Real Barn Find: 1970 Saab 95 Wagon

Sometimes, you just want to take your recent barn find and chuck it up online to see if you get any bites. That’s the case with this 1970 Saab 95 wagon, which is buried deep in a barn in Ohio with very little information provided. The seller simply offers that it’s a vintage Saab and collectors can beat a path to his door to check it out. While these are undoubtedly cool alternatives to Country Squires and Opel Kadetts, they are not immune from the perils of rust – and it looks like this example here on Facebook Marketplace may have some of those issues to sort out.

Most of these had Saab’s novel V4 engine, which also saw duty in the European-market only Ford Taunus and other Saab models. These were stout powertrains, largely reliable and with low running costs, making Saab models like this darlings of the crowd that keeps cars long past their expiration dates (New England was a hot bed for these cars when new, especially among the elbow patches and smoking pipes crowd). Factor in their decent handling and abundance of quirkiness and you can begin to see why the early days of the Saab lineup shaped enthusiast perceptions about the company for years to come.

Up until 1976, the wagon had a rear-facing jump seat that technically pushed seating capacity to seven, a number you wouldn’t expect looking at a wagon of this size and with only two doors. But that’s key to what made a Saab a Saab: unbelievably well packaged, despite looking unlike any other small car of the era. It’s a shame what happened to the Saab name and image in the middle 2000s, when the money dried up and GM took ownership, which set the stage for the company’s eventual collapse.

While the seller does himself no favors by keeping information to a minimum, the asking price of $6,000 is definitely higher than expected. As much as I love oddball cars like these, the market is so slim that it’s hard to justify top of the heap pricing – especially for a true barn find that will have the usual assortment of issues to suss out. That said, if I wanted to own a vintage Saab wagon right now, I’d be willing to give this one a look assuming a hefty discount can be applied.

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  1. Howard A Member

    Well, for those that say BF’s has strayed from their roots, it doesn’t get any more Barn Findy than this. While I like the car, examples like this pose 2 big problems. The initial reason it was parked in the barn in the 1st place, some mechanical issue, no doubt, then the 2nd, the years of sitting in an environment like this, cooks just about everything else. For that price or even a bit more, I’d hold out for a nicer one. They were immensely popular out east.

  2. Cadmanls Member

    I’ll bet a mouse or two has called it home, knew a guy years ago loved the old Saabs. Front wheel drive worked great in NE Ohio winter’s.

  3. alphasud Member

    Most likely due to elements this looks like a parts car. Wagons are more desirable than the sedan models. I think he is asking about 5K too much for her.

    • Skorzeny

      I was gonna say $600… I liked Svenska Aero ABs up through the 99, but after that? Meh… Back in the day when I was a mechanic, it seemed to me like they did things differently just to do them differently, not because it made any engineering sense. Good riddance. There are better cars out there. You could do a clutch disc without trans removal though, props there…

    • Jay Morgan

      C’mon dude it’s maybe a 400$ car. Shade on you !

  4. Mike

    Is it just me or is Facebook marketplace has worse seller ads than Craig’s List? The laziness of sellers seem to hit a new low and picture quality is a step below. If you’re not going to move the car out of its hole and ask $6k at least get all the junk surrounding it pulled away.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It’s not just you. FB is worse and the messaging system is a pain. Everyone is moving to it though so that’s the way it goes.

    • Howard A Member

      If I may, don’t be so harsh. Many times, you aren’t going to get a professional photo shoot. Someone, who knows nothing about the car, took a quick couple pictures on their phone, and that’s all they want to do with it. The rest is up to you. I think we’re a bit spoiled today, when years ago, all you had to go on was a newspaper ad, or an Instamatic photo, at best. I think it’s a miracle we get pictures instantly from some barn in Ohio as it is.

      • C Carl

        I will be harsh, this site is called barn finds not better homes and gardens.
        I like this kind of stuff.

      • Milt

        I’m sure they want the most money they can get for it, but they are kinda hobbling themselves with bad pictures, cluttered surroundings and sparse descriptions.

  5. hatofpork

    Looks just like my old ’71! Loved that thing. 600 bucks from a guy in Cambridge Ma back in ’81. Interior still looked perfect although the paint was as chalky as this one and the passenger rear had been hit, but it was reliable as an anvil and even kinda fun to drive, and of course still had the pipe-and-elbow patch cache of that era in the Northeast Corridor. 6 grand is probably not a realistic number for this example, but let the market speak!

  6. sir mike

    Ad…or what there is of one…says automatic trans??? I’ve never seen a 95 or 96 with one….am I wrong??

  7. Claudio

    The market WILL speak and this seller will crawl back under hits rock …

  8. Gary

    You mean General Motors forced them to shut by with holding money and investment similar to Daewoo in European markets

  9. BobMck Member

    It looks like a mud floor in that barn. It also looks like it has sunk up to the rockets. I bet the floor is gone. This is Ohio. The salt and mud probably destroyed this gem.

  10. Bob C.

    One of the first cars I learned to drive in. A 1968 v4 coupe with a 4 speed column shift. On the fuel door, it read to use premium fuel only.

  11. jmg

    Cool find. About $3k-$4k overpriced. Yikes. He thinks he found a Porsche (which also explains the BaP – bring-a-porsche web page – listing). But cool.

  12. Pete Phillips

    I don’t think Barn Finds strayed from its original purpose with this car. This is exactly what a barn find is–old car sitting neglected inside a barn. Yes, there are one too many zeros in the price, though!

  13. Arby

    Dirty SAAB..

  14. Christopher

    Most likely parked for a transmission issue. When the Sprague clutch goes, it gets parked. You can get incredible mileage on a tank of gas when it is free-wheeling. Finding parts is getting ever harder for the gearbox, and what about the timing gears for the motor? I would certainly would like to see some photos of the interior floor and engine compartment before even making a trek to the barn where it is stored. The price is only what someone will pay for it. Bring cash and you can take it home.

  15. Quentin the Beeman

    Just what I’d love to make my final journey in even if she were up on a trailer !

    (Could be a tad pricey tho; I ilive on the Caribbean island of Nevis)

  16. CJinSD

    $6,000? How much land comes with the barn?

  17. Jon

    Wow… talk about a Saab story…..


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