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Barn Found: 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline


Last registered in 1972, this 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline has been hibernating in a barn  until recently. Seeing sunlight for the first time in almost 40 years this Chevrolet is solid but has some issues. Loaded with plenty of potential, this stylish Fleetline is priced at $4,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Corinth, Mississippi.


Underneath the hood of this Fleetline isn’t too bad off from the time spent stored. Granted the heater box area, and the battery tray are crispy, but the fire wall and inner fenders are solid. The 216 cubic inch inline 6 is greasy enough on the outside that there is a glimmer of hope that the engine may not be seized. This is a manual transmission car with a column shifted 3 speed. The engine compartment is mostly complete, but lacking a radiator due to some likely money hungry thieves.


The interior is interesting in this Fleetline. The seats have held up very well to the test of time, but the headliner just couldn’t hang on any longer. Examining the interior photos reveals a reasonable condition interior. The dash looks to be in fair shape with no major damage, the door panels are present, but are wavy and need some help. The only negative aspect about this Chevrolet is that the floors haven’t fared as well as the rest of the body. The rear floors need to be replaced, but new replacement panels are available. The floor rot looks to be concentrated to the rear floor area.


Looking over the exterior of this Fleetline shows a remarkably straight body. There are no apparent dents or dings, and the body is rot free on the exterior.  There is still some of the factory black paint remaining, but not much. This Fleetline does wear a layer of dirt and dust, but the glass looks to be in decent shape. The trim is complete, except for a piece missing on the passenger fender. The chrome is pitted, but is not rotted. The grill is in good shape looking as if it would polish up nicely. Even the taillights are present in this Chevrolet, as it would seem time and heat usually get the best of old taillight lenses.


This Fleetline certainly has promise as a restoration project, or even a patina maintained project. With some time and patience, we can envision this one hitting the roads again. Would you save this ’52 Chevrolet Fleetline?


  1. Tony S

    Now THAT is a Barn Find !!! Sweet!

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  2. nessy

    You guys said it’s seeing sunlight for the first time in 40 years? From the look of that shed’s roof, it’s seen not only sunlight but rain as well. That building looks damp. Nice looking Chevy for sure but they will not get their 4000 asking price looking like this. I like the way you said how well the interior held up along with the chrome and just about everything else. You sound like a great used car salesman…. Just a little wax right? Come on, it’s a total rusted mess. I still like it but I do not think anyone would pay 4000 or even 2000 for it. Get a look at the bees nest on the headlight. Hey seller? How about washing it if you expect a 4000 number?

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    • Joel

      I am the seller of the car. The roof of the barn is solid and the light coming through is from fiberglass panels.

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      • Bingo


        This is a $800 car all day on Craigslist and if your on bar finds you know that.

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    • Mark S

      I’d say $1500.00 to $2000.00 would be a fair price. After all it only has 2 doors but be warned there is a lot more rust than can be seen in the pictures and if your a DIY guy you will be putting in many hours cutting out rust and welding in new metal. This is likely not going to be profitable for who ever takes it on but it will be one beautiful car when completed. As for the roof of the barn it might have panels on it now but judging by the streaks on the side of the car there has been plenty of time where this storage location was wet, and it would stay like that for long periods because its inside. You might as well have stored this car in a green house.

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  3. rich

    One wonders what’s up with the Dusty Caprice parked next to it. Just sayin’…….

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  4. RicK

    The epitome of “Patina” – personally, if it were mine, I wouldn’t even wash it – in fact I’d shoot a coat of clear over it and get it running and drive it as is (clean a circle in the windshield and side windows so I could peer out). Sick!

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  5. Ralph H.

    What about the 76 Impala parked next to it?..

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  6. PaulG

    Too many zeros…

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  7. Duane

    I owned six 1951-52 Chev’s in my high school years, and knew then they were not collector cars. “Barn Find” doesn’t make an average car valuable-especially $4K worth. If you pay 4K for this car, and do everything it takes to make it a nice driver, you will have about $15K in an 8-10K car, at best. Money could be spent much more wisely than trying to restore any value to this sorry mess.

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  8. Jim Mc

    What the heck is going on with the 2-liter soda bottle and hose under the hood? Those things did not exist in ’72 was last on the road. Somebody’s been monkeying around with this car in the subsequent years.

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    • packrat

      Soda bottle with secondary black glue-on bottom is indeed a relic of the mid eighties.

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  9. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    I see an LS powered lowrider custom, too far gone for original restoration yet should be saved.

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    At first glance I was wondering which was in better shape, this one or the one that was pulled from Foss Lake (OK) a couple of years back. It would be this one for sure. My ’49 Chevy Styleline was a barn find many years ago but it fared out much better. About all it needed was new fluids, a battery and lots of elbow grease. A Fleetline like this one is worth a total restoration. Not a lot of them around and they have a lot of class. The old 216 won’t take you very fast but it will get you there (@55 Mph) and bring you back. If this came my way, it would get the full body-off treatment and would be running the Stovebolt when it was all done. But then, I’m getting quite partial to the drone and tap-tap of that old six….

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  11. Joel

    I am the seller of the car. A friend told me it was posted on here which is cool! If you have any questions about the car i am happy to answer any questions you have.

    The car belonged to my great uncle until he passed about 15 years ago. I am working with my cousin to move all 20+ of his old cars and trucks.

    The 76 impala is for sale as well but has not been listed yet. It has a 350 and automatic but it is in bad shape with a lot of rust.

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    • Ron E Bee

      2 or 4 door?

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      • Joel

        2 door

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  12. Bruce Joslen

    That would be an easy fix here in New Zealand. We see a lot worse than that rebuilt.

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  13. cyclemikey

    It’s loaded with something, all right, but I’m not sure it’s “potential”. Looks more like “mold” to me.

    This looks like a loser. And I *like* ’52 Chevys – that was my first car.

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      u like to have one bring 2500.00 and a trailer i got one in very south central nebraska black 2dor fast back in a shed since 1994

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  14. Dusty Stalz

    I found a 49 in a chicken barn when I was younger. A red 4 door in way nicer shape than this. Did some work for the ol guy that owned the place and he gave me the fastback (torpedo back?)plus an old scout that was more rust than vehicle. I rolled the scout and broke my legs ( learned from that one!) but recovered. Ended up moving and sold the car for 300 to a buddy in town. Really wish I still had it as it was a sweetheart and just called for some attention. Needless to say I always peek in ol barns around my area when allowed to see if I can luck onto another!

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  15. Glen

    This is how I envision a barnfind to look! Exactly like this. I would love to come across something that resembles this, even if it really isn’t all that valuable, just a relic from another era. To me this is beautiful.

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  16. Rustytech Member

    I have seen several of these selling on eBay recently in the $20 to to $25 k range. I would like to restore one of these, they were great looking cars, but at $4k plus this is a loser from the start.

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  17. George

    restomod in the weeds, chopped top with new caddy interior, northstar engine and candy paint

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  18. charlie Member

    In my opinion one of GM’s best body designs of the 20th centruy, VERY popular with Latinos in LA, a club with many of them, they make low riders out of some, but keep the 6, and modify the exhaust so it sounds like a continuous fart. To each his own. That is what makes horse races and the diverse, but interesting views, on this site! If I wanted one, I would buy a better one, but 55 mph is too slow for me.

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  19. Miguel Reyes Jr

    I own a 1950 Fleetline Deluxe and Are a very Unique body design known as Areosedan body type. Still used today on many New model cars . Has the fast-back look. Which I liked in my youth all 42-52 Fleetline Bullet look & Drive proudly & yes this 52 Fleetline is worth restoring to original or Kustom.

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  20. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    I drove one of these all through high school! Mine had a front clip from a Nova though so it had V8 power and disc brakes. It was great fun until the snow fell. Nothing a good set of Blizzaks couldn’t fix though.

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  21. Eric Dashman

    No doubt handsome cars in their day. I can easily see what a customizer would do to this. Myself, I like the body just as it is (no chop, no channel), but bag the suspension, upgrade the interior, and put in a crate 8 (SBC, LS1…whatever). An uncle of mine had a 47 humpback (Crestline maybe?) that he drove to death with its 6 cylinder and 3 on the tree. He taught his 2 daughers to drive in it. He was an inveterate cigar chomper, and I can still smell the interior :-).

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  22. Chuck hills

    Looks like a 74 Chevy next to it

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  23. guy

    Wonder what’s wrong with the Chevy Impala? Looks like a 75 or 76 model???

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