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Barn Finds 2016 – Year In Review

Well guys, it’s that time again. It’s time to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in a New Year. We have lots of great things planned for 2017, but we thought we needed to give 2016 a proper fairwell by taking a look back at all the great finds from the year. I’ve picked out a couple of my favorite stories and finds from the year, which you can find below, but I want to hear what some of your favorites have been!

5.) Forgotten Wrecking Yard Liquidation!


Over the past decade or so, salvage and wrecking yards have been disappearing. This treasure trove of parts cars was recently liquidated and while the thought of so many classics being crushed is terribly depressing, we are glad that some of the parts could go towards saving other classics from the crusher!

4.) 30,000 Cars Found In Donated Home!


Obviously you wouldn’t be able to stash 30k cars away in your home, but you definitely could fit that many model cars in it! And one man did just that. When he passed away he left his house and his collection to his church. It’s one incredible story and we are proud to say we managed to buy a couple of the cars from his collection and have them proudly displayed in our office right now!

3.) Not For Sale: 1955 Corvette Barn Find Story

It might not be for sale, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all dream of owning this amazing Corvette! It really is an incredible find and an amazing story that’s well worth reading!

2.) 1970 Plymouth Superbird In The Basement!


There aren’t too many things more incredible that finding a Superbird or two in someone’s basement! That’s right, someone had the idea of stashing their two, yes two, Superbirds in their basement and that’s where they stayed for quite a few years. Both are out now and this one just recently sold for some serious money on eBay!

1.) BF Exclusive: 1965 Shelby GT350

1965 Shelby GT350

I think for us, this has to be one of the most exciting finds of 2016! It’s a real Shelby GT350 after all, oh and it was a Barn Finds Exclusive! We helped find a new home for it within 24 hours of featuring it. The new owner has asked us to keep their information private for the time being, but hopefully we can give you the full story on this amazing Mustang early in 2017!

Well guys, there were some absolutely amazing finds this past year. So many so that I don’t think we could fit them all in one post. I for one would love to hear what each of your favorite finds from 2016 were, so be sure to leave them below in the comments section. Special thanks to all of you for an incredible Barn Finds 2016!


  1. Rod

    I would like to wish everyone the best in 2017. May we all find a barn find of our own.
    It has been a crazy year for me and I now have sometime to update my barnfind and share some pics with you. Coming soon in 2017.

  2. M/K

    I’m fairly new here, haven’t had a favorite yet but like the site as a whole. There’s a ton of knowledgeable people here, yea a few whiners and Debbie downers but that’s fun too. Keep up what you are doing and all shall stay good.

  3. Pat L. Member

    Best Wishes for a happy and prosperous 2017 to all the staff and readers of Barn Finds!
    I only discovered this site this year. I always enjoy the down to earth nature of the cars and the comments. I hope that everyone finds the car of there dreams here weather it is a Pinto or a Cadillac.

  4. grant

    Love this site, check it every day. Have you guys ever thought about putting out a calendar? I’d buy one…

  5. Ed P

    Happy New Year Guys!! I come here to learn and share knowledge of old cars. BF does not disappoint!!

  6. TAGS

    BF has been a great find for me. I can’t drive by a barn here in south central PA and wonder what might be in there. My Mom’s ’69 Charger R/T SE sits in a garage waiting for the right moment to be the road warrior it once was. I took my PA driver’s test with that beast. Good old days my friends! Happy 2017 and many more..!!!

  7. Fred W.

    Hope everyone has a safe and prosperous new year. May you all find the car of your dreams resting on jackstands under four covers in a slightly dusty heated and cooled barn, and may the owner be an angry recent divorcee out to humiliate her ex by selling his prized wheels for next to nothing.

  8. Woodie Man

    Thanks Guys for all the hard work bringing us this great site this past year!

  9. JCW Jr. Member

    Where is Howard thought he might want to be thumbed down one last time in 2016. Hope you all had a good year and a Happy New Year to you all.

    • Ed P

      No thumbs down for Howard. He brings a lot of good info to this site. We don’t want to loose him.

  10. David J David J

    What a fun site. Thanks guys!

    Have a wonderful 2017!

  11. JW

    Happy New Year to all who visit and comment here and a special Happy New Year to the ones who make this site possible. Be safe and enjoy 2017!!!

  12. Dolphin Member

    Barn Finds is still the best car site ANYWHERE.

    Thanks to all the writers, commenters, and readers who help by submitting cars to feature on the site. The car world would be poorer without Barn Finds. Keep it up, guys.

  13. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    What a year it has been. Happy New Year everyone!

  14. Jake Rivers

    Wish you and everyone here a great and hopefull 2017.A New year of the barns has arrived.

  15. Howard A Member

    Hi all, Happy New Year. Always a good feeling. Like I say, I’ve made peace with the thumbs, besides, it’s not about me, it’s the stuff that comes through here. For example, where else can a guy see his 1st car ( out of literally hundreds)
    THAT blew me away.( that “444” script below the radio sits on top of my laptop) Thanks to BF’s and it’s loyal stalwarts that keep this site a hummin’. My only wish would be more trucks. Oh, one more thing,,,,,GO PACKERS!!!

  16. Art Fink

    Wishing everyone out there in “Barn Find Land” a Happy and Healthy New Year. Hoping that 2017 will find something for everyone in “That Barn Around the Corner”……..

  17. Barzini

    The Barn Find story of the year is the shag wagon. By far the funniest post I’ve ever read on any website.

    I really enjoy this website with its interesting stories and knowledgeable community. Thanks to everyone who makes it possible.

  18. Mr. Bond

    Thanks to the Barnfinds staff, and everyone else, for making this such a great site! The first site I visit every day.

  19. R.L. Fry

    Happy New Year B.F., I’m fairly new to this page, and having been raised MOPAR, No. 2, the Superbird is my favorite one of 2016!

  20. Ck

    Happy New year everyone !! “Lets Hope It’s a Good One”I love this site. I only wish it took place at a bar or Duncan Donuts.So we could argue,no I mean discuss what should,no I mean could be done with these Barn Finds in person.

  21. Jen A

    I’m new to BF and so far love it! Look forward to my BF email everyday!! MOPAR girl myself but enjoying the “other” car stories too! Happy New Year guys! Keep it coning for 2017! ;)

  22. L.M.K. Member

    Happy 2017……Love this site…

  23. Glen

    I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year!!!!!! . I spent the weekend drinking rye and beer oh ,and some vodka, and watching some hockey, so now I’m catching up on emails. Better late then never I guess. Other than an e-transfer, Barn Finds are my favorite emails! Such a great website, keep up the great work.

  24. michaelj

    Happy 2017 and a safe new year guys

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