Barn Find 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

This is about the cleanest barn find that I have seen in a while, I wish we had a photo of it when it was appropriately dusty. It’s gorgeous and clean and looking sharp for being almost six decades old now. This 1962 Studebaker GT Hawk, or Gran Turismo Hawk, is posted here on craigslist in the beautiful capital city of California: Sacramento and the seller is asking $12,000 or best offer. Thanks to rex m for sending in this tip!

I wish I looked this good since I’m the same vintage as this Gran Turismo Hawk is – not quite as gray but close. Am I as handsome and powerful? Not even close. Many people believe that the GT Hawk was Studebaker’s finest car maybe of all time, it’s final crowning glory before the bottom fell out and the once fine company slipped away. I wish the photos weren’t taken with such a wide-angle lens or whatever the distortion is here.

This is a little trick of the lens here, the left quarter panel and tailfin don’t really look like that in real life, says Cap’n Obvious. I love the grille on the trunk lid, that’s an elegant touch from an era when a lot of fashionable women still wore gloves, and I don’t mean work gloves.  The inside of the trunk looks as clean and nice as the rest of the car does and the seller says that this one has no rust anywhere, top or bottom.

Other than something going on with the seams on the bottom of the driver’s bucket seat and possibly some separations in the padded dash top, I don’t see anything wrong with the interior, other than not having a three or four-speed manual. A grand touring car can go either way, manual or automatic and this one has a Flite-O-Matic automatic transmission. The back seat looks perfect. The GT Hawk would go away in 1964 after three short years. Hagerty’s at $10,700 for a #3 good condition car for the record.

That’s one of the biggest fan shrouds in fan shroud history and most of us were hoping to see a 289 V8 here. The seller says that this car was stored in a barn for a decade and the registration became out of date. They got it and made sure that everything worked again, got the title issues up to date, and now it’s a stunning car. Have any of you owned a Studebaker GT Hawk or any Studebaker Hawk?


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  1. Mike

    The camera angles are ridiculous. Is the engine compartment that stubby or am I looking a Mini Cooper with a V-8?

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  2. jerry z

    62-65 Hawks were sweet looking cars. If this has a 4 speed, I’d be all over this like gravy on potatoes! I’m hungry now…

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  3. Gerard Frederick

    I always preferred this over the Avanti – and I LOVE the Avanti! Too bad I am so far away, on a different continent. This is a beauty worthy of a loving home. For a retired person, this is the ultimate daily ride.

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  4. RichardinMaine

    Wow! Great price!
    Can’t bring another car home, always loved these.
    Does it come with the requisite Don Draper sharkskin suit?

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  5. Old Vehicle Nut

    “Selling my 62′ Gran Turismo.”
    I’ve never understood why some people put this ‘ AFTER the truncated year because that indicates FEET. Ugh, either do this, ’62 or oh my dare I suggest, 1962. Whatever, it’s their choice to appear reputable or……nonchalant. So, what else is this seller being nonchalant about? I think the pictures represent the car much better than the sellers non-description. $11,000 seems like a low price and I’d love to own it but it wouldn’t be practical to tear up and down my gravel road with it, especially during the Spring thaw and its inevitable long stretches of deep mud ruts.

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    • Larry

      It isn’t a case of nonchalance, it’s a case of not knowing. That said, the pictures are oddly presented so it’s possible he really is selling a 62 foot Studebaker.

      The English language is having a rough go of it lately, and those that butcher it really don’t want to hear from those that still know right from wrong. Prolly. 🙄

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  6. chrlsful

    lub ’em. This may have been the end of the line (ie furthest evolution) of the model? I know Avanti went to SA and even got a 4 dor. But think this was it on these (add supercharger to this specific model)…
    Pic 3 above shows a trim highlight that really makes it for me (‘arts’n crafts’ detail ’80s/’30s in merica) that my fav Lincoln (the Kennedy limo) has as well (4th gen ’61/9).

  7. Solosolo Member

    Mine was a 1957 Silver Hawk bought in 1961. Great car and I loved the “hill holder” but the engine knocked a bearing, was overhauled and knocked another bearing, so the dealer gave me a 1956 Mercury 4 door sedan which was also a great car but nowhere near as great as the Stude. It also had a penchant for the hood to fly open at about 80 mph on a corrugated gravel road!

  8. charlie Member

    In my opinion, the best looking of the ’53 to the end of this body, lost the no-grill of the ’53/’54, the guppy front of the ’55/’56, the taked-on fins of the next version, this was just nice, and, the V8’s bugs were worked out – Uncle had a ’51, new, which had what used to be called “driveability” problems, short warranty, and dealer could not fix under warranty (30 days back then), or afteward either. Got it running sort of smooth and bought an Olds, which was a great car.

  9. Ike

    He’s got a Caddy in the garage. Wouid love to see that one!

    • Sam Shive

      That would be a 55 Chevy in the garage.

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  10. Vince H

    I don’t understand the hoping to see a 289. It is a 289. The interior has been redone which is a good thing.

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  11. John Member

    Had a 56 Power Hawk had the 259 in it, don’t remember the milage and was black/pink, custom color I guess. Studebaker as every one knows, had no money due to poor management and the unions, 2 men for every one job. But they used the headlite rim from one of their trucks and turned it upside down and used in on a Hawk. All early Hawks were off shoots of the 53 Studebaker, just rearrange some parts and the dashboards.

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  12. carey hill

    nice car- price is ok- although the expression have done what is necessary is a little short on detail… i would imagine brakes would be poor- brake lines rusted- automatics were not great at best…. – hopefully the engine has had fresh fluids and if it dosnt leak oil its a miracle- that said I would love it… but I am in New Zealand- so with exchange rates and shipping/compliance… its a 40k investment for me-

  13. Captain RD

    European Touring styling – a sweet look in 1960s

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  14. Poppy

    Looks to be a “full-flow” 289 which debuted mid-’62, versus the partial flow oil filtration with the inverted top mounted filter. That’s a plus on this particular car. Seems like a fair price. If you can find a ’63, however, they have some styling updates, better interiors, and mechanical improvements like an alternator and (optional) front disc brakes.

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