Barn Find: 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 440 HP

Todd FitchBy Todd Fitch

Not all V8-powered coupes from the muscle-car era represent an attractive alternative to mutual funds for investment potential. However, this tired-looking 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T in Mattituck, New York may have what it takes to beat the Dow Jones. If the seller’s claims check out, the $6700 Buy It Now price here on eBay may be the bargain of the week for someone skilled and willing to restore this R/T.

In 1966 you could order a Hemi in any Coronet, even a four-door sedan (about a half-dozen of which were produced). Dodge introduced the R/T package in 1967, and its least powerful engine was this car’s new-for-’67 Magnum 440 conservatively rated at 375 HP. About 26 buyers decided to step up to that next level, the 426 street Hemi rated at 425 HP (some details courtesy of Today some sport models have no more horsepower than the standard vehicle, so let’s honor Dodge with a moment of silence for making the R/T  (abbreviated for “Road and Track”) a real performance car.

The listing includes many under-car pictures. Some look worse, but the rust on this unibody car appears to be isolated and mostly on the surface. According to the seller this car left the factory wearing Dark Green Metallic paint, a white top and white bucket-seat interior, air conditioning, console shifted automatic, and snazzy red-line tires. I owned a ’66 Coronet and, man, I’d love to buy this ’67 R/T.

The listing includes no engine compartment pictures (hmm) so here’s the shot of the “C440HP” stamping that corresponds to a 1967 440 Magnum engine. I don’t like how the “HP” deviates from the font of the “440,” but I’ll let Mopar experts comment on that below. The lack of interior and engine compartment pictures leaves many questions unanswered. However, the seller knows the history of this car at least back to 1997, and includes many extra parts with the sale. What would you like to know about this car before clicking “But It Now” for $6700?R/T

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  1. Alfie

    1) If it’s complete, and by that I mean 100% complete. I see no drivetrain and a lot of missing trim.

    2) Numbers matching?

    I’d tempt to buy it and restore to original minus vinyl top (can’t stand them).

  2. glen

    Is it normal to take a rotisserie restored car and turn it into a quarter miler?

  3. lawrence

    Pass this one quickly…..

  4. Chebby

    Whenever sellers start talking about all the money you are going to save / make through buying their item…pass.

  5. JW

    There are 2 1966 Coronet cars in the Goodguys Gazette classified one is a 500 car and the other is a 440 car, both have been restored but modified with each having a Hemi. One is asking 32K and the other is asking 38K. If I was looking for one I would save the hassle of doing this one up and try to negotiate a deal on one of those cars then drive it tomorrow.

  6. 421HO

    As we have said. A fool and his money, will soon part!!

  7. SlickB

    I would buy this beauty in a second. Probably because I love these old Mopars. Sadly like so many my garage is full with two cars I’m working on (a 74 corvette and 67 Camaro RS SS) and there taking all the room. I hope someone takes this car back to its former glory.

  8. Reid Hall

    I think this is a project car,maybe a good deal maybe not.6-7k way to high,he doesn’t picture a lot of extra parts, nor does he mention a lot about all the extra parts, that need to be resold to recover money you will have to put back into the whole project .So maybe if someone wants to tackle this may sure to get it around 2-5k maybe.

  9. David

    An HP block had bigger connecting rods,forged crankshaft and hotter camshaft…to name a few…

  10. J-BONE

    I disagree with all you guys. I’ve owned a 67 r/t for a while now and I’d take it over almost all my F body GM cars. Tons of power, cruise comfortable and tight. Best part is everyone wants to know what it is when I cruise it out for coffee and ice cream. Far undervalued car in my opinion. This is a great buy for the guy who’s willing to put in the time and labor.


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