Barn Find Survivor MG With 19K Miles

If you’ve never driven an MG Midget, you should. Minimalist motoring at its best — just don’t try to take on an 18-wheeler with one (I speak from experience, here, I lost). This beautiful barn find survivor was found by our own David F. and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $7,250. Sure, that’s a lot for a Midget, especially a rubber bumper one, but I’d postulate this one is worth it if the 19,232 mile claim is true! It’s located in Bettendorf, Iowa if you want to fly into the Quad Cities to take a look.

This is the original paint, original top, and original interior! Honestly, the only cosmetic flaw I can readily see is that the wheels need repainting (with this mask) and the center caps need to be replaced. You might choose after that to install a set of 13″ stainless steel trim rings like most cars had, but that’s up to you. Seriously, that’s it, as the seller has replaced the clutch and brake hydraulics. Just drive it!

Even the rubber bumpers look good on this car, and check out that smile! By the way, the seller mentions having a hardtop as well; it would have to be an aftermarket one by this model; more than likely a SnugTop or something similar (no pictures are shown).

Here’s the challenge about driving a Midget — getting in and out. No description will do, but a gymnastics past will help. The door is actually smaller than it looks in this picture. Obscure trivia time: what does the center of this Clenet look like to you? Comments are welcome, especially if you’ve mastered Midget ingress/egress.

It might surprise you that the Midget has a usable trunk–as long as you leave the spare tire out as in this picture. Still, it’s rare to find one where speaker holes haven’t been cut into the back panel and where everything seems to be intact. Personally, although I’m no longer flexible enough to get into a Midget easily, I’m tempted, and I have a Quad Cities trip coming up in a month or two. But I’m sure it will be gone by then, perhaps to a Barn Finds reader!

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Anyone else remember the advertisement jingle: “…good going MG Midget, you sure make the going good”? Or the ad with the skateboarder going over the car while the board went underneath? Or the one with the baritone or tuba behind the seats (top down, of course)?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Found the ads all on this page:
      And it was a sousaphone, not a baritone or tuba…

    • Dolphin Dolphin Member

      My word, Jamie….I’m glad you survived that bout with an 18-wheeler.

      I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to 18 wheelers—–that is, until I found myself driving next to them on highways in a first-year A-H Sprite that I owned way back when, which is slightly smaller than this Midget.

      That was, and continues to be, the smallest car I have ever owned, or plan to own. Sometimes size really matters, if only because it makes you easier to notice on the road.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Me too. The driver said he “felt a little vibration” and saw “ a white speck (me) go off the side of the road.” It was my fault; I used the heat for the first time on the Midget that day without realizing that the heater channels had rusted through and that leaky exhaust manifold was slowly gassing myself. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew the rear two wheels of the trailer were eating through my door. Quite an experience. The state trooper didn’t give me a ticket because he figured I had a bad enough day already…

  2. Randy

    I had one for a bit and sold it last year. Easier to get into than my Spitfire. I just put my right leg in and swing under the steering wheel. I did see people sit sideways on the seat and rotate under the wheel but my legs were too long for that.
    This is all the money for this car. It’s in decent MG driver territory. These cars are fun and can go fast in the corners of the autocross circle but need some suspension work to keep all 4 tires on the road. They have the 1500 engine as per the Spit but not the access to it of the Spit. All and all a fun car and cheap entry into the hobby. Lots of parts and support as well.

  3. Jim

    Having owned a Midget for over 20 years I agree getting in and out is the challenge, and it becomes more of a challenge every year. Once in the car it provides plenty of legroom. No she is not a rocket but it feels fast at 2.5″ off the pavement. Mine is a round rear wheel arch with chrome bumpers and it is just old enough most folks have no idea what it is. The younger guys who ask about it think it is some kind of exotic European model worth tons of money. It is tons of fun though.

  4. Wrong Way Member

    This little car is very nice, I would pursue it myself if I were limber enough to get in and out of it! I am 5’11” can anyone tell me how tight it would be for me?

    • Blyndgesser

      Under six feet, you’ll fit just fine once you’re in. But you better have good knees to get in.

  5. Blyndgesser

    I grew up in this car’s older brother, a ‘71 in the same Blaze color with chrome bumpers, a 1275 engine and wire wheels. Great times!

  6. Wrong Way Member

    I was kinda thinking about if I could get in can I get my old self out and up! LOL

  7. Ric Parrish

    We have one as ‘yard art’ at the CAPSTONE Old Desert Studio.

  8. Anthony

    I too have an Orange Midget – a 1976 with a FACTORY HARDTOP which took me a long time to get and RARE and new canvas soft top.
    Looks very nice.
    Needs carb and electrical minor work and hydraulics.
    Selling because of health issues.
    Needs paperwork – $2900
    Waterbury, Connecticut

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