Barn Find Rotary: 1983 Mazda RX7 GSL

The thick coating of dust on this 1983 Mazda RX7 GSL should tell you a little about how long it’s been sitting, and the seller hasn’t even attempted to clean it since acquiring it from the original owner. The RX7 is located in Biddeford, Maine, just under two hours north of Boston, and is an unknown as it relates to whether it will fire up again. It certainly looks like a complete example despite not having run in some time, as pictures show a complete car with no major parts removed or otherwise lost. The Mazda is the tasty GSL model, which came with some desirable options. Find the RX7 here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $6,500.

No mileage is listed, but the interior is in the sort of condition you’d associate with a car that hasn’t seen a ton of use. There’s a small tear in the driver’s seat but the upholstery otherwise looks quite good, and the original steering wheel, shift knob, and shift boot all look to be in good order as well. It’s hard to see if the dash is cracked or if the carpets are soiled, but the good thing about northern cars is that the sun doesn’t tend to have its way with them like vehicles in the southwest. However, rust is obviously a far bigger foe, and the seller doesn’t divulge what’s happening underneath the brittle Japanese sheetmetal. Perhaps the RX7 was stored indoors most of its life, which seems likely given the coating of dust on display.

The GSL package added a limited slip differential and four-wheel disc brakes, a very worthwhile box to check if you were buying on these new. The GSL remains a desirable model today for shoppers of Mazda’s early rotary wonders, but I wonder how many folks would write a check for nearly $7K for one that’s been laid up for some time. If it’s rust-free and the engine turns, I could possibly see making an offer on the forgotten sports car, but given these engines do not respond well to sitting, I’d count on it needing a fair amount of mechanical investment before you’re testing out that locking rear end and listening to a rotary-powered symphony.

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  1. Steve R

    I’d have thought the economic downturn would have made flippers work a little harder to make their money. Apparently not, it seems it’s made some of them even lazier. If they treat it like a job, they will make more money.

    Steve R

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      Amen to that! Instead of letting their kid (or grand-kid) draw artwork in the dust, they should gave them a sponge and a hose.

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    • 4Quarts

      Agreed to all comments here. Based on the limited images of this Barn Find, this car is not worth the asking price, not even close. Transporting this vehicle just about anywhere will cost more than what this vehicle is worth.

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  2. Steve Bush Member

    From reading the ad, seller Gabe Potter seems to be almost bragging that he’s too lazy to even clean the car or take decent pics, much less try to get it running. For his attitude alone, I wouldn’t offer him anywhere near his asking. Finally, I feel sorry for his employer, if he even has one.

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  3. mjf

    Engine turns over , I am sure the gas is like jelly by now and everything will need to flushed out. Sounds like fun to me… Pass

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  4. martinsane

    Shakes head, leaves the room…

    As mentioned just a dumb flipper not even trying and almost 7k for a filthy non runner… Lame.

    Makes me want to go shake the original owner for letting him have it.

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  5. David Ulrey

    More than twice the price it should be given all the unknown variables.

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  6. David Ulrey

    I just messaged the seller. I’m curious if he’ll respond and if so, what he’ll say.

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  7. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Ad pulled.

  8. TimM

    Great car but as the panel states lazy a$$ people should have to work for there money instead of ripping off the original owner and making $5k in profit!!!

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  9. Bob Mck Member

    I have read on BF that rotary engines do not do well sitting as this one has. That may be why the guy doesn’t try to start it.

  10. MW0lf

    I wouldn’t. MOST cars don’t tolerate sitting for long periods without certain things being done. I speak from experience. Brake systems, any seals, anything prone to corrosion (including electrical). Things can look great until you touch it or use it. Even if garage kept, there are ways for excessive moisture or dryness to set in where neither is welcome, and damage to the finish can occur when people carry things past it or put things on it. Anything left to sit with no maintenance to ensure both mechanical and cosmetic preservation? Steep discounts, especially if the certified mechanic I bring with to avoid any debate about issues finds any such issues.

    And you want to sell it for that amount? Clean it. Confirm it runs. But definitely at least clean it!

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  11. DannyB

    What a sad thing. Can’t believe the guy won’t even wash it! I had a GLS and a GSL-SE. What great cars!!

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