a Master Six, and one of  551K vehicles produced by number two Chevrolet in ’34. So, what do we know beyond that? Not much actually, this sedan is buried in a barn, surrounded by detritus, and appears to have been used by pigeons for bombing practice. The body is mostly straight with a few minor dents as well as surface rust bleeding through in places. The nicely designed grille has been kissed but the bend in it is pretty minor. The fabric top insert is not really visible, it’s obscured by water skis of all things (water skis in Montana?), so it may or may not be sound. This example seems original and complete, right down to its wire wheels. It would be nice to know a bit about its back story, and the length of its slumber, perhaps an inquiry to the seller can answer those unknowns.

Interestingly, the original 60 HP, 207 CI, in-line six-cylinder engine appears to have been swapped for something later, perhaps a 216 or 235 CI, six (no center valve cover bolts now). It’s a dated engine with its canister oil filter and generator which probably dates it to pre-1963. A runner? I wouldn’t count on it. The transmission should be a three-speed manual unless somehow, an alternate gearbox was swapped in with the engine change.

NOT THE SUBJECT CAR! Image, courtesy of Legendary Motors, for illustration only.

There are no interior images but this image of a restored example gives you an idea of how it should look with mohair upholstery and door panels as well as a wood trim accented dash. I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the interior of our subject car is likely one big Montana mouse house but obviously questions and an investigation, or at least images, will be necessary.

So, a viable car? Well, almost every car is, depending on the depths of one’s pockets. Interest? In this case, I’ll suggest that it will probably be light, owing to its four-door sedan body style. The two-door sedans and coupes often end up as hotrods and that has been the fate of almost every example I could find, and they have all been, with two exceptions, two-door models. I did find two Master Six four-door sedans and one was restored (that’s where I boosted the interior image) and the other, like the two doors, got the hot-rod makeover. And that brings us to price. What do you think, priced right, or not quite?


  1. Norman K Wrensch

    58-62 235 it has side mounts on it

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  2. RKS

    That would make a niiice street rod.

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    • Roger

      Would make a great start of a street rod !

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    • Helmutt

      Shoot wash it. Service the Brakes clean the fuel tank service the carb buy new fuel Pump and tires. Then Drive it as Is.
      Not everything needs an LS Motor.

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  3. Steven Craig MacDonald

    If it is in fact a ’58 or later 235, a T-5 transmission will bolt right up to it via a readily available spacer. Add new gearing in the diff and highway speeds are possible. That keeps this something short of a full resto-mod but also brings it within the range of a readily useable drivr.

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  4. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    Reminds me of my first car a 35 Standard. which is what I think this is, not a deluxe. This could be made into a nice car, but they had mechanical brakes so a switch to hydraulics and preferably disc brakes would be the way I’d go. While I’m at it might as well go with IFS with rack and pinion steering, v8 swap power everything and a/c. Now it’s a real project so might as well install nice plush interior. Oh well it’s just a dream I had back in 1960 when I first got my 35. I would have been the envy of every kid I knew if I had the resources to do it my way.

    God Bless America

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  5. gaspumpchas

    Looks like a full pressure 235- the s-10 5 speed tranny swap works very well with this mill. Would be good to see this baby back on the street. Price a little high??? Good luck and happy motoring.

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  6. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’d have to have a pretty good reason to spend 9,500K on this car but I did come real close to spending 13K for a full up ’39 4 door street rod that was as good looking as any I’ve ever seen. Crew chief reminded me how many cars we had so I backed off. This guy here could be made into the same thing.

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  7. Greg B Greg B Member

    I have a ‘34 Chevrolet 2 door sedan and it has been chopped and turned into a custom rod. This looks like a great start for a similar build.

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  8. Mark

    Nice write-up with the interior pic included for reference.
    Looks pretty good. Buy it, clean it up, get it road worthy and drive the wheels off it.
    As my father told me about cars of that era…”Engines weren’t big but they could climb a tree.”

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  9. Rico

    Is all the junk surrounding it part of the deal? What if I don’t want all the junk surrounding it?
    Who cleans all the junk out of there?

  10. Troy

    You show up with $100 dollar bills and some $20’s I bet you can get it for a lot less looks like a fun one to get back on the road

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  11. Malcontented Misanthrope

    Skiid in Ft Peck reservoir as a kid

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  12. Tman

    Jim, I never heard of a 207 six. I thought they started out as a 194 then 216? Maybe I missed something

  13. NW Iowa

    I just wrote to the seller and invited them to read the write-up and comments here, as well as shedding some light on the mysteries. And maybe tell us if my guesses on some background things are correct.

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  14. Terry

    While in Jr. High, a teacher entertained the class regarding having to stomp the brake pedal on her 30’s auto and how she appreciated hydraulics when they came about.

  15. Psychofish2

    This is nice.

    Since they’re so rare unsullied, unmodified and straight, get it running, clean it up and repair as needed.

    I’d head straight for this at a car show just as it is. As a rod, not so much. On a beat down shell, fine. This is just too complete.

    What a great piece. Thanks.

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  16. Mitch Peters

    I would buy it and put a Ford engine in it!

  17. Richard Kirschenbaum

    To all those who would corrupt this beautiful original car and defile a piece of history:

    May the bleeding piles assail you from your head down to your feet
    May crabs the size of lobsters climb on your crotch and eat
    And when you’re old and withered and a syphilitic wreck
    May you fall through your own a**hole and break your f****ing neck.

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    • Rick D.

      I was going to make a similar comment but I certainly can’t even begin to top your’s Richard. Bravo well said! Apparently, a lot of ppl just don’t appreciate the fact that these awesome machines are an important part of history that should be preserved or if necessary, restored but not yet again rodded. There aren’t that many left like years ago. You want modern? Buy a modern vehicle. Period

  18. Paul R

    The “ junk” surrounding the car is actually pretty cool stuff for some, and collectable.
    Two old outboards, one a Mercury 700 ? Circa 1961 , and an even older outboard which , with some research , could be a real gem.
    Also a great old bike hanging on the wall , and what looks like a serviceable pair of sneakers on the fender , Michael Jordan’s ?

    Plus the waterskis.
    Packrats rejoice.

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    • 370zpp 370zpp Member

      Love the Merc.

    • Paul R.

      Note to myself.
      Upon some research ,the older outboard is a 1946 Mercury 6 h.p. Rocket.
      A good seller for Kiekhaefer Mercury.
      Love the car. This garage is stuffed full of history.

  19. Dennis Young

    I’m an older fogey and have had my fair share of muscle cars, collector cars, cruisers, etc. but am now without anything interestinng to “crow” about because of lack of indoor parking space. For this “old” Chevy, I would redo the entire suspension, brakes, steering, etc. and make the rolling chassis a real modern ride. For the body, interior, etc., I would keep the body completely stock with a modern paint job and period looking wire type, painted wheels. I would want the engine upgraded to a 250 inline six or a 4.3 liter V-6 with a five speed because I still like to “row my own” and wish to keep it that way as long as I have the physical ability. For the interior I would want modern “naugahide” seats with cloth inserts, simple but modern gauges, an AM/FM/Sirius radio, air conditioning (yes, I have become a softy in my mid 70s) and overall just have this be a very comfortable and dependable daily driver which would still stand out at the show and shine events. Sorry for the rambling but not having a “special” vehicle anymore leaves me very unfulfilled and desiring and my dreams just come out sometime. I have the time and cash to build but nowhere to do it of store if safely afterwards. Good luck to the purchaser and please do “this old gal” up right.

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  20. Roger Warnock

    I like your ideas, Dennis !!

  21. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    One of my former restoration techs was from Bozeman, and I remember him saying [over & over again] how cars in the Gallatin valley barns all had a distinctive smell to them, something about too many sheep around.

    Hope this fairly rare Chevy finds a new owner who plans on bringing it back to it’s original looks. While 1931 and earlier, as well as 1935 and newer Chevy’s are much more common, it’s kinda rare to see original non-rodded 1933 – 34 Chevrolet cars.

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  22. Lowell Peterson

    These odd model 30’s cars are of no value in this condition. Who are the flippers gonna flip this to???Just my experienced opinion!

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  23. Kenn

    Real nice to see there is an air cleaner installed as well. Engine might be in better shape than imagined.

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