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Barn Find Dirt Bike: 1991 Honda Cub EZ90

As someone who loves vehicles of all kinds from the mid-80s to the early 90s, it’s of little surprise to see obscure motoring apparatuses like this 1991 Honda Cub pop up on eBay with more than one bidder vying for ownership. From the colors to the shapes to the way the bike was used, nostalgia is a powerful drug and it’s hitting GenXers and other pre-millennial shoppers right in the feels. This barn find Honda Cub is currently attracting bids of over $1K here on eBay, and it is said to be in fine condition aside from an annoying no-start issue.

These Cubs were meant to make motorcycle riding easy and approachable, with a clutch-less automatic transmission and simple kick-start mechanism. All those finicky mechanical bits were hidden by colorful plastic, and this design helped Honda attract a new, younger market that hadn’t thought of motorcycle ownership in the past. They took the fear out of riding, so to speak, via a simple but capable two-wheeler.

Controls were exceedingly basic, and the Cub was not intended for vigorous performance. It was a comfort cruiser, and more intended to be attached to an R/V and used around campsites. They were popular pit bikes, too, with Honda’s various racing teams. Despite this intended use, it was still a capable bike off-road, and I’d speculate it convinced some early riders to get into more serious dirt bike equipment.

This Cub did run a few days ago after being exhumed from barn storage, but the seller claims it’s no longer firing up. He speculates it’s a carb or spark plug issue, but does have video of the bike running and confirms the automatic transmission works well. The tires appear to have plenty of tread, and cosmetics look quite sharp – sort of a necessity on a bike that gets by on its charm and appearances. The reserve remains unmet, and I’m honestly curious about what the seller is hoping to get.


  1. Mike

    These are actually electric start it has a backup Kickstarter bolted underneath the seat. I have one took me forever to find it but I’m glad I did it’s great fun. I would imagine this one is going to get close to the $3k mark

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  2. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Dang, that’s a great find, Jeff! No start issue, you mean we’re supposed to actually ride these things, not just keep them in our living rooms? I would love to have this little gem.

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  3. Ralph

    So early 90’s I spit up my Zima…….

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    This thing reminds me of Excite Bike for Nintendo. Awesome and different find.

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  5. Rovinman

    I notice that the auxilliary kick-start is on the LHS pointing forward, … unusual !
    On checking on You tube, I was surprised to see that it is actually removable, only to be used in the case of battery problems, and normally stored under the seat, in it’s own compartment. There is a protective cover there normally.
    Also, the stand is electrically interconnected with the starter, insofar as the bike will not start until the stand is fully raised.
    All this in 1991 !

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      There’s your answer to the “no start” problem…..

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  6. jeff

    I work for a professional race team and we have over 20 of these little bikes. They are pit bikes for the owner, drivers, and crew guys to utilize while at the track. Simple little machines that we used to be able to get for a few hundred dollars each. Another cause for the no start issued is you need to pull the left hand brake lever in order for it to start as well as the kickstand being raised. It may be something as simple as pulling harder on the lever. The little switch is finicky that completes the circuit.

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  7. Bryan W Cohn

    Cub’s are still the pit bike of choice for racing teams across America. People pay dearly for the silly things and I agree with Mike, I won’t be surprised to see it sell for $3k.

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  8. SubGothius

    That fully-faired body makes it look like it could be an electric bike — heck, this would be a good electric bike design today.

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    • Bill

      I’ve got one. I bought a new battery for it and it starts right up and runs great. my wife wants me to get it out of the garage so I’m selling it. any interest?

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        Where is it?

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      • ted

        my wife wants me to get it out of the garage!!!???
        why don’t you put her up for sale?

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      • James D Meyer

        If by any chance you’ve still got it, I’m in the market.

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  9. Manuel Gonzalez

    Hello does anyone have a cub for sale ? I’m in New York 718-902-8965

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  10. lee smither

    I’m interested if someone has one for sale.

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